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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Kolima Village to Phantasmal Bog

Go north to

Saha town

Talk to the people on the right of the weapon shop to learn about roc feather. Go north and talk to people at the gateway. Go northeast to find out a well behind many boxes. “Move” the box to the right to open a path to the well. Go inside the well

Saha cistern

Go east to the next area (west path is blocked by a giant stone). Use grip to get across to the other side. Climb the rope and you will arrive at

Kolima Village

Few things you can do in this town:

  • Go to the first building in the town. Go upstairs and head outside. Jump to the south and then open the treasure chest to obtain 777 coins.
  • Go to the items shop and then go upstairs to the outside. Follow the red line on the screenshot to obtain venus djinn (garland). There is also safety boots on the north (follow the blue line in the screenshot).
  • Go to the item shop again but enter from the behind of the building. Go south and you should be able to see a treasure chest contains an apple.
  • Go to the item shop again and go upstairs. Check the bookshelf behind a woman to obtain Sun Saga 5. Talk to the woman and agree to help.

Phantasmal bog

Head north and keep following the path. The beast will use “crush” psynergy at the platform you have used so you can’t turned back once you have progressed. Move the stone at point (1) into the water (now you can go back to the starting point 😀 ).

Go south to the next area. You can’t go east because the path is blocked, so keep go south for now. You need to go to point (2) (you can’t reach it from the north side you must go east first and keep following the path until you enter the same area from the south side).

Use “arid heat” at the water in the giant leaf. Go downstairs by using stairs on the east side of this room; grab Mint from the treasure chest. Go back to point (3) to the lower ground.

You can obtain treasure chest by pushing the log (2) to the west FIRST, before you push log (1) to the south. Go back to point (2) and use “douse” to fill water at the giant leaf. You can take Faery vest now from the treasure chest.

To continue your journey; you need to push log (1) to the south FIRST and then push log (2) to the west. Use “douse” at point (2) to raise level of the water and then continue to point (4).

You can obtain Mars djinn (glare).

Follow the instruction in the upper screenshot and then you should get a result similar like in the lower screenshot. Use “cold snap” to raise the log; you can reach the mars djinn now.

Go to point (5) and then push the stone to the right until it falls. Go west a little and then slide down. You arrive at the area with the giant leaf (point (2)). Use “cold snap” at the water in the giant leaf. Follow the red line in the screenshot to reach west door.

Keep continue west until you reach point (6) and then follow the red line to reach the east platform in this area. Go north and then slide on the icy platform again (follow the yellow line) to obtain treasure chest (giant axe). Go back to east platform and then head south. Continue to point (7) in map and then push the stone to the south until it fall to the lower platform. Go east to the next area; you need to use “grip” in order to reach point (8).

Cast “fireball” at the ice to melt it. Go north (use grip again) and you will back to the 2nd area of this dungeon.push the stone to the left and continue north.

SAVE YOUR GAME, and prepare enough djinni to summon in the upcoming battle. Continue to point (9) and

BOSS: sludge

Weak against : wind

I suggest you to kill his subordinates first (2 skull) first. Haunt skull can cause doom status (you will die after a few turn) so make sure to kill it fast enough. Shield skull can give sludge a protective barrier which will reduce your damage greatly. You can kill the subordinates quickly by summoning 2 level 4 summons  (deals about 400-600 damage depends on the summon element). The boss itself is not hard, just make sure you heal frequently (keep your Hp above 100) and you should be fine.

Kolima village

After the battle see an event. Take the Crush tusk nearby and then use Hermes water at the tree’s face to trigger an event. Get out from the tree.

Thanks to Hoops for this info
After saving the dream tree top floor of the Inn in the cupboard (next to 4 beds) is a Ninja Garb

The inn is open now so go there. Go upstairs to the outside and keep following the path to the south to obtain virtous armlet. Go to the item shop and then buy a dream leaf. Go back to

Saha town

Go inside the well on the northwest of this town. Move the stone to the left and then get out.Now enter the northeast well in this town and head west. Use “crush” psynergy at the stone to open a path to the djinn’s place.  Talk to the Jupiter djinn (Wisp) to make it join your party. Go back to Kolima village

Kolima village

Talk to the beastmen (wolf) on the northside of this town. He is a member of arangoa band but he can’t go back because he need to see a mountain roc. So, go north to the world map.

main menu


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  1. Haoushokuo says:

    pls help me i am trap!!!!!!

  2. ria says:

    i have died half way through the bog and when i tried to go back i cant get past do to that creature breaking the islands what do i do help!!!!

  3. Quen says:

    Okay, I may be an idiot gamer, but it took me forever to figure out how to get into Kolima. I saw the well and knew it had to have something to do with it, but actually could not figure out which synergy you need to use to get into the well. LOL Apparently you just tap the well. I’m like a five year old gamer. LOL

    BTW – are you supposed to have the beast girl back before this point?

    • Bane says:

      I don’t think you’re supposed to have Sveta back yet… There’s a band member n Kolima that says he won’t go back to play the Arangora Prelude, or whatever, so nope.

  4. Hoops says:

    After saving the dream tree top floor of the Inn in the cupboard (next to 4 beds) is a Ninja Garb

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks so much for the huge work you’re doing! I’m playing this amazing game and your guide gives me a great help not to miss anything! 😀

  6. Lord Koopah says:

    Don’t forget to buy a dream leaf in Kolima’s shop. You can use it when you rest in the Border’s inn to get a new summon 🙂

  7. Dude says:

    In the northeastern house in Saha Town you can find a cookie if you move the box to the right.

    Thanks for the guides!

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