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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Kolima Forest to Talon Peak

Kolima Forest

You only need to follow pewter in this area, so I only cover it on mini guide (no map :D).

1st area

You will see Pewter at the entrance, but go east first and check the box in front of the tree house to obtain a Hard Nut.

2nd area

Ignore the north and west path at this moment, head east following pewter.

3rd and 4th area

Use growth at the little plant and follow pewter to

5th area

Use growth at the little plant before you climb the plant left of it.  Jump to the east (middle tree) and climb down the vine. Open the treasure chest nearby contains a potion. Go back to t he middle tree and then jump to the east tree. Slide down and then use growth at the little plant nearby.

Go north and climb the tree. Head west until you reach next area (you only keep following the path and use growth when you need it).

6th area

Use Crush at the giant stone nearby (Now you can reach this area by going north from area 2). Go north and jump to the west. You will see a long event with Laurel and Tret. Pewter will join your party after the event.

Go west to the next area.

Tree of Wisdom?? area

Go to the middle of this area and you should see another tree of wisdom :D. Go west and use “growth” at the little plant. Climb up and then head east, use “growth” at the little plant so you can go inside the tree. Talk to the man and he will give you Yew Bow. Go up to the east and use “grip” to get an apple from the tree.

Go back to the point where you met with Laurel and head north to

Kolima Junction

Head west to trigger an event and you will get a Slap Glove. Continue west to the next area, push the log to the west and then use “crush” at the giant boulder. It will make the logs go into water, go north and you should be able to find Mercury Djinn (Teardrop), talk to him to make him join your party. Go back to previous area and head east to the

World map

Continue north to

Talon Peak

Go west and then climb the tree nearby to the west, grab a cookie from the treasure chest. Go back to point (1) and use cold snap at the water nearby. Climb the tree and head to point (2). Move the stone that blocked your path to the left. Go to  the stone’s location and then push the stone to point (3).

Climb the ladder and then head east to obtain aura glove from the treasure chest. Go back to the ladder and head east. Continue west and keep following the path until you reach point (4), “crush” the boulder that blocks your path. Continue to the next area.

Head to point (5) and “move” the stone so it becomes like in the screen shot.  Take “Sylph rapier“ in the northeast of this area  (It’s more powerful than sword of dusk; so bye sword of dusk :D).

Go back to point (5) and “move” right stone to the left (below the ladder). Climb the ladder and continue to point (6). You will falling down in that point, use “grip” to continue north to point (7) (use growth at the little plant).

Crush the boulder to create a new path to the west. Keep following the path until you see a little plant and a jupiter djinn (you can’t get it at this moment, so just ignore it). Use growth at the little plant and then head north to the next area.

Go to point (8) and use “slap” at the Roc’s head. He will awake and a new path will appear. Go to point (9) and use “slap” again. Grab the feather and SAVE YOUR GAME. Try to exit from this area and

BOSS: Mountain Roc

Weak: wind

Make sure you summon Thor because he weak against wind (It can deals about 800-900 damage). Keeps your HP above 120 and you should be fine. Mountain Roc recovers 60 KO each turns and has a lot of HP, so this battle maybe takes time. Remember to use djinni when you fight him (especially doldrum :D).

Grab the magma shard nearby and then enter Roc’s body from his mouth. Head north while taking all the shards. Touch Magma Orb at the end of the path and there will be an event.

Head north to exit from Roc’s body (from his ass :D). Use “crush” at the cracked platform and slide down. Head west to fight Jupiter djinn (puff) and win the battle to make him join your party. Use “retreat” to escape quickly from this area.

main menu


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