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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Bresha Ruins 005 AF Fragment Location and List

Bresha Ruins 005 AFMap

Atlas Fragment

Additional reward: 2500 CP

You’ll obtain this fragment automatically as you progress the game (kill atlas by using the mysterious crystal).

Delicate Crystal

Additional Reward: 200 CP

You’ll obtain this automatically as your progress the game (solving temporal rift puzzle on the crystal to weaken Atlas).

Ghast Fragment

Additional reward: 600 CP

Talk to Soldier who is standing south of point (3), he’ll tell you a story about Cie’th. You can find Cie’th on the same spot where you can find Star Pendant. It’s not hard, just a little bit stronger than ordinary enemies in this area.

Unio Mystica

Additional Reward: 100 CP

Talk to the soldier who is walking between Reunion Gate and Rune Bracelet. He’ll ask you to find 2 capsules. You can find one easily by using moggle hun to reveal the treasure (See Bresha Ruins Map for the exact location).The second capsule location is a little bit tricky. It’s on the north of 8 Mana droplets treasure chest BUT it’s on the lower floor. See the screenshot below for more detailed info (Click it to enlarge).

Graviton Cores Beta

Additional Reward: 500 CP

It’s needed to complete the storyline. The fragment is located on the “unexplored area” that located northeast of point (1).  You need a chocobo to access this area, so grab one and then jump to the area where the fragment is located (from the northwest). Use moogle hunt to find it and don’t forget to grab 8 power droplets nearby if you haven’t got it before.

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  1. BlackElite361 says:

    Fragment : Ars Symphonica
    Starting where you first defeat Atlas, head to the bottom right corner on the ground floor and speak to a woman about her “personal notes”.

    To acquire the personal notes simply head to where you were being held and use Mog.

    Return for the Fragment and 100CP

  2. psychodiver84 says:

    can u help me find the star fragments im having one hell of a time with that one

  3. Courtney says:

    This may or may not be on a different page but: Anima Miseria

    Unlock the Bresha Ruins 300 AF time period before attempting this fragment. In Bresha Ruins 005 AF, head back to the Lamentable Rest area where you defeated Atlas and speak to a solider called Jed. He can be found looking at some plant life.

    Jed needs a plant called Silver Petal that only blooms in Bresha Ruins during the winter. Luckily for you, Bresha Ruins 300 AF takes place in the winter. Simply head to Bresha Ruins 300 AF and head to Lamentable Rest to grab the Silver Petal.

    Use the Historia Crux to return to Bresha Ruins 005 AF and give Jed the Silver Petal to earn the Anima Miseria Fragment – worth 200 CP.

  4. odi1496 says:

    well you know.. the last 3 is from the side quest

  5. ClintG says:

    As david said, get past the obstruction and you will find the Army Comm Device and get Vita Lyrica fragment. Another gate is beyond there also and a total of 3 orbs (counting the Army Comm

  6. davidhaines says:

    to get past the obstruction on the bottom left you need to throw mog at a tresure speare near the big hand in the hole

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