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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Passaj to Barai Temple

Enter the big house in the middle of this city and you will see an alchemy forge. See 3 green stones in this room? You must arrange them to activate the forge.

Passaj Alchemy forge solution

“Move” the pillar on the rightside of the room to the right (act as a blocker when you push the green stone to the left).push the stone so it looks like the one in the screenshot.

For the left side you only need to arrange 2 green stones so it look like the one in the screenshot (no need to move any pillar or anything).

Use “fireball” at the fire symbol in the middle of this room (same spot where Tyrell throw fireball in the event). The alchemy forge will start to glow, Bogho will come to start another long conversation. Get out from this buiding

Enter the most western house in Passaj. Go north where you can see 2 room, go to the right room and check the barrel to obtain Power Bread.

Go to the church/temple, enter the door inside and you will see a giant green stone. Push the stone to right, down, right, and then to the up. Go to the next area to obtain High quality Zol from the treasure chest.

Go inside the northwest house to see an event (Bogho’s house). Talk to Baghi and follow him until he give  you a Tree Flute. Check the bookshelf nearby to obtain Sun Saga 3.

Now head southeast and enter the cave there (below the weapon shop); you can go to the weapon shop and push the “way” stone into proper place (nothing happen at this moment, you still need to activate the alchemy forge to fix the shop). Follow the path to the next area and you should be able to see a floating green stone (elevator) so step on it to go to Passaj mountain climb 1f.

Go to Kaocho first because Ayuthay is blocked by the guard.

Go east to obtain Sanan Dress first. There are 2 djinnis in the town but you can only get 1 of them at this moment. Go northeast and then walk in the ledge to the north. Follow the path until you see a flag at the otherside, use “grip” to go to the other side. Follow the path to the south and talk to the venus Djinn (steel) to make him join your party.

Go to the Kaocho castle and see an event inside. You will fall into the Ouroboros. This place is pretty straight forward. Just follow the path and move the snake statue which blocking your way. Keep following the path and then use “growth” to go up and back to the Kaocho.

Get out from Kaocho and then go to Ayuthay.

Talk to the guard and use the letter in front of them to go inside Ayuthay.

Stand on the raft (you can move it by using whirlwind) and go up to the left. Jump to the small platform and then climb the tree to obtain an Apple. Stand on the new raft and then go up to the left. Open the treasure chest to obtain Cookie.

Go back to the raft and head east to the north. Talk with the guard and show the letter so they let you in. Talk with 2 general and show the letter to Ku-tsung. Go out from the right exit and then use “growth” on the little plant. Climb the plant and go left to another room. Continue northeast and keep following the path until you see a giant tree. Use the Tree flute over there and you will fall to Ayuthay.

Follow Amiti to meet with the king Paithos and see a long cutscene.

Go to the Shopping district (you can go there from red circle in the screenshot). Enter the big building in the middle of this area. Go to the door shown in the event. Use tree flute at the sand stone and

BOSS: Sand Prince

Weak against: Water

Let all of your djinnis standby before this battle. As the battle starts immediately command all of the characters to summon a same elemental summon with their own element (e.g: Matthew call judgment). Sand prince has a powerful attack called arid blast (about 60 damage to primary target and 40 to nearby area). This battle only last about 2-3 turns for me so no need to have any strategy to beat him. Remember to use Karis if you need any healing.


Thanks to Gen for this info 😀

There’s a Dragon Shield in the room left of the inn. While the water is drained you must push the pillar in the lower level of the room, then when the water is back, use the raft to go left and get the chest.

You will get Arid gem to use “Arid Heat” psynergy. Equip it on Tyrell and return to the previous room. Use “Arid Heat” at the bowl to drain the water. Get out from this room after you have done that.

Go inside the door left of the inn and follow the path until you can open a treasure chest contains power bread.

Go down the southeastern stairs and keep following the path until you obtain Crystal powder.

Go to the south stairs of the weapon shop and head left to enter the room with treasure chest (299 coins). Now keep going south to arrive at the outside.

Stand on the raft and go left to obtain a leather boots. Go back to the initial postion and then move the raft down and then right. Go south first and push the pillar into the water. Now go right and stand on the new raft. Move down, left, and down to obtain Glittering tiara. Now you can jump left to the other leaf to reach Barai Temple. You can also obtain Jupiter djiin; direct your raft to the north, west, and north again so you can go to the northeast area.

Move the raft to the left to find Jupiter Djinn (Breath) on the the giant leaf. You can also move the raft to the north to obtain the water of life.

