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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Craggy Peak Ruins to Te Rya Village

Head northwest and use “growth” on the little plant. Climb up and use “grip” to reach the other side of this building. “Move” the statue to the right to open the door (you can also “growth” a little plant nearby so you can climb up to read a stone tablet that contains a hint about this dungeon). Enter the door and you should know what you need to do :D. Stand on the stairs and cast “whirlwind” at the giant fan.

It will make a pillar appear on the moon and sun altar. Go outside and use “grip” at the new pillar. It should make a bridge appear, so go there.

You will arrive at circle shaped room.

Zodiac dungeon (craggy peak ruins)

Room 1 (Aquarius)

Use grip psynergy from the west side of this room in order rotate the platform. Continue north and use insigth on the lion statue (fireball). Cast fireball to make it drop the treasure chest. Use “grip” again from the same spot you have used it before. Grab the treasure chest (Spiked Armor). Return the bridge to previous state and enter the north door.

Read the stone tablet to obtain a hint. Use “douse” at to fill the water on the vase.

Room 2 (Leo)

Go north and use “fireball” at the lion wall to finish the puzzle.

Room 3 (Gemini)

You need to move both statues so it stands on the northern part of this room (both statues move at the same time by following the mirror pattern). Follow the red line in the screen shot to solve it quickly.

Room 4 (Libra)

Stand on the right part (moon) of the scale and then move 1st statue into the scale. Go to the left part (sun) of the scale, stand on it and move 2nd statue into it. Go back to the right part of the scale and move 3rd statue into right part of the scale. Go to the left part of the scale to move last statue into it.

See the screenshot for more info. You must start from the right part of the scale because it is lower than the left one.

Room 5 (Virgo)

Use grip psynergy from the western part of the 1st room (so it looks like in the screenshot). Continue north through the bridge you have just rotated. Use Grip at the virgo statue and then growth at the nearby plant to finish the puzzle.

Room 6 (Pisces room)

Use grip at the bridge from the south side of this room (see the screenshot for more info). Go north and enter the door. You only need to use douse on both of the fishes to solve the puzzle.

Room 7 (Aries room)

Go north to the puzzle room. You must throw “fireball” at the goat/ aries wall to finish this puzzle. Throw fireball in an order like instructed in the screenshot. If you have followed it right then it should be look like the one in the right screen shot. Throw “fire ball” at the middle wall to finish this puzzle.

Room 8 (Scorpio room)

Use” grip” psynergy from the west of this room and then jump to the new platform which appeared.

You need insert Scorpio statue into the hole in the middle of the room (it took me about 10 minutes to figure it out L ). Follow the left screenshot first (1 to the left, 2 to the north, and 3 counterclockwise). You should obtain a result in the right screenshot. Continue push the zol by following the number in the right screenshot to finish this puzzle.

Check knight statue to obtain vambrace.

Room 9 (Cancer room)

Use “grip” at the northeast statue (virgo statue) to obtain a treasure chest (Griveous Mace). Use “grip” at the rotating bridge from the south of this room.

In the next room you only need to use Arid heat at the bowl of water.

Room 10 (Taurus)

You can find Jupiter Djinn (doldrum) in this room. Use “grip” at the northeastern pillar from the west, go upstairs and cast “fireball” at the lion statue. Use Grip at the middle pillar from the eastern side and continue to the Djinn’s place. Go to the next room.

Use “douse” to fill water on the head of the bull. After you have both of them with the water, use “cold snap” to create a horn and finish this puzzle.

Room 11 (Capricorn)

Use “grip” at the virgo statue which located on the northeast of this room to obtain Lure cap (you must fight with mimic first). Continue north to the next room

You can get a hint for this puzzle by using “insight” in this room. Push the statue into each symbol by following insight path. For the last goat stone push it to last symbol in the room (you can’t across the same path; you can only push the statue in white path).

Room 12 (Sagittarius)

Use Cold snap at the pool of water and then use “grip” from the west of the room (you need to make the statue face the mirror).

Go outside and use “grip” at the broken glass (arrow) to make a new path that lead to the world map.

Go south to the northwest cave first (see the screenshot for the exact location).

Go left first and cast “fireball” at the ice pillar and then grab vial from the treasure chest. Go right and melt the ice pillar located on higher position (see the screenshot).  Go upstairs and jump by using  the ice pillar to the west.

Use Cold snap at the device that look like the one in alchemy forge to freeze the water that surrounds the summon tablet. Grab your summon tablet (Moloch).

Get out from this cave and then head east to Te rya village.

Te rya village

See an event and continue to the middle of the village. You should see a shadow girl running away from you. Enter the northeastern house to learn about Hou ju’s bag, get out from this house and you will see the shadow girl again.

Thanks to Dude for this info

There’s an apple in the other middle house, check the jar in the back.

You should have seen mars djinn (Fury) on the higher platform (you can use insight to get a hint). Go southeast and then climb the tree over there. Follow the path (use growth at the little plant) until you see unlighted torch and then light it by using ‘fireball”.  The path to mars djinn is open now, so go talk with him to make him join your party.

Enter the middle house in this village (east of weapon shop) to trigger an event and gain permission to enter the Teppe ruins. Go to the weapon shop, you can buy Frost wand (from the artifact menu) and make sure you buy “trusty staff” from the item shop. Go north to go to Teppe Ruins.

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  1. Jeanette says:

    In the house with the couple, where you first learnt about finding Hou Ju’s bag, check the red cabinet on the left to find Nurse’s Cap.

  2. Dude says:

    There’s an apple in the other middle house, check the jar in the back.

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