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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Belinsk Ruins

Go to Kolima village and then talk to the wolf (arangoa prelude band) to make him return to Belinsk.

Few things you can do at this point (OPTIONAL BUT IMPORTANT :D):

Mythril silver: Remember the stone that blocks your path in Teppe ruins (venus djinn room). Crush the stone and then go inside to obtain this item from the treasure chest. I don’t know function of this item right now so just keep it :D.

Haures summon:

You have bought Dream leaf, aren’t you? If not then buy it in Kolima village. Go to border town and then sleep at the inn, you will be given a choice to use dream leaf, so use it. You will enter the dream world, go outside and head west to the west part of this town (blocked by a guard in the real world). Go northeast and use growth at the little e plant, climb down and go inside the cave to obtain the summon tablet.


Talk to the arangoa band in the middle of this town. Agree when you’re being asked about the arangoa prelude. You will see an event, go inside the secret entrance you just see.

Belinsk Ruins

Go west to the outside to obtain a storm gear. Return to the inside and go north to point (1). Read the table and then put magma shard at the pot in front of the tablet to open the door. Go north to the next area.

Put magma shard at point (2) to raise a new platform in this area (follow the blue line at the map). Take a vial from the treasure chest and then continue north to the next area. Go to point (3) and use magma shard (ignore both of the treasure chests for now). Sveta will join your party and then go north to point (4) to see an event. Go to point (5) and you should see a new stairs appear, go downstairs to

Part 2

Go to point (6) and read the tablet over there. Push both of the pillar orbs to the circle and stand on the last circle (see the screenshot).

Go to point (7) and you should be able to see 2 pillars. You can use “crush” to change position of the pillar. Raise both pillars on the right side so you can grab a sacred feather from the treasure chest. Now raise both pillars on the left side and continue to point (8).

(You can obtain Lucky pepper by going southwest and water of life by going southeast. Remember to push the pillar after you have taken the treasure to create a shortcut).

Crush” the pillar so the djinn jump to the east stairs. Now crush the pillar where the venus djinn stood before (It will prevent the djinn from escaping). Fight the venus djinn (chasm) to make him join your party. Go to point (9) and crush the pillar, so you can go back to point (7) and continue north to the next area.

Read the tablet at point (10), it will make a white knight statue appear. Follow the redline in the screenshot to solve this puzzle (you need to use move psynergy to move the statue). Grab Psy crystal from the treasure chest when you have destroyed the black king statue and continue to Belinsk ruins part 3.

Belinsk Ruins Part 3

From now on I will call first area in part 3 as a main area :D.

Jupiter room

Head northwest to point (1) and put magma shard at the pot. This will make the giant gear in previous room rotates. So, go back to the previous room and head northeast, you should arrive at the right part of point (1) room. You can stand on the rotating gear so you can continue north to the next area.

Follow the blueline at the map to reach point (2) quickly. Push the stone to the left until it falls down and then go west to grab a mist potion from the treasure chest. Now go upstairs and enter the door that leads to point (3). Go east and you should be able to see a green zol platform.

Push it to the right and then push it to the left. Go west and now you can take a quality zol from the treasure chest (use the green zol platform as a stepping stone and don’t forget that you can walk in the rotating gear :D). Go east to point (4) and let’s do some puzzle (follow red line in the screenshot to solve it). Cast whirlwind at the orb in point (5) to activate a new mechanism in this dungeon.

Mars room

You should know what’s new in this dungeon. So, go back to the main area and then jump to the new platform you just activated (you need to wait a while before it reach your spot, please be patient :D).  Wait on the platform until you can jump to the west platform. Go downstairs to point (6) and push the pillar to the right until it falls to the ground. Jump east to grab 600 coins from the treasure chest.

Go upstairs and enter nearby door. Head northeast to point (7).Another puzzle room; you only need to use “crush” at the pillar so you can use them as a stepping stone. You only need to arrange the pillars so it looks like the one in the screenshot (left picture to obtain treasure chest and right picture to continue).

Head to point (8) and then use fireball at the orb. It will activate another rotating mechanism, go out from this area and return to main area by going out from point (9).

Venus room

Jump into new platform and wait so you can jump to the other platform like before. Head to point (10) and the follow blue line in the screenshot to get across to the other side. Go step at the gear so you arrive at the middle of this area. Go to point (1) and then use crush at the supporting gear. It will change the direction of rotation. You can go to point (11) now and then use “growth” at the orb to trigger a new rotating platform.

Mercury room

Like you have done before, go to the other side by using a new rotating platform. Go to point (12) and push the pillar to the south until it falls down. Continue to point (13) and use arid heat to lower the level of water. Go down and then push the block so it becomes like in the screenshot. Fill the bowl with douse and jump east and push the pillar to the west.

Use “arid heat” once again and go southeast back to previous area. Use “douse” at the giant orb.

Dynamo room

Jump to the new mercury platform and head to point (1). You only need to push each orb into a circle (it’s easy because you can see the path).  Go to point (2) and then use “slap” at the giant orb. It will make you arrive at a new area. Continue north to point (3); You only need to use psynergy at each crystal in this room (You can go left if you want to see a hint for this puzzle;I don’t know if it’s random or not).  You can see the screenshot in my guide to know the solution. The gate will open after you have solved the puzzle; SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU CONTINUE (you can recover your PP by going right to the big psynergy stone room).

BOSS: Blados and Chalis

WEAK: Fire (blados) and water (challis)

If you want to end this battle quickly just use rush summon tactic and this battle should end in 1st/2nd turn. If you want to fight both of them normally, beware of Chalis’s attack because it can do up to 200 damages to single character. So, it’s better to keep your Hp above 200 and remember to focus to one target at a time.

See an event and go to where Arcanus left (you need to use whirlwind psynergy so you can use green zol as a stepping stone). You will arrive in area with a stairs, DON”T GO OUT YET!!! Go upstairs and keep following the path until you arrive at the room with tablet inside. Check the tablet and you will get Eclipse Summon. Go back to previous area and get out from this place by going south.

main menu


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