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Posted on Dec 21, 2010

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Teppe Ruins to Belinsk

World Map

Go north and enter

Teppe Ruins

You should be able to see a mercury djinn (dewdrop) stands on the isolated platform. Cast fireball at him to make him  jump into the water. Go west and enter the house, talk to the man on north side of this house. Give him “trusty staff” that you have bought from Te rya village and he will go outside to fish the djinn for you.

Talk to Mercury Djinn (Dewdrop) and he will join your party. Head northeast and enter west cave first, you will find a treasure chest inside (water of life), cast fireball to melt the snow which hinder you from getting the treasure chest. Go outside and enter

Go east to point (1) on my map. You should see a shadow girl inside, she will run away chase her to the west. Push the stone that blocks your path and then go northwest. Go to point (2), push the pillar which blocks your path (follow blue line in the screenshot). Use the stone you just pushed earlier to jump to the east platform. Climb up the vine and keep following the path until you can open the treasure chest contain Sword of Dusk.

Use “grip” at the south pillar and head to point (3). You should see the shadow girl again and then follow her again. Climb down the plant nearby and go to point (4) in my map to meet her. See an event and you will get a Hou ju’s bag. Now go back to Te Rya village (use Shortcut in the northeast part of this room; you need to use “growth” in the middle of the way).

Te Rya Village

See an event and then give them the elegant bag (Hou ju’s bag). Go back to Teppe ruins; point (4) where you met Sveta (use northwest shortcut to go there quickly). She will open a new path, so go inside the door.

Teppe Ruins part 2

Go northeast to point (1) (northwest path is blocked), “move” the stone so it becomes like in the screenshot. Grab warrior helm from the treasure chest and then go north to point (2). “Slap” the door and continue following the path until you reach point (3). The pillar will fall to the ground so you must seek other way to continue.

Thanks to hollyghost for this info
There is a mint located at the (4) on the map on top of the page. Use track and press a when your in the middle of the circle of grass.

Use “track” and it will shows you a path to the next area (northeast). Keep following the path and you will arrive at the outside.  Grab Mythril circlet from the treasure chest nearby and go south to point (4). Use “track” again over there to know which hole that leads to the true path (west hole if it is not random 😀 ).

Keep going south and you’ll back to the familiar area. Freeze the water at point (5) like in the screenshot. So you can continue east (use grip so you can get across to the next platform). Continue north to the next area. You should be able to see an earth djinn (vine) in this area (6).

Go northwest to a higher platform and jump to the south until you see a movable stone in the middle of this area. Move it to the north so it falls to the ground. Go back to the lower platform and then keep chasing the djinn until it hits the stone. Talk to it and it will join your party.

Slap” and go inside the door (it seems you can’t destroy the stone on the north of this room yet :D. If you use insight you will see an unfamiliar psynergy symbol, so come back to this spot when you have it. I will remind you later).

Keep following the path until you arrive at the outside. You will see an event and Sveta will leave your party. Go east to the world map.

Go to


See an event as you arrive at this town. Go to the church (holy symbol) and then go downstairs. Check the bookshelf to obtain sun saga 4. You can also “move” the bookshelf that located right of the treasure chest. Climb the stairs and then jump to the west to obtain assassin blade.

Go down and then move 2 bookshelves on the north. It will reveal a path to Belinsk Ruins. Follow the path and you should e able to see a mercury djinn (Spout). Talk to him and he will join your party.  Get out from the church after you have obtained all of things that I mentioned.

Go northeast to the next area. Ignore treasure chest on the west because you can’t get it for now (CMIIW). Go east and you should be able to see a mercury djinn (torrent). “Move” the box and then freeze the pool of water so it becomes like in the screenshot. Jump to the djinn by using the platform you just arranged. Talk to him and he will join your party.

Go back to the main area of this town. Talk to the beastmen who sell the flower (southwest of the area). He will say that he never saw any old man. Try to go out from this town to trigger an event.

main menu


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  1. poopdung says:

    i love golden sun thank you for these tuts.

  2. james says:

    I cannot buy trusty staff how do I get this djinn

  3. Isaac says:

    how can you get the third mercury djinn in belinsk and the house below the third djinn has a muni robe on a cabinet on it

  4. hollyghost says:

    You missed a mint its located at the (4) on the map on top of the page. Use track and press a when your in the middle of the circle of grass.

  5. Van Lynn says:

    Why aren’t the “Menu” and “Next” links big and bold? I liked that in the Dragon Quest 9 guide. 🙁

  6. illxMitch says:

    There’s actually a third water djinni in a house somewhere in town. You can see it on a platform behind a barricade of boxes. It seems that it is somewhere betweens floors, but I can’t reach it.

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