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Posted on Dec 22, 2010

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Border Town to Port Rago

Your destination is Border town, but you can do some side quest before you go to the town. You can find Venus Djinn (gears) at the world map.

See the screenshot and keep fighting in the area that marked by a red line until you found him. After found the djinn, go west pass the bridge and then keep following the path until you reach

Border Town Mine

You can obtain Ulysses summon tablet in this cave.

(1) Move the stone to the right
Freeze the water using cold snap

Go back to the main entrance and then go upstairs

(3) Move the switch to the left (obtain treasure chest contain potion) or to the right (go to point (7))
Move the switch to the left
Move the switch to the left
Jump on to the cart

(7) Cast fireball at the bomb and it will reveal an altar. Check the tablet to obtain Ulysses.

Go back to the world map and head to

Border town

You can buy new artifacts from the weapon shop (knight’s greave) and item shop (mist potion; it’s expensive but has really good healing effect). Go east and you will see an event with a pirate and then read the letter.

If you go inside the house north of the event location you should be able to see a Jupiter Djinn (sirocco). Go outside and enter the building that located on the west of previous building. Go upstairs and follow the path until you arrive at the outside. Use” grip” at the pillar and then go downstairs. Talk to the djinn (Sirocco) and he will join your party.

Get out from this town from the east entrance (from where you came because the west gate is closed at this moment). You ‘ll see an event with a musician (arangoa prelude). Go out to

World map

Keep going east pass Belinsk. You can obtain Venus Djinn (furrow) by keep fighting in the red area on my map. After getting the djinn go to

Port Rago

Go to the western part of this town and you’ll see an old man telling you about Briggs. Go right and climb the tree nearby. Keep following the path and then push the box into the lower ground, go to the lower ground and push the box to the south into the water. Now go south and jump the box you pushed earlier. Follow the path and move the box in the end of the path to the left. It will reveal a new path, go inside.

Port Rago Canal

Follow the redline in the screenshot to obtain a hardnut at the outside. Go back to the canal and go northeast. Keep following the path until you arrive at the

Port Rago docks

Go west and climb up the chains, keep going east until you see a pillar. Use “grip” at the pillar to draw the bridge come to your side. Step on it and then go downstairs to the east and climb the chain in the end of the path. Open the treasure chest contains Planet armor. Go west (follow the red line on the screenshot) and then check the box to obtain water of life.

Go back and follow the green line to point (1). Use “arid heat” at the bowl of water to lower the water level. Go downstairs (upper door leads to mercury djinn (coral); lower door leads to the treasure chest contains quality zol).

Go back to the bridge and go south to point (2).You will see an event and then go back to the town. Try to get out from this town and you will meet with another arangoan musician. Go to the world map.

main menu


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  1. not telling says:

    I the ship the same as the one in tla because if it is it is darker and has 2 more sails

  2. Precious says:

    FYI if you go to the crate to the left of the Life of Water in the canal, there is a Kaocho dumpling.

  3. Syko says:

    How do you get on the other side of the bridge

  4. Van Lynn says:

    On the Port Rago Canal’s right picture that tells you how to get the Hardnut, you can’t cross the water from the first barrel you encounter. Instead, you have to go to the top and jump on the two poles tied together, then to the box, then to the other side. 😀

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