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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide:Gathering Umbra Equipment

You need to gather all Umbra things. It is all up to you where you want to go first. So, you don’t need to follow my guide in an order.

Some side quest you can do before starting hunt for the umbra equipment:

[0] Go back to Passaj and then talk with the woman at the inn (1). She’ll tell you about her boyfriend, now go to point (2) at the map and take old rag of the table. Go back to the girl and you’ll trigger an event (Sveta uses her mind reading ability). Go back to point (2) and then talk to the man near the old rag ‘s location. Agree when he is going to help you and then go back to the area before passaj elevator room. Check the green wall on the northwest and then he’ll dig out the venus djinn (ivy) for you.

[0] Go the desert (??) island west of burning island cave. Walk around the desert (maybe it’s only a sand beach because the land is too small to become a desert :D). You’ll eventually fight Jupiter djinn (Simoom).

Champa camp

Thanks to Hoops for this info
In Champa Camp in a box inside the Inn tent is a cookie

Go to Champa and you‘ll see an event. Go to the north part of this town and you should be able to see a mars djinn in coconut tree. Use “slap” to make him fall of  the tree. Go south and walk through the small path next to the boat (see the screenshot).  Follow the path and then talk to the mars djinn (fugue) to make it joins your party. Get out from this camp and head west to


The town was burned down. Go north and then enter the temple that shown in the screenshot. Once inside, go southwest to the outside. Follow the path and you’ll see an event (thermal psynergy). Go to the higher platform by using updraft that you just created.

Keep following the path until you meet with Obaba. She can forge you new equipment from a material (quality zol, mythril silver, etc). Go back to previous room and go northeast. Check the table to obtain cave door key.

Thanks to hoops again for this info
There is also some mint upstairs from the floor that has the Cave door key on the table, Room to the left,

Go back to the spot where you met with Obaba. You can create a shortcut before you leave from this place so you can come back easily. Use growth at the little plant nearby and descend. Don’t slide down when you a slide point! Go west and use growth at the little plant. After that, you’re free to get out of here.

Go south and follow the red line in the right screenshot. Enter the cave (walk north and use cave door key at the door) and then push the thermal pillar into the slot. Use thermal at the warm air and then step on it. Follow the path and open the treasure chest to obtain Orihalcon.

Gaia fall islet

Follow the path to the next area and then use “grip” at the pillar in point (1). Head south and you will arrive at the world map. Go west to enter the cave.

Go to point (2) by using “grip” and then open the treasure chest to obtain Umbra Cloak. Use grip at point (3) so you can go further to the north. Open the treasure chest contain an apple (you need to fight mimic first; it gives you a massive amount of experience; about 18000). Enter the cave nearby and you should be able to see the mercury djinn (shell) over there. Talk to the djinn and he will join your party.

Burning Island cave

Yellow numbers (in area 2) shows you the location of the warm air, and green numbers shows you a location where you will arrive after you have jumped to thermal air (same number; ex: (2) will leads you to (2); Hope you understand :D, sorry if my English is bad :D).

Go to point (1) and then use grip to get across to the other side, head north to the next area. You only need to use Eoleo’s “thermal” psynergy at the warm air and then jump into it.

(2) leads you to Jester armlet
(3) push the stone to the right until fall of the ground
(4) leads you to Umbra Knuckle (your objective in this dungeon)
(5) push the stone to the left until it falls of the ground
(6) You should chase the mars djinn (flare) (in the northeast of this area) and then use “thermal”. He will stay at the point (1). After that, You can fight him to make him joins your party.

Snowdrift shrine (west of iceberg outpost)

Go north to point (1) and then use “search” to reveal a portal which you can’t reach. Now go either northwest or northeast and climb the ladder to the next area. You should be able to see mercury djinn (geyser) at point (2) try to chase him and he’ll escape. Slide down and move Matthew so he can stand on the same platform with the djinn. The djinn’ll escape again from you by jumping to previous area. Go back and fight him to make him join your party.

Now go to point (3) and slide down to the left so you’ll arrive at the inside of snowdrift cave (Take Phaeton Blade from the treasure chest). Go south and open the treasure chest to obtain Hard nut (you need to fight mimic first and don’t forget to kill it with a mars djinn so you‘ll get extra experience; I got 22.000 exp).

Go back to sliding point and you can slide to obtain crystal powder (not important :D) and mist potion (use the rightmost slide point). After you have got all of those things, go to point (4) and slide down (follow redline in map) to reach the middle platform. Descends to point (5) and stand on the portal to go inside the door. Go north and obtain Umbra goggles from the treasure chest. Use retreat to escape from this place.

Lonely Island Ruins

(you can reach this place by going west of Tonfon and then use “search” at the glittering path)

Enter the middle room first to obtain Asura armor. Go to point (1) and move the stone so you can cross to the other side. After you have got all of the treasure chest, continue north to point (2). Read 3 tablets so you can learn a hint to solve the puzzle. Steps to solve the puzzle:

[1] Slap the statue and it should lit 2 torches in this room. Use douse to put them off.
[2] Use slap again and it should make the statue cry. Move the stone so you can jump to the platform and use arid heat at the bowl of water.
[3] Use slap at the statue again and it should create a purple fog above its head. Freeze (cold snap) the water and then go upstairs so you can step the ice pillar. Move the stone and jump north, continue and use “whirlwind” to dispel the fog.

The door will be open so go inside and then take Umbra cowl from the treasure chest.

main menu


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  1. Aemeon says:

    You misspelled “Umbra Goggles” as “Umbra Googles.” Just a friendly reminder. :3

  2. GS says:

    where can i find “search” skill .. seems i cant open the cave door..the cave that have sprinkle around. I guess the name , snowdrift something.

  3. Tan says:

    Hey thanks for the guide its great, but how do you get back to Passaj? where should you land your boat to get there? thanks

  4. limelusquake says:

    I’n the upstairs where obaba is foging stuff to the left there’s a room go in there in the pot there’s a mint hoped this helped

  5. Nahuta says:

    In Champa temple on the room to the right there is a Water of Life in the pot on the left side of the room.

  6. Laura says:

    I’m missing a step and I can’t figure it out. I got all the colored orbs. But when I go to the caves, they still are locked. How do I get them open??? Thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Have you gathered all umbra equipment?? The door should be oepn after you have gathered all orbs. Please check previous section. Thanks for using my guide

  7. Isaac says:

    Jupiter #18 – Lull
    Located at the entrance of Otka Sea Island. This island is
    reachable by riding a tornado that circles around Yamata.

  8. Van Lynn says:

    Are you sure you’re talking about Passaj in the first part of this page because that map looks nothing like the Passaj I’m in right now . . . :\

    • Van Lynn says:

      Yes, I’m 100% sure now that that is not Passaj; I just looked up the map and one of the parts was the mountain climb, which no one can mistake for Passaj . . . so it is a different town’s map you have on there because there isn’t even the Alchemy Forge in the center. Heh. I would look up what town you’re showing, but I wouldn’t know how to go about doing that. Lol

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Talk to the woman at the inn and you’ll see. (it’s the map of the inn)

  9. Hoops says:

    There is also some mint upstairs from the floor that has the Cave door key on the table, Room to the left,

  10. Hoops says:

    In Champa Camp in a box inside the Inn tent is a cookie 🙂

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