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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Ayuthay to The Ouroboros

Go back to the shopping district to restore the water level in Ayuthay. Amiti will join and wait you at the entrance. So, go to the entrance to leave Ayuthay. Save your game before you progress further because

BOSS: Kaocho general Ku tsung and Ku Embra

Like previous battle, standby all of your djinn so you can summon them immediately. Make sure you have heal all of your characters before entering the battle because their attack quite hurt in your state (standby djinn). The battle should be over quickly if you unleash all of your summons (2-3 turns).

Jupiter Djiin “Ether”

Go to the forest west of Kaocho and keep fighting the enemy until you encounter Ether. Defeat him to make him join your party.

Now Go to Kaocho

Go to the Dim Sum shop and then buy “Kaocho Dumpling”. Talk to the man near the Mars Djinn (Lava) and give him the Kaocho dumpling. He will go and you can jump to the next platform to obtain Mars Djinn (Lava).

Now go to the cave you have escaped before (northeast of town).

The Ouroboros

You should see an event once inside. Use the Tree flute on the stone at point (1) (drain the water on the bowl by using arid heat).

Follow the path until you reach point (2) in my map. Use Whirlwind at green stone (zol) so you can step on it to continue. Move the right snake to the left or right so you can go north to obtain Ixion Mail. Go back and head to point (3). Read the stone tablet here to obtain  a hint. Use Fireball to burn snake’s tongue and then continue to the next area. The treasure chest is Mimic which will reward you with Psynergy Crystal after you beat it.

Use whirlwind to raise the zol and fireball to burn snake’s tongue at point (4) to obtain Vulcan Axe. Go north to the next area and you should see a Jupiter Djinn (vortex). You can get it by “move” the snake statue near the Jupiter djinn down (like in the screenshot; point (5)). Push the zol to the right and then use whirlwind to raise it up. You can go to the djinn’s place now. Talk and fight with him to make him join your party.

Continue north to the next area and then follow the path until you reach point (7) on my map. Use Whirlwind at the giant fan. Go back to the (elevator) and stand on it to go up. Go up and then enter the door to obtain the Sol Mask. Now you’re finish in this dungeon , use “retreat” for quick escape from this dungeon.

Go back to Passaj and use Sol mask at the alchemy forge to trigger an event.

The town’s layout has changed now. Go to the weapon shop and you can shop in here now (if you have solved the floor puzzle before). You will get Zol ring by talking to the weapon seller.

Go to the northeast building and then talk with the guard. You can go inside to obtain the treasure chests now (Hard nut and Prophet’s hat).

You can also get a Mars Djinn (Brand), Follow the red path in the screen shot to the south. You only need to keep following the path in the next screen until you reach the Mars Djinn (Brand).

Now go to Cloud Passage to see an event. You can go inside the elder’s house to learn more about ice queen. Now get out from Passaj and head to Harapa.

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  1. Darkceltic2012 says:

    Any idea when I can get access to the opposite door in Ayutahay’s Alchemy well chamber. It says when the vessel is empty only then can you access this door.

  2. Haoushokuo says:

    I defeated the generals in just 1 turn.. I switch one mercury djinn to forge so I can use boreas.. And that makes it 1 turn.

  3. Dahnee says:

    ok im done looking for that stupid djinn however i found a quality zol at passaj, you gotta go with the guy who helps you to heal you when you’re haunted, poisoned or just fainted (the old guy that with the star sign at his house door) the go to the room at the right move the zok platadorm so you can go to another room and there go thru the bridge you will find a chest open it and you’ll get a quality zol for freee
    i think you should really add this to your guide 🙂

  4. Dahnee says:

    Ether doesnt appear to me! whyy?

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