Gizmonauts Breeding Guide How to Get Hydro Bot |
Posted on May 6, 2013

Gizmonauts Breeding Guide How to Get Hydro Bot

Thanks to Cheeko111 for these info and pictures

Gizmonauts Hydro Bot Growth

Hydro Bot Status

LVL Robux/min Food
Total Food
1 26 5 NA
2 38 10 20
3 49 15 60
4 61 25 160
5 73 45 420
6 84 80 740
7 95 135 1280
8 107 250 2280
9 120 625 4780
10 130 1250 9780
11 142 2500 14780
12  153 3750 24780
13 166 5000 39780
14 176 6250 59780
15 187 MAX 84780

Hydro Bot Final Form

Gizmonauts Hydro Bot Final Form

Breeding/ Hatching Time: 48 hours

Price: 2250 Crystals

Selling Price: 250.000 Robux

Experience: 250.000 Exp

Gizmo Picture Effect Note
Propeller Gizmonauts Propeller gizmo Hydro bot Nothing Initial
Shredder Gizmonauts shredder gizmo Hydro bot + 10% robux (money) Buy for 10 crystals
Chopper Gizmonauts Chopper gizmo Hydro bot Melee ++, Health ++ Buy for 25 crystals
Tiller Gizmonauts Tiller gizmo Hydro bot NONE Buy for 50 crystals

Breeding Formula:
[0] Spray + Beat
[0] Spray + Performer (hybrids)
[0] Spray + Hammer
[0] Spray + Rock
[0] Leave your formula please

Gizmonauts Breeding Guide

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20 Responses to “Gizmonauts Breeding Guide How to Get Hydro Bot”

  1. Bob says:

    I tried to get da hydro bot a bunch of times but a fail where my bots end up swaping places and I always get the spray bot again!!>:(

  2. Annie says:

    Got it on fifth try using spray and beat.

  3. Sara says:

    I tried 56 times to get it with these combinations,but they are not working

  4. Catey Carruth says:

    Please add me puppycat777 play daily

  5. Esher says:

    Finally, after about 2 solid months of trying (40-60 tries) got it with Spray and Beat.

    Then, ust like Astro, got 2 in a row.

  6. Lara says:

    Spray flower try it

  7. MimiMonster says:

    I can’t believe some of you got this one so fast! I’m up to 20 plus tries with all posted. At least I’ve gotten a lot along the way to sell or add to my collection. Back to spray and hammer…again.

  8. SilenceK says:

    Spray and hammer…….I tried this more than 40 times. Very happy I can get this….good luck everyone

  9. Kim says:

    Spray and hammer

  10. Dillinger115 says:

    Tried Spray and Performer, Spray and Hammer, Spray and Beat over 20 times each I finally got it with the Spray and Rock 2nd try.

  11. Bmf4life13 says:

    Spray and hammer on the second try!!

  12. Esher says:

    3rd try with Spray and Beat.

    I don’t see any info on this one (I’m level 19) and I don’t see a hydro zone. Where does it live?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it lives on hydro zone, but IIRC you need to be at least on level 21 to buy the habitat.

      • Esher says:

        Thanks. I tried for Astro bot about 40 times, and haven’t gotten any other specials. I guess I’ll just have to hold on to it for a while and hope my luck spreads to the other 3.

      • Esher says:

        Strangest thing – still level 19 but hydro zone just popped up. I started building it.

        However, now the egg looks like Astro Bot. Obviously you can also get that one from Spray and Beat.

      • Esher says:

        More weird things. My hydro zone finished building but the bot was Astro (got 2 Astros in a row) and now my hydro zone disappeared. I am at 20 now, so maybe they deleted it until I am at 21?

        Would they do that?

  13. cheeko111 says:

    Got my 2nd Hydro using Spray + Hammer (2nd attempt).

  14. Ryan says:

    Got it with spray and hammer second try. Tried 10+ times with spray and beat with no luck.

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