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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Harapa Ruins to Cloud of Passaj


Go to the north part of Harapa. You can enter the ruins now, jump from one log to the other log until you can go inside the ruin.

Harapa Ruins

Go downstairs and stand on the green elevator. Go left first (ignore Mystery blade at this moment). Keep following the path until you reach point (1), stand on the switch to open the door in front of you. Keep going south to the next area but don’t slide on the ice now, go east to take 2 treasure chests (Lucky pepper and bone armlet).

Go to point (2) and push the statue down to the icy playform. Slide down to the icy platform and goto the central part of this area (you can go to the central area because the statue block your movement).

Your goal is to reach point (3), just follow the path on the screenshot to solve the puzzle. I suggest you to go south first to obtain 2 treasure chests (Viking Helm and Crystal powder) and Mercury Djinn (Serac).

Follow the red line to obtain Djinn and yellow line to go to point (3). Check the icy stone and say “no” then “yes” to initiate the battle with

BOSS: Ice Queen

Weak: Fire

She is very easy if you have all your djinni on standby position. She only has one deadly attack: icy kiss which can kill one target instantly if it hits :D. If you follow my strategy (level 4 summon; Thor, Boreas, Meteor, and Judgement) then this battle should only last about 1-2 turns. She only has about 1500 HP.

You will obtain the ice queen stone after beating her. Equip it on water adept (Rief or Amiti) to obtain “cold snap” psynergy.

Use “cold snap” on the water nearby to freeze the water which surrounds you. Exit this area by going northeast to point (4). Use “growth” on the little plant and then use “cold snap” on the water to create an ice pillar. You can go west to obtain Mystery blade now. Use “retreat”  to escape quickly from this dungeon.


Try to get out from Harapa and you will see an event. Go sleep at the inn.

You can obtain venus djinn (brick) at this moment. Go to the east west part of this town and you should be able to see a pool of water near the house. Use” cold snap” and then go to the southeastern part of this town. Use “growth” on the little plant and then climb it. Follow the path and use ice pillar as a stepping stone so you can go inside the house. Go downstairs and talk to Brick to make him join your party. Get out from this town and head to Passaj.

Thanks to Lina for this info
In the pot next to the house where the djinn, Brick, is, there’s a crystal powder.


Go back to Passaj via elevator on passaj mountain climb. Go to the Alchemy forge and use “cold snap” at the green water/stone in this room.

Flora Summon

Go back to passaj mountain climb and go inside the cave marked in my map. You need to push 2 zol into the slot on the north part of this area. The left zol is pretty simple, you only need to push it to the east and then to the north.

Freeze the water by using “cold snap” and then push the stone by following the screenshot (melt the ice pillar by using “fireball” before you push the zol to the north). Go north and check the green stone tablet to obtain Flora summon.


If you have followed my guide from the beginning of the game (Before 13 december 2010) You may have missed Jupiter Djinn “ether”. Make sure you CHECK THIS SECTION (to obtain Ether; check the section below Ku tsung and Ku embra boss guide) before you continue your game because you can’t go back again.

Go to the Cloud Passage when you’re ready. Make sure you have obtained all djinn and summon table (flora) mentioned in this guide because it seems you can’t go back. Say “yes” when you’re being asked and you will go to

Cloud of Passaj

From your starting point go north and stand on the cloud at point (1).You can use whirlwind to move the cloud (like raft in Ayuthay). Follow the blue line at my map until you reach point (2). Go west and use “Grip” to reach point (3). Go east to the south so you can stand on cloud and continue east.

If you touch a lightning ball you will fall down to an area. You can get 2 items (Herb and Nut) by falling down on (A) and (B) area. I suggest you not to fall down because the item are not worth of your time :D.

Grab Psynergy stone in point (4) to recover your PP and continue to point (5). Keep following the blue line until you reach point (6). Be careful when you’re gonna go north from point (6), watch the lightning ball carefully so you net get shocked. Continue north until you reach Craggy Peak.

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  1. Adam says:

    thanks for the guide! i wanted something I could reference before each point of no return to make sure I’d found all the summons and djinns and your guide has been perfect for that. heading over the cloud thing now fully equipped!

  2. viv says:

    In the map that you marked (4), when I tried to get the treasure box later I couldn’t get past the statue in the middle after I cast cold snap =\

  3. Lina says:

    In the pot next to the house where the djinn, Brick, is, there’s a crystal powder. Thought I’d let you know that so you could put it in your guide. 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    Go down from passaj, right side, drop down two stories, you’ll land in a lower story rocks with others around. Climb up the cliff as you would with a ladder, and follow the path. Place the zols in the slots.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the guide! It’s really helped me when I’ve gotten stuck! Much appreciated! 😀

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