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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Warriors Hill to Yamata

Warriors Hill

Go inside the building on the northeast (A); ignore the venus djinn in this area at this moment. Keep following the path and then enter the door at point (1). Go south to point (2) and jump right to the screw conveyor. Jump west when you see a treasure chest and then open it to obtain Cookie. Go back to the conveyor and you will automatically arrive at the new platform/area.

Continue west until you arrive at the new area (3).Go downstairs and move the stone to the right and “cold snap“the pool of water nearby. Go back to upper ground and jump to the ice pillar you just created. Use Crush at the boulder and it will cause the water flowing into the ruins.

part 2

Go back to the east and enter the door in point (4) and then go upstairs. Hop into newly activated screw conveyor (left side), just stand on the screw conveyor and then jump east to point (5). Go upstairs and enter the door nearby; you will return in the left part on main entrance. Enter another door and you will arrive at point (6). Push the white gear to the lower ground and go back to point (5). Jump west to the screw conveyor and then wait until you go back to point (4) (jump east while you’re standing at the screw conveyor to obtain dragon mail).

Go back to left side of the screw conveyor. Now jump west and push the white gear into its place (see the screenshot). The machine will active again after you have pushed the white gear. The wind will cause a new tower appear.

Go back to the main entrance and go upstairs (left side). You will arrive at the outside area of warriors hill. Climb the tree on the west and jump to the left. Go south and fight with the venus djinn (chain). He will join you after the battle.

Go back inside and then go through the door in point (7).

Part 3

Push the white gear into the lower ground and then move it to the black spot on the floor (8).Stand on the seesaw and use crush to jump to the other side. Go south and use conveyor belt to jump to the left. Continue north to point (9), go upstairs and move the white gear into its slot to activate the machine.

Go back to point (10) and then jump to the conveyor (left side) and then wait until you arrive at new area. Jump west when you’re able to do it and continue west to obtain Aegis shield from the treasure chest. Use” retreat” and you will arrive at the outside of this dungeon. Go north and you should be able to see a new tower. Go inside and use Watchtower key to open the door, go inside and see an event. Go back to the world map and go to

Harun Channel

Go back to point (3) and you should be able to go south because you have pushed the stone in warriors hill. Follow the path and and enter the door filled with water. Jump from one platform to the another platform until you can reach the summon tablet. Touch it and you will obtain Coatlicue

Go back to your ship and sail to the east. You can do some leveling in east island (there is a locked shining cave); the enemies can give you up to 6000 experience which is pretty good IMO.

as you land on Yamata island, head north and walk around the south forest of the volcano. Keep fighting until you fight with the Mars djinn (sizzle).

Now go to Yamata (Located at south of this island)

Few things you can do in this town:

[0] Go northeast and you should be able to see a stone over there (right of the church/temple). Move the stone to the right and then use “crush” at the cracked floor. Go downstairs and then continue east. Climb the plant so you arrive at the outside. talk to the jupiter djinn (kite) to make him join your party

[0] Go northwest and enter the building over there. Push the barrel by following the direction in the screenshot. Move the box and obtain power bread from the treasure chest.

Go north to Yamata Palace. Go upstairs and you will see many people are chanting at the girl. enter the upper left room to trigger an event with Susa. Check Kushinada and then the girl in the middle of the room to trigger an event. Himi will join your party and tthen get out from this palace (Susa will say something about Uzume).

Go back to the first are of Yamata. Go inside the grave located in the north part of this town. You will see an event and then”move”  the stone to the left/right. You will see a glittering platform. Jump to the platform and use Himi’s “search” psynergy.

You will be teleported to another room. Go left to obtain Masamune (probably strongest weapon at this moment, CMIIW) from the treasure chest and go right to obtain water of life from the treasure chest. There is nothing you can do in the next area (only read a stone tablet that telling you to obtain some kind of gem). Go back to your ship.

main menu


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18 Responses to “Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide: Warriors Hill to Yamata”

  1. Arcanus a.k.a. Alex says:

    For a moment, you just went full retard, never go full retard man =\. Do you ‘still’ confuse east with west? -at your age; I assume you are an adult-

    Yamata City -> Northeast altar has to be -> Northwest altar
    Yamata City -> Northwest house has to be -> Northeast house

    Nevertheless, great and compact guide.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I can differentiate between east and west but please understand that writing guide is not an easy task, Maybe I was too tired before. However, thanks for the input.

  2. dick says:

    Can someone please please tell me how to get back on the ship so I can head to Tonfon. I go to the ship and try and enter it from every angle and it won’t let me get on. Have I missed something I need to do so I can get back on it?

    Thank you and by the way great guide.

  3. Gemini says:

    “There is nothing you can do in the next area (only read a stone tablet that telling you to obtain some kind of gem). Go back to your ship.”

    the tablet not give me any kind of jewelry, anyway I continued the game and now I’m stuck in the part where the wife of the Emperor has to give me the ring of Lady Moon.

  4. OMG says:

    ummm himi is not comming back alive i tried talking to her or use spirit sense i talked to everyone in the palacce everything i need help 🙁

  5. Van Lynn says:

    Seriously, you have to tell me what the . . . eff . . . that Psynergy is in the top right of your screen in some of the screenshots. It looks like four yellow arrows pointing to four blue Pacmans trying to eat one another. I checked all my Psynergy and I definitely don’t have it at the point where you’re still only getting the Dragon Armor, so I have no idea what it could possibly be because I’ve followed this guide to the letter. :\

  6. pearldrums says:

    I’m posting this here because its the first time we have all 8 characters. I decided to level all of them to the same level (currently 39) and remove all djin and items. If any body wants to know how the characters stand up against each other, here are all of their base statistics with no buffs or djin!

    Mathew (main character)
    HP 369
    PP 106
    ATK 328
    DEF 72
    AGI 170
    LUK 3

    HP 370
    PP 100
    ATK 145
    DEF 79
    AGI 97
    LUK 2

    HP 242
    PP 197
    ATK 117
    DEF 54
    AGI 219
    LUK 4

    HP 274
    PP 176
    ATK 126
    DEF 72
    AGI 118
    LUK 6

    HP 357
    PP 118
    ATK 152
    DEF 67
    AGI 144
    LUK 4

    HP 349
    PP 156
    ATK 134
    DEF 62
    AGI 177
    LUK 3

    HP 378
    PP 103
    ATK 155
    DEF 71
    AGI 129
    LUK 2

    HP 236
    PP 217
    ATK 95
    DEF 61
    AGI 198
    LUK 6

    So there, if your interested, now you know.

  7. pearldrums says:

    This may sound dumb, but I cant figure out how to get into that stupid shining cave. I use Amiti’s “insight” ability and it shows something that looks like fire psyenergy, but nothing seems to work.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you can go iside the shining cave after you have search psynergy (himi)

      • pearldrums says:

        Oops, Thanks. I hadn’t gotten her yet but you said it was a good place to level so I went and tried to get into that cave. I should have read ahead a little bit.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’ll eventually go back into this place again. SO, don’t over leveled because it’ll waste your time (there is a better leveling spot later in this game). Thanks for using my guide

  8. pok'e djinni says:

    hi, um I’ve finished the game now
    (with the help of your walkthrough)
    may I have permission to spoil the ending if it’s alright with you.

    pok’e djinni

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