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Getting Bomb on Abandoned Mines Oceanhorn Puzzle Guide

Abandoned Mines

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 1

At the beginning of the dungeon, there is a puzzle.  Push the box to the gap so you can continue and throw/bring the stone to where you go now.

Note: You can get the stone by moving diagonally, but if it’s hard for you, you can push the box to the south of the stone, so you can reach it more easily. After that, simply press reset button and continue.

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 2Continue to northwest to small squared area, place the stone on the switch that located inside the water to open a path to the treasure chest (Regular Key). Use the key to unlock the door located on the north.

Ignore the first branching path (to the left) since it’s only a dead end. The second branching path (to the right) is also a dead end (lead to Abandoned Mines – Depths). So, simply continue north until you see Sword Goblin.

Quoted part is optional simply skip it if you don’t want to do it

Oceanhorn Abandoned Bloodstone 1 Abandoned mineThere are many holes on this location simply fall anywhere you want. You will arrive at another section of Abandoned Mines – Depths. There are “recover” heart (recover your health to full) and bloodstone on this area. Go back to the upper floor once you have found them all.

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines REgular Key GoblinContinue northeast until you see a checkpoint. Go north and pull the lever to lower the block that blocks your path. Move pass the “block” and head north until you see a sword goblin with a key on its head. Defeat it to get regular key. Use the key to unlock the door nearby. Take old boot (1 coin) from the treasure chest and press the switch nearby (will unlock a steel door).

Back to check point , head east now until you see boxes (Puzzle time); Ignore unlocked steel door for now.

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 3Simply push the box like instructed on the screenshot (Make sure you follow the order and the direction). You can reset the puzzle by pressing the blue switch located nearby.

Continue south to the east (ignore the locked door and 4 torches) until you see a set of boxes.

For bloodstone it’s very simple

Oceanhorn Abandoned Bloodstone 2 Abandoned mine puzzle solution

For the main story

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 4 part 1Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 4 part 2

Be careful treading the path, after you have solved the puzzle. You may fall to the left dead-end spot. If that happen simply restart the game and you will restart at the checkpoint (and make sure you don’t fall to the same spot twice). Take the regular key and use it to unlock the door that located near 4 torches.

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 5 torchOceanhorn Abandoned Mines Puzzle 5 torch 2

On that room, read the note and then take the fire lamp on the east. Use it to lit 4 torches that you have seen before. You will get Master Key as a reward.

Now backtrack to the unlocked steel door (underwater), continue to the next area. Unlock the door using Master key and fall down to depths.

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines CepedesOceanhorn Abandoned Mines Getting BombYou will see Cepedes, it’s very easy (I was expecting a boss battle….). Simply attack Cepedes from side and you will be fine. From this point, simply continue until you find large treasure chest (there is a treasure chest containing “recover” heart near Cepedes). Open it, and you will get Bombs, blow the boxes on the north using the bomb. There are 2 treasure chests (Rare Seashell / 5 Coins and 25 rough explorer gems).

Oceanhorn Abandoned Mines Gold switch unlock steel doorExplore the area a little bit until you find stairs to the upper floor. Hop into gold switch and then head outside. Go back to World Map and head to Withered Island.

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13 Responses to “Getting Bomb on Abandoned Mines Oceanhorn Puzzle Guide”

  1. NZF says:

    I wasted my bombs. I have to restart? How do I do that?

  2. Lithy says:

    I messed up and accidentally opened the wrong door after killing the dude with the key on his head. I didn’t open the door right behind him to press the switch. Now I’m running around like a headless chicken, with the Master Key and no chance to get anywhere. Looks like I have to restart the whole game since I start at checkpoint AFTER I received the Master Key >.>

  3. Steve says:

    What happens if you stink at throwing bombs and run out like I did? Only thing I can think of is starting all the way over?

    • Meems says:

      I had to start over. I finally figured out that you can toggle between your bombs and your shield by clicking on “items”. When you’re on your shield, you can’t accidentally waste all your bombs like I did. To get the bombs where you want them, try placing them on the ground in front of boxes instead of throwing them.

  4. Logan says:

    I got stuck in the abandoned mines. The guide says to restart the game. I double tap and close the app then restart it. I arrive in the same spot. Is there any way to go to the last save point? Or do I have to start over from the beginning.

  5. Mary says:

    Re: your first picture, unable to push box to the right. It won’t move! Is there some trick I’m missing?

  6. dian pelangi says:

    Thanks!, now i can get key master 😀

  7. bryan says:

    can get the four torches lit, only 2

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