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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Crossbone island (Charon and Iris)

Go to Yamata and then talk to the man who located south of the weapon shop (black hair). Go back to your ship and you should see a dialogue which telling you about mysterious whirlpool. Head southwest to see this whirlpool (let your ship pulled by the whirlpool) and then go northeast to reach an island. Follow the path and enter the cave in this island.

Crossbone Isle

Follow the path to the downstairs.

==Floor B1-B2==

Take the treasure chests which contain psy crystal (guarded by mimic). Go downstairs and then enter the door.


There are only 2 treasure chests in this area; 220 coins and a quality zol. Go back to previous area and then enter the room on the upstairs.


Watch out for the cracked platforms, they will break when you step on them for the second time. You’ll fall to B2 if you fall from these platforms.

First go east and follow the path until you obtain ginseng from the treasure chest. Now follow redline in my map to obtain both of the treasure chests (you need to move the stone which block your path in point (1)). Take the left one first (110 coins). Go right to obtain Mythril silver and then go north (follow blue line in my screenshot).

Move the stone in point (2) and then jump south to the new platform so you can re-move the stone to the rightmost of the platform. Go back to blue line path and follow it until you can exit from this area through the southwest exit.

Push both of the stones to the right to create a shortcut. Continue west to the lower floor.


There is no treasure chest in the layout area, butt you can recover your party by using psynergy crystal. Go to the lower room first.


There are 2 treasure chests in this area; Demon Mail (cursed) and 440 coins. Go back to the previous room and go upstairs.


The door is blocked by a colored pillar so you can’t grab a treasure chests or continue west. To open the door you must move the stone from the colored switch in the platform. Go to point (1) and move the stone either to left or right (follow blueline in the map). Backtrack west and then go north following redline in my map. Step on the cracked paltform and then use “search” to reveal red switch platform (2). Move the switch so the red pillar will disappear. You can take all of the treasure chests now. Go southwest when you’re ready to proceed to the next area.

Remember to create a shortcut in layout area.


Like before, go downstairs to B6 to obtain 2 treasure chests (orihalcon and 660 coins). Go back to the upstairs


Move the stone to the red switch in point (1) to create a red pillar appears. Take 550 coins by jumping to the red pillar. Go back to point (1) and then move the stone to the rightmost of the platform and then go west to take quality zol.

Go back to point (1) and then follow blueline so you can move the stone to the blue switch in point (2). Go northwest by using blue pillar to take plump dumpling. Backtrack to point (2) and follow the greenline until you reach point (4).

Move the stone to the right so you can jump north. Continue to point (3) and move the stone to the green switch. Now you can continue to southwest exit in this room. Create a shortcut and then go downstairs to the west.


Enter the room nearby to


Jump north to point (1) to obtain 770 coins from the treasure chest and then step on the previous platform so you’ll fall to B8. Grab 2 treasure chests in this area (880 coins and dark matter).  Backtrack to B7 and then follow blue line to obtain dried lizard from the treasure chest.

Follow redline until you reach point (2) in my map and then use grip to get across. Move the stone from the red switch so you can go north to obtain Iris robe. Now step on the cracked platform to go to B8. Backtrack once again to B7, go to point (3) and then use “grip” to get across and then follow green line to the south exit. Create a shortcut and then go downstairs

==Last area (B9-B10)==

Grab treasure chest at the lower platform which contains cookie (Guarded by mimic