Posted on Dec 29, 2010

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide

Developer: Camelot

Publisher: Nintendo

Release date: 29 November 2010 (US)

Genre: RPG

Platform: NDS

ESRB Rating: E10+

Please Comment or ask me if you feel I am missing something, it will greatly help me and others who playing the game so they’re not missing anything.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough (Main Quest)

1. Prologue (Save Tyrell, Goma Plateau to Abandoned mines)
2. Psynergy Training ground
3. Carver’s camp to Konpa Ruins (Zagan summon tablet)

CHECKPOINT 1 ALERT (You should have ZAGAN summon tablet)

4. Konpa Cave to Harapa to Passaj mountain climb (Megaera summon tablet)
5. Kaocho to Ayuthay to Barai Temple
6. Ayuthay to The Ouroboros
7. Harapa Ruins to Cloud of Passaj (Flora summon tablet)
Checkpoint 2 ALERT!!!! (You should have MEGAERA and FLORA summon tablet before progress to Cloud of Passaj)

8. Craggy peak Ruins to Te Rya village (Moloch summon tablet)
9. Teppe Ruins to Belinsk
10. Border Town to Port Rago (Ulyssess summon tablet)
11. Kolima Village to Phantasmal Bog
12. Kolima Forest to Talon Peak
13. Belinsk Ruins (alchemy dynamo) (Haures and Eclipse summon tablet)

CHECKPOINT 3 ALERT!!!! (make sure you have obtain all of the summon tablets and djinni before this point)

14. Belinsk to Harun (crystallux summon tablet)
15. Warriors hill to Yamata (coatlicue summon tablet)
16. Tonfon to Yamata Ruins
17. Gathering Umbra equipment
18. Endless Wall to Apollo Sanctum (FINAL PART; 98 %)

18.1. Obtaining the ultimate summon: Catastrophe (Otka Island) and Daedalus( Burning Island Cave)
18.2. Obtaining the ultimate summon: Azul (Lost Ship)

19. Obtaining the ultimate summons: Charon and Iris (Crossbone isle)

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide (miscellaneous)


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38 Responses to “Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide”

  1. David Immanuel Simamora says:

    Hello everyone! I just want to share my custom class setup. This setup is designed to support each character’s unleashes. The main draw back is only the 2 unallocated Venus Djinn. Here is the setup

    Matthew : Chaos Lord
    7 Mars 2 Venus

    Karis : Sorcerer
    9 Jupiter

    Tyrell : Champion
    7 Mars 2 Venus(Standby)

    Rief : Angel
    9 Mercury

    Amiti :Aqua Master
    9 Mercury

    Sveta : Gladiator
    7 Venus 2 Jupiter

    Eoleo : Chaos Lord
    7 Venus 2 Mars

    Himi : War Adept
    7 Jupiter 2 Mars

    Hope it helps anybody! God bless 😀

  2. Maddeh says:

    I’d like to thank you for your time and efforts into making this guide, without this I would never have even gotten close to beating this game, let alone facing off with Dullahan. Thank you very much :3

  3. Trevor says:

    At the clear game point,if you go back to Passaj ,in a cavern to the left of the inn,if you enter and go through the opening in the back and then the opening to the left,pick up the old rag on the table.Then go into the inn and give the rag to the woman on the bed.After the little talk go back to the place you got the old rag and talk to the three people by the table.When you talk to the saved man he will offer his assistance as a rock breaker.If you accept his help,what do you do with him?

  4. alex says:

    Beat the game later night using only 25% of your guide. I beat tge final boss rush summoning with rief, hiti, sveta, and amiti then healed continued rush summoning. Then died and rush summoned he’ll rush summoned with Matthew karis eleo and tyrell. Awesome game. Hard stuff.

  5. alex says:

    Im collecting the umbra pieces and the last one I need is on main land but you are able to go back and get megaera and Flora summons. As long as u have the boat.

  6. Coco says:

    Thanx for da guide!!! It makes me understand da game a lot easier and how to get all da dinji. Ur guide helped me a lot!

    -thankies!!!!! <3

  7. matthew says:

    thx dude im using your guide for looking items that i missed.. currently using your dragon quest 9 guide also.. thx a lot!

  8. Ben says:

    Whats the point of putting tablets at the end of the game if there’s practically no use for them afterward… exactly my point.

  9. mike says:

    where is the 3rd orb?

  10. memo902 says:

    Thanks, the guide is helpfull.
    However I have a question, I miss some djinn, example Chill, and I already finished the game. Can I get it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      the djinn that you have missed after checkpoint 1 can’t be gotten again. After checkpoint 1, I think you could get it because you could return to that place using your ship (not sure though),craggy peaks maybe not accessible.

  11. adtyan says:


    can i ask you to make guide kingdom hearts recoded???
    i need a map of attack synthesis…


    • noobbgodlike says:

      Umm, Sorry i couldn’t do that, I want to finish golden sun ASAP and saving my energy to create another future game (lord of arcana, dq VI, etc). thanks for using my guide. Try to visit gamefaqs for RE:coded guides.

  12. Alex says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙂 This has helped me so much.
    Maybe you can take some screen shots of your class levels with the Djinn? or maybe the better ones as most guides are confusing on this.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am planning to tell you my class when i fight with dullahan :D. please wait because my monitor have some trouble at now so i can’t post a guide (i am using notebook now, all my guides files located in my computer so I can’t do anything

      • Nitez_ says:

        I need some help with the class setup as well. Mine is..
        Matthew – Chaos Lord path
        Karis – Pure Mage path
        Sveta – Gladiator path
        Himi – Master path
        I used the others to be wishers to heal my party outside of battles.

  13. Hoops says:

    The Guides awesome man,

    Only issue I have with it is that I can’t use it for much longer as I’m only a half page behind where it finishes.

  14. Yokoboh says:

    I’m like in love with you, this guide is awesome!! Thanks! =D

  15. Spiky says:

    If I may make a suggestion, at each PONR warning I would add Djinn and perhaps stat up items

  16. Aman A says:

    Hey, I’m actually at the part where I got Eleo(Briggs’ Son)to my party and his ship, I just got the key to some tower(It’s a blue key sorry can’t remember the name but you get it from some town that starts with an H from this town’s story teller) and I’m wondering where it goes? Help?

  17. AzureFlame24 says:

    This guide is awesone thank you so much keep the good work!!!

  18. RedSerpent says:

    Great guide so far, too bad I missed a couple djinn 🙁
    Keep up the great work =)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems you can go back later when you have obtained a ship (CMIIW, I am not sure though) but I heard you can’t go back to point where you have passed konpa ruins (also CMIIW :D). Thanks for using my guide

      • Lord Koopah says:

        That’s right, I already finished the game and you can go back to points between Konpa Ruins and the clouds of Passaj. If you missed some djinns after the clouds of Passaj (what I did) just say them good bye.

  19. adekuscrub says:

    Very nice guide, the pictures add a lot, thanks so much! I wish I’d discovered it before I missed a few Djinn before cloud of passaj but oh well.

    Keep up the great work, will be great to see the finished project 😀

  20. jasonli says:


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