Go back to where you got Glittering tiara and head to the Barai temple.

Barai Temple

Use Arid Heat at the bowl on the entrance. Follow the path to the north and jump from one stone to another stone to the west. Follow the path until you find an empty treasure chest at the point (1). Go south to point (2) and use “Arid Heat” at the bowl of water. The water level is changing now, “Move “ the pillat at point (3) to the left to create a shortcut for later use.

Go back to previous room and then check the treasure on the middle of this room to find a letter. Move the stone at point (4) to the middle so it looks like the one in the screenshot. Go back to point (2) and then use “douse” to fill the bowl with water. It will raise the water level again and you can grab Storm brand from the treasure chest by using stone in point (4).

Go back to point (2) and then use “arid heat” again to lower water level. Go to point (4) to the south so you arrive at point (5). Use “Arid Heat” again to lower the water level again. Go downstairs and enter the middle door and then continue north.

Enter the left waterfall first to obtain Kimono. Go back and then enter the right waterfall and jump from one stone to another stone so you can reach the bowl. Use “arid heat” at the bowl of water and then go downstairs (point (6)). Move the stone so its position become like the one in the screenshot. Fill the bowl again with “douse” and jump north to the next area.

Use “arid heat’ at the bowl in this room. Cast fireball at the mercury djinn and it will jump down from the platform. Fight him and he will join your party after winning the battle. Go north to the next area. Fill the right part of the water scale by using “douse”. Now go up and use the scale as a bridge to the other side. Push the stone to the right and “growth” the plant so you can use it as a shortcut later.

Go northeast to the puzzle pipe room. Push the pipe into the gap between the pipe, push the middle one, the left one, and then the right pipe to finish the puzzle. When the water flows, go back to the previous room and fill the left part of the scale (use arid heat on the right part of the scale to deplete the water). Stand on the water source and you will automatically carried by the water current.

You will get insight glass, the event shows you to use whirlwind. Use whirlwind and then go back to Ayuthay. Paithos will welcome you in Ayuthay.

main menu


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13 Responses to “Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Passaj to Barai Temple”

  1. alex says:

    After I move the pillar into the water there is no new raft to the right

  2. Coco says:

    im sorry but sometimes your directions are a bit confusing…. -.- like for how to get the dinji BREATH….i did what it said but i got no where near it and yes i do know which way is east and west and south and north… i’m really confused. >.>

  3. Videogamefan100 says:

    Might I tell you that you missed the sidequest for the ninja sandals. They give you a boost on critical hits (unleash).

  4. Gemini says:

    How i get the three flute?

  5. Aslasaya says:

    how do i lower the water at the temple???

  6. Van Lynn says:

    Okay, seriously? WHY would you tell people to go into Barai Temple and THEN tell them they could have gotten another Jupiter Djinn?! That pissed me off. I hope there’s still a way to get to him . . . . -.-

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can still get get him. I Am not told you to go to Barai temple first. My intention is to use Barai temple as a anchor point So, you don’t lost in my word :D.

  7. Van Lynn says:

    Yeah . . . I don’t see a movable pillar in any of the rooms, nor a hole to push it in. I’ve searched every house. The room “left of the Inn” is just a simple house. -.- And nowhere in the Inn is there a room with a movable pillar. >:\

    Where the Hell are you guys talking about?!?!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Umm osrry and thanks for the correction. I wasn’t get the dragon shield by myself. It’s actually located in Ayuthay (CMIIW again). Really sorry for confusion 😀

  8. Gen says:

    There’s a Dragon Shield in the room left of the inn. While the water is drained you must push the pillar in the lower level of the room, then when the water is back, use the raft to go left and get the chest.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      kk, thanks for the information, will add it on my guide :D.

      • Drew says:

        Could you elaborate just a little bit more on the location of the pillar. Also, is this the right spot in the game, or do you come back to Passaj? I don’t know how to drain/flood the water levels, nor do I have a raft yet.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am sorry about the pillar location because I missed the dragon shield too 😀 and I can’t go back to there at this moment (So I can’t explain to you :(). yeah it’s the right spot in this game, you need to talk with bogho to obtain tree flute. You will return to this town later. You need to have arid heat psynergy to change water level that’s why you need to defeat sand prince first.

          so the flow of this game is:
          Passaj (obtain tree flute)-Kaocho (meet with the king to obtains a letter )- Ayuthay to obtain arid heat psynergy. Hope it helps, thanks for using my guide

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