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Posted on Nov 29, 2010

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Goma Plateau to Abandoned mines

Enter your name and watch a long prologue for this game. You will see familiar characters and make sure you tap red word to obtain additional information. Follow Isaac and Garet (climb the stairs on the west). Watch an event about Tyrell.

You will receive a Leather Cap and see a tutorial about equipment and saving the game. Open treasure chest nearby to obtain a short sword. Go upstairs and then check the bookshelf on the right part of this room to obtain Sun Saga 1. Go upstairs again and then obtain padded gloves from the treasure chest (you can also use the telescope nearby to see the Mount Aleph).

Talk to Karis and then get out from your house. Go left and check the pot to obtain an herb. Go east to the next area. You will see both Isaac and Garet are talking about you. Go east and go downstairs using eastern stairs and then enter the cave nearby.

GSDD_Goma plateau map

Goma Plateau

Enemy additional information
flutter seed weak against wind
slime weak against fire

You will learn a tutorial about the battle. Continue to point (1) on the map and then use “move” (from psynergy menu) to trigger an event. Push the stone so it falls.Continue east and keep following the path until you reach the next area.

Follow the path to point (2) and then use “move” on the stone to create a stepping stone from it. Go upstairs and use the stone you just moved earlier. Keep following the path until you reach tanglewood.

GSDD_Tanglewood MapTanglewood

Enemy additional information
wild wolf weak against fire
flutter seed weak against wind
slime weak against fire
rat soldiers weak against fire

Take the right path first because the other path is blocked by a giant vine. Jump across the platform in the watery area (you can get herb from the treasure chest).

Take the bramble seed from the treasure chest. Make sure Matthew’s job is “brute” (The default job when you received djinns; 2 venus djinns and 1 mars djinn if you forgot). Cast “fireball” from psynergy menu to the giant flower in point (1) (I triggered an event with Garet because I didn’t use Brute as my job, so Garet use fire ball to clear the path for me; but you can burn the flowers by yourself and it will trigger a different event).

You can go back to area 1 and burn flower in point (2) to create a shortcut. Now go northeast to point (3) and burn the flower.

Go to the next area and follow the red line until you reach point (4). Burn the flower and then go to point (5) (You can go there by jumping from green vine to another vine). Use “growth” on a little plant and climb the plant. Use “fireball” at the top to burn the flower. It will open the path to the next area, so go downstairs to the north.

Push the stone in point (6) into the water and grab Elixir on the east part of this area. Go north and use “move” on the stone that block your path, and then use ”growth” on the plant nearby. Enter the cave

Abandoned mines

Enemy additional information
rat soldiers weak against fire
wild wolf weak against fire

Follow the path and use Growth on the little plant {point (1)} and continue until you arrive at the next area.

You will see an event about psynergy vortex. Go to point (2) and use “growth” on the little plant like in the screenshot.

Go upstairs and then climb down the plant you grew earlier. Jump to the next platform and then Save Your game. Use “fireball” to the giant flower and

BOSS: Tanglebloom

Weak against : Fire

You can summon Tiamat or Meteor to deal high damage against it. Use earth djinn ability to assist you in the battle (Like granite to boost your defense). You won’t face any trouble in this battle because Isaac and Garet help you (Isaac can unleash Flint which do about 300 damage). This monster has about 600-700 HP.

After defeating the boss, Go to Tyrell’s place and see a cutscene. Go northeast and then follow the path to get out from this dungeon. You will watch another cutscene, get out from this dungeon when you can control your character through south exit in Goma Plateau.

Main Menu


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  1. nelson says:

    hi i have aquire every object i need but i am still unable to leave the first house. every time i talk to kari she says there is still equipment i need. what should i do?

  2. TeeGee says:

    I realy like this game…now that the pace and purpose of the heroes is finaly picking momentum (6+ hours of play). But shit, how much they talk… it looks like the developers made it on purpose.I mean, asking 3 times about the same thing is ridiculous. As if they wanted to stuff this game with text, so it seems longer… i realy hope it won’t be a short ride though. I’ve clocked my DQ IX game at 80 hours and i still haven’t finished the main quest. Golden Sun Dark Dawn better be good ! 😀 (okay,i know it wont have so much gameplay in hours, but still… i hope this wont be over after 15 hours)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      lol, yeah the dialogue is very long in this game. The gameplay last about 30 hours and there is a post game section and many side quest, so don’t need to worry 😀

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