Posted on Feb 19, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wild Fragment List and Location

Bresha Ruins 005 AF

Automatically obtained through the storyline (when you learn Moogle hunt for the first time)

Sunleth waterscape 200 AF

Use your moogle to obtain it while riding the beast (need moogle throw).

Augusta Tower 200 AF

On the 50 F, see the map to know the exact location.

Yaschas massif 100 AF

Obtained by solving the timerift puzzle that appears after completing all of the side quest on Yaschas Massif 100 AF. Visit this link to learn more about Yaschas Massif 100 AF sidequest.

Dying world 700 AF

Return to dying world 700 AF and then go back to Farseer relic and examine the relic once more. Choose ” I can do this” (triangle button on PS 3 version), you’ll get it as a reward.

Archylte Steppe

The fragment is located on the west side of Archylte Steppe, so you need to able to jump higher (anti-grav jump) or have found the golden cactuar. The fragment’s location shown on the screenshot just take a look at it (need a moogle throw).

Oerba 200 AF

Located north of 550 Gil treasure sphere. Visit this link to see overall map. Need a moogle throw to obtain it 😀

Academia 4xx AF

It’s located on the southeast corner of academia [Alley]. Reveal it with Moogle hunt.

Bresha Ruins 300 AF

You’ll obtain it as a reward by completing Iridium Ring. See this link to know detail info about the fragment.


Exchange your Coins on Chocobo race building for 7500 Gil (equip bargain hunter skill).

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5 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wild Fragment List and Location”

  1. iFugitive says:

    Hey thanks for the guide and I just found a wild fragment that wasn’t in your guide.

    In A Dying World -700 Af at the Farseers’ Relic use mogs ability to uncover hidden objects and the oracle cube should show. Activate it and when the live trigger appears choose the upper option “I can do this” or something like that (Basiclly the option that says you can kill caius).

    Hope it helps

  2. bogorragar says:

    On the western-most tip of The Archylte Steppe ???A.F. if you look down you should see a small cliff with a wild artefact on it.
    Only found this one cause my controller messed up by the edge. lol

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