Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Academia 4xx AF |
Posted on Feb 16, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Academia 4xx AF

Academia 4xx AF

As you arrive, you’ll meet old friends. Before going to their place, there are few things that you can do in this town:

  • You can complete academia map to 100 %, so do it now because it’s needed to complete certain side quest.
  • There are many items that you can get on this era because you the area on the 400 AF was blocked before.
  • If you open your map, you should see a purple square object on your map. This object will give you a quiz, I believe if you can answer correctly then you’ll obtain a fragment (CMIIW). I haven’t been able to answer all the questions, so I am not sure 😀

Go to the large building on the north, take Gold Casino Ticket near the door and then go inside. There is a cube treasure behind the counter desk (‘Facts’ gate seal), that can be obtained by throwing your moogle. Go to the northwest part of this area, you’ll see a mirage image of person. Use moogle hunt to reveal the person, it’s Captain Amodar. He’ll give you pop quiz like the machines on the town. He’ll disappears and you can find him again in this city but never on this building again) to play the quiz minigame (I believe the reward will be fragment but CMIIW). Continue to the north room.

Talk to Hope and Alyssa, they’ll tell you about graviton cores. You need to gather 5 graviton cores for now, but before doing that wait for the moving platform on the southeast of this area. Jump to the platform so you can go to the lower level of this room. Grab Platinum Casino ticket and then leave this room.

Talk to receptionist to know the location of the graviton cores; click the link to know where exactly graviton cores’ location.

Graviton Cores Alpha (new Bodhum 003 AF)

Graviton Cores Beta (Bresha Ruins 005 AF)

Graviton Cores Gamma (Oerba 200 AF)

Graviton Cores Delta (Academy 400 AF)

You can try to defeat Geiseric now, if you haven’t defeat him before. You can obtain 8 power engines from the treasure sphere behind it.

Tips: Make sure you strike it first (as it only stands still and won’t attack you), build your stagger point quickly by using ravager. After you have staggered it, switch to commando role to launch it into the air and make it helpless. Use your “special attack” (meteor javelin/ultimate arrow) when the stagger bar nearly depleted.

Graviton Cores Epsilon (Yaschas Massif 100 AF); You need to use wild artefact to open this gate which located south of Graviton cores Delta (on the lower level).

Once you have obtained them all go back and talk to Hope. You’ll learn that the gate has appeared in the town. So go there and use the artefact to end this episode.

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