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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Endless wall to Apollo Sanctum

Endless wall

Go west to point (1) and then freeze (cold snap) water between the platforms. Climb the tree east of point (1) and keep following the path to point (2).use growth at the little plant and then climb it up to the inside of the castle.

You arrive at 2f (west stairs) of this castle. Follow the path to point (3) and then use thermal psynergy at the fire nearby (you can obtain lucky pepper from the treasure chest by going east to 2f (east stairs) but you need to redo everything from beginning again to go inside the castle). Go west to point (4) where you’ll use 3 orbs to open the door.

World map

Keep going west and then go northwest when you see a branching path, enter the foggy mountain to arrive at

Apollo ascent

Follow redline in the map until you reach point (1) and then crush the stone that blocks your path. Continue ascends to point (2), you should see giant cracked stone over there. Use crush and you should see a statue, touch the statue to create a bridge (hand) appear in point (3). Go northwest to the next area by using the hand bridge you just created.

Crush the stone at point (4) and then pick blue stone in the ground (mythril silver). Continue north to the west until you reach point (5), climb the tree and following the path until you reach point (6). Crush the stone at the other side, go back to point (7) and then use “growth” at the little plant. Continue east to the next area.

Crush the boulder at point (8) and then continue east. Go upstairs and follow the path until you reach point (9). Move the stone so it falls off to the ground, go downstairs and move the stone again so it located in the middle. Go to point (10) and keep using grip to continue to point (11). Go east and crush the stone to reveal a treasure chest contains Aeolian cassock. Now go to point (12) and crush the broken leg statue which hinders your path.

Go northeast to point (13) and then crush broken statue over there. Go upstairs and then continue west to point (14) (you need to use grip to get across). Go west and cross the river by following redline in the map. Go northeast to point (15), crush the broken leg statue and then continue east (use growth at the little plant nearby). Continue upstairs to the east until you reach point (16). Crush big cracked stone to create a new platform (new head statue appear;in the screenshot above). Climb down the plant you just grew, and then go upstairs to touch head statue. It will make a hand appear from the waterfall. Use “grip” to get across and then continue north to the next area.

Touch the wall (head) in the north of this area. You’ll get a hint to solve this puzzle. Use “fireball” at point (17) and (18).  Fill the bowl with water (douse) at point (19). Climb up to point (20) and then use whirlwind/gale at the fan. You’ll see a dialogue if you have done all of those things correctly. Use track and then follow the scent, the wall will disappear now. Go north to

Apollo sanctum

Touch the statue to recover your Health and then go north to the next area. You need to finish the puzzle like in craggy peaks ruins (because the area is pretty straight forward I don’t include the map).

Fire gear room

Keep going west to the end of the path to obtain mint from the treasure chest. Go back to the east and then use “grip” at the pillar to get across to the next platform. Go upstairs to the west (don’t stop running so you can avoid arrows). Crush the brown pillar to make the fire gear rolling to the east; RUN to to the east immediately and then stand on the switch so the gear will stop at the main area. Go back to main area and then push the fire gear to the right. Enter the new area to

Jupiter gear room

Head east and then use whirlwind/gale at the fan to create a new platform so you can continue further to the east. Push rightmost statue so you can continue west (use grip to get across). You should see a familiar mechanism like in the mars gear room but don’t crush the pillar yet (SPOT A).

Go downstairs to the west and then crush the brown pillar (follow the explanation in the screenshot). (After you have followed the steps in the screenshot) Use the brown pillar to jump to the east; use whirlwind at the fan at the middle of the path and then keep going east to obtain psy crystal from the treasure chest. Go back to SPOT A and then crush the brown pillar. Go back to main area and then push the Jupiter to the right; it’ll also trigger a new area.

Mercury gear room

Head west and then go downstairs, keep going west (lower path) and obtain a hard nut at the end of the path. Backtrack to the stairs and then go west a bit and then move the statue to the right switch. Go upstairs and then head west using a new platform.Slide down when you see a sliding point. Go left and then move the statue to the left. Go back to the first statue which you have pushed and then move the statue back to the initial position (left screen shot). Jump to the new platform and then go to the upper path (upstairs)

Move the statue to the switch and continue east, stand on the switch and then use grip. Go east and then move the statue to the south so it falls off to the lower switch. Backtrack west and then crush the brown pillar, the mercury gear should be in main area now so go there and push it like you have done before to reveal last area.

Venus gear area

Go east past the archer statue, follow the path and then push the statue either to the right or to the left. Go east to the lower platform (downstairs); check the statue to obtain Zephyr bow. Back track to the west and then move the statue at the end of the path. It’ll make a white grip point appear, so go there and use grip.

Follow the path and then push the statue to the south. The statue will make another grip point appear. Back track east until you see a brown pillar which trigger the venus gear. Crush the pillar and then go west quickly, use grip at the archer’s arrow and then step on the switch quickly when you’re arrive at the west platform.

Go downstairs to the east and then use grip at the grip point. Continue and talk to the mars djinn (aurora) to make him join your party.

Go back to main area and then push the venus gear to the right until it reach the plant symbol. Now push all the gears to the same spot so it creates a woman’s symbol on the wall.

Go north and you ‘ll see an explanation about Umbra gear. Equip Sveta with all Umbra equipments. You need to put 3 orbs into its place while maintaining the gauge on the left side of the screen.

North: red orb
West: blue orb
East: yellow orb

Take the Sol blade and then use it as a key to enter the building in the middle of this area.

Crush the entire pillars inside the building to trigger a new mechanism.  Use grip at new mechanism to trigger an event. Get out after Apollo lens appeared.

You will see an event about Arcanus. Save your game and go to the middle of this area (near the sol blade location) (Don’t forget to save your game before you’re trying to activate the Apollo lens).

PS:Because of my bad internet connection, the video will be uploaded later

BOSS battle: Blados (weak against fire), Chalis (weak against water), and Chaos Hound (weak against earth)

I recommend you not to do summon rush tactic in this battle. The battle is quite hard (my level is about 50 in this battle). Make sure you have equipped all your party members with strongest equipment available. You don’t need to kill them all (I only killed blados and chalis; the battle will end by itself).

PS: You can also end this battle by defeating chaos hound (about 3000 HP; thanks to Ben for this information).

After the battle says no and then heal all your party members. Set Doldrum, bark, chasm, ivy, and other useful djinn at your main party.

FINAL BOSS: Chaos chimera (weak against wind)

I recommend you to summon only Eclipse or Thor because he is weak against wind elemental (Sky diver and centurion are wind base so they work good against this beast). Makes sure you have a healer in your party who can heal multiple target per turn (pure wish, etc). Switch characters when your character hit by the djinn blast attack. He has about 10.000 HP so the battle will last quite long (try to build wind summon like mentioned above, They can cause about 1900 damage)

Congratulations you just beat golden sun dark dawn. Thanks for using my guide. Please send a feedback (tips, information, etc) about my golden sun guide to my email (use contact me link in the header of my site). I’ll work side quest section soon, so please be patient :D.

I really thank you for all people who comment, donate, telling me my guide mistakes,etc. This guide won’t be finished without you :D. Sorry if there are mistakes in my guide 😀

Save your game when you’re being asked 😀 (you only miss one jupiter djinn at this moment if you have followed my guide since the beginning).

Main menu

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