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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Lost Ship (Azul summon)

Go back to Ayuthay (land your ship on the west beach of Tonfon;see the screenshot for the detail). Go to Ayuthay, use the raft so you can go inside the ruins. Don’t go to the city directly (checking the big door), go east like when you first came to Ayuthay. Go to the spot where you used tree flute to open the path that leads to Ayuthay. Use Sveta’s Spirit sense ability to learn a hint about hidden treasure in Kaocho.

Go to the King Paithos’s room and then push the throne to the left. It’ll reveal a secret stairs, so go down and then use arid heat at the bowl of water. Follow the path and you’ll arrive at the room with many treasure chests. Take all of them (Heirloom ring, Spirit gloves, and lucky pepper).

So go to Kaocho now and follow the path where you go to obtain the venus djinn (left of northeastern transition point). The hint says 3 steps to the left from palace stairs, so go to the left side and you should be able to notice a small crack. Check it to obtain a treasure note.

Lost ship

(Top area of my map)

Go left and then upstairs to obtain 100 coins from the treasure chest. Move counterclockwise from there to the northwest. Open the treasure chest to obtain 200 coins. Go downstairs by using the middle stairs.

(Middle part of my map)

You can’t go west because the path is blocked by a haunted log (1). So, go to the east room to the upstairs. Open the treasure chest which contains mythril silver. Go back to previous room and go downstairs.

(Bottom part of my map)

Go west and you‘ll be knocked down by a board if you’re trying to go to point (3). Go to the middle part of this area and you should see 2 glittering spot (2), so use search to reveal 2 statues. Go northwest first and then see the screenshot for the next steps.

After you have followed the steps in the screenshot push the statue to the east so it’ll block board in point (3). Now go south and wait until the statue move towards you so you can jump to point (4). Wait until you can jump to west part of this area. Go downstairs to take a mist potion from the treasure chest and then go upstairs. You’ll return at the middle part of Lost Ship, go to the west room and obtain 3 treasure chests over there.

Now go upstairs to point (5). Check the box near the corpse to obtain hard nut and SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU GO SOUTH.

BOSS: Star magician (weak against fire) HP about 10.000

He is the easier than 2 previous secret bosses that you have encountered. He is weak against fire so I use the same djinni set up and tactics like when I fought Ogre titan. Star magician can attack twice per turn but his damage is not dangerous. Make sure you defeat refresh ball (it can heal star magician) and Guardian ball (like a barrier djinni, it will cast a guardian shield every 2 turns, so use powerful summon on the next turn after you see guardian ball have cast a barrier). The others ball are not dangerous ( ittle dangerous: death ball can cast doom at you; your character will death after 3-5 turns).

Video note:

I use summon every turn in this battle which is a bad thing to do because the damage is greatly reduced by a guardian ball ability.

main menu

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  1. jake says:

    Hey do you know what exactly ur supposed to do with the roc feather cause i’ve tried going back to isacc after i beat the game but the way was still blocked. Any clue what its for?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, roc feather doesn’t have any function (CMIIW) maybe it can be transferred to the next golden sun game.

      • akira says:

        as jake said, i also have tried going back to Goma Plateau / Lookout Cabin but both way (Harapa & Konpa Ruins) still blocked, so I am trying to beat the extra boss to collect the ultimate summon now -,-
        *btw, thx for your awesome guide 😀

  2. pok'edijnni says:

    do you have the Iris and Charon summon?
    It’s in Crossbone isle

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