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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Catastrophe (Otka Island) and Daedalus(Burning Island Cave)

Burning Island Cave

Remember locked door in this place???If not take a look again at this map. Use Sol blade to unlock the door and save your game. Continue north to

BOSS: 5 Ogre Titan (weak against fire; strong against wind)

1st ogre is a joke, 2nd ogre is a joke, 3rd ogre is a normal boss, 4th ogre is a little harder than normal boss, and last ogre is a crap (cause he has ridiculously high HP and can attack twice per turn).

The battle itself is not hard but maybe time consuming. make sure you heal every turn when fighting last ogre because he has multiple targets attack. They are weak against fire so abuse it.

My strategy for this battle:

Use default class for each characters (same as their element;ex: Matthew equip all venus djinni). I standby all the djinni except for Matthew (you need one strong character), Karis, and Sveta (because the bosses strong against wind element). Karis and Sveta act as a healer (attack when your health is high). I am starting to use summon sequences when the 4th ogre appears. Start from either Mercury or Venus elemental summon. You need to save your Mars summons for the last ogre. Last ogre has more than 14.000 HP ( I stop counting the damage because bored :D).

Go north and and check the summon tablet to obtain Daedalus summon.


Go to the marked location in the screenshot to see the Otka island. You can’t go inside the cave because the way to the island blocked by a giant rief. Just wait until you see a tornado appears, move toward to the tornado. Try to direct the ship to the island once you’re in the tornado.

Otka island

Use search on the east part of the area to obtain quality zol. Go back to the middle of this area and then use search to reveal a new path on the west. Continue north and then talk to the Jupiter djinn (lull) to make him join your party. Use Sol blade to open the door nearby. Go downstairs and you’ll arrive at a labyrinth (the map starts from here).

In case you haven’t notice, the map has a form of the human skull (that’s why I marked dead end with skull). I hope this map useful for you because it took me a long time to create it (about 4-5 hours :D).

There will be a”?” mark on your map screen, so take a look at my map carefully so you’re not lost in this maze. I suggest you to obtain the treasure chests in an order like written on my map (it’s most efficient path as you go to summon tablet location).

1= Mythril Silver
2= power bread
3= Triton’s ward
4= Psy crystal

Remember to save in S room and then go north when you’re ready. Use “search” at glittering path and continue north

BOSS: Ancient devil (weak against wind; Hp about 10.000)

Hmm this secret boss is hard (a little harder than last boss).  I suggest you to exploit his weakness (wind) by summoning eclipse or using wind elemental attacks. Some of his dangerous attacks:

[0] Haures: yes he can summon that Haures… The damage is deadly enough to kill your party members who below 50%  HP. But the real pain is the venom status you get when being hit by this summon (it can inflict about 200 damage per turn).

[0] Demon sign: take one of your active party members. Be careful because the possessed party members can use all skills (he/she can us your summons too !!!So don’t save your djinn for a long time)

He can use other attacks but they’re not that dangerous. Use your useful djinn wisely (doldrum, ivy, bark,chasm,etc).

My strategy:

1st my class formation for my main party members:

Matthew= disciple
Eoleo = ronin
Sveta = white mage
Tyrell=  Barbarian

The djinn set up for the battle is like in the screenshot

I don’t use all my main members in the first turn so I can summon eclipse 3 times. I always use Doldrum or Ivy each turn. You can do this by set the djinn in the next turn after you have used it. I suggest you to use doldrum or ivy, to lower his chance of casting haures at your party members (since he can attack twice per turn). Switch the spare character when you have use his/her djinni for the summon. Watch the video to get more information about my strategy.

After beating him go north and check the summon tablet to obtain Catastrophe summon.

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  1. Beastman says:

    Hey! Nice guide! I remember using this in a past playthrough of mine and here I am again, aiming to make a perfect file. Thanks a bunch!

  2. loli says:

    your guide contains dead ends without skulls i cant get through to get to the boss 😛

  3. S. says:

    I know this is REALLY late LOL.
    I’ve been playing the game on my old DSLite for a bit now.

    Thanks for the map. Unsure I can beat the boss – chars are at mid 40’s.. maybe I should get them up to level 50 first. also i din’t get all the djinn… mssed some in the first part of the game. Hah.

    🙂 Cool stuff.

  4. FFFrosty says:

    really great guide, I’ve been using it since the escape from Belinsk to the end-game story.. 5 stars, good job and thank you 🙂

  5. sol95 says:

    What mace is rief wielding? Thnx for the map too

  6. kyo14 says:

    thank you so much for the guide 🙂 i almost gave up on this map ^_^

  7. kyo14 says:

    thank you so much for creating a guide..i wanted to follow our suggestions on whom to set the djinn but what i just did is set the djinns corresponding to what element my character holds..and i was able to defeat him..

    thanks for the map again i almost gave up on this one 🙂

  8. Kana says:

    This is way late, but thanks a lot for having the map for Otka Island on here. That is really part of this game that hangs me up everytime I play, haha.

  9. goldensunisawesome says:

    ik this is two years late but i couldn’t of gotten to the ancient devil without u so thank you very much

  10. Bishop Bonilla says:

    how patheic. u actually had to prepared to fight him. this shows how weak u r. me on the other had went in and fought him straight on, and all djinn went to their corressponidng person

  11. Anon says:

    I know this is probably late, but… thank you so much for this! It helped me out a whole lot. I appreciate your hard work!

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