Posted on Nov 20, 2012

Gizmonauts Breeding Guide Astro Bot Recipe


Astro Bot Status

LVL Robux/min Food
Total Food
1 40 5 NA
2 57 10 20
3 75 15 60
4 92 25 160
5 109 45 420
6 127 80 740
7 142 135 1280
8 162 250 2280
9 181 625 4780
10 200 1250 9780
11 214 2500 14780
12 230 3750 24780
13 250 5000 39780
14 272 6250 59780
15 285 MAX 84780

Astro Bot Final Form

Breeding/ Hatching Time: 48 hours

Price: 2500 Crystals

Selling Price: 250.000 Robux

Experience: 250.000 Exp

[0] Time needed to max his habitat (1 Million Robux): 58,48 hours (about 52 hours if you’re using Ion Drives)
[0] You can use this monster on the Colosseum as a solo fighter and your win percentage probably 100% as long as it reach max level (15)
[0] You can’t breed Astro bot with other bot (even with another Astro), so you need to breed it normally using formula below

Gizmo Picture Effect Note
Turbo Jets   Nothing Initial
Ion Drives   + 10% robux (money) Buy for 10 crystals
Pulsar Jets   Nothing Buy for 25 crystals
Plasma Engines   Nothing Buy for 50 crystals

Breeding Formula:
[0] Harvester + Carrier
[0] Aloe + Magnet
[0] Flower + Safety
[0] Harvester + Flower
[0] Harvester +Solar (my 2nd astro bot XD)
[0]  Magnet + Gravity
[0] Safety + Welder
[0] Safety + Laser
[0] Grinder + Solar
[0] Laser + Safety ( just got it by using this formula)

Gizmonauts Breeding Guide

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39 Responses to “Gizmonauts Breeding Guide Astro Bot Recipe”

  1. Matttt says:

    3rd attempt, grinder + flower bot and got an astro bot :)

  2. Matttt says:

    I’m lvl 28

    Tried thousands of times with diff combos and still haven’t got one -.-

  3. Ryan gage says:

    I’ve tried with welder and safety 100+ times and still haven’t gotten an astro yet.

  4. Tyler says:

    And pulsar jets do pierce++

  5. Tyler says:

    Got 4 back to back astro bots using. Grinder and Flower

  6. Melnia says:

    I got it with lv 9 grinder and lv 6 flower, I dont level matter since I’m only level 12

  7. Lara62 says:

    Astro bots are like Rainbow Dragons in Dragonvale.

  8. Trolly says:

    … Do you need to be a certain level for this

  9. Trolly says:

    ….having no luck wit these. Is it worth going back and doing them again.

  10. (nick)13 says:

    Just got my first astrobot with harvester/ microscope…was starting to wonder if I would ever get one.

  11. cheeko111 says:

    Grinder + Solar

  12. Esher says:

    Seem to have it from Spray and Beat, according to egg pics.

  13. Simon says:

    Used level 11 Safety and level 10 laser on fourth attempt got an Astrobot. Game was at level 17 when it started breeding.

  14. cheeko111 says:

    I got Astro with Carrier + Harvester

  15. lavaman6667 says:

    im gonna try carrier and harvester

  16. lavaman6667 says:

    think im level 12 and i cant breed it

  17. lavaman6667 says:

    whitch formula shoud i try?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      try them all, stick with one formula for about 3-4 times. if it’s still not working then swith into the next formula, keep doing this until you get it. This is my method

    • Bluper4000 says:

      well, i would suggest harvester and carrier. my game restarted resently, but on my old file i got about three astrobots from it. <:[D

      • Bluper4000 says:

        on my new file, however, I have tried about eight times. as of right NOW. Note: If you need this guy really bad, try sending the bots your using into battle first. It actually helps, once their medal is at least silver.

  18. lavaman6667 says:

    i tried breeding it as level 11 but i got a flower bot instead

  19. MattnPete says:

    At what level are your Bots when you breed them together?



  20. Cinthya says:

    I got it with Mining Bot and Natural Bot :)

  21. Highlander says:

    On level 18 and still no astro bot can any one help! Tried every combination with no success

  22. Sublimer333 says:

    I can not get one for the life of me helllp

  23. KathiDreams says:

    I just got a 48hour breed time with Harvester and safety. Yay!

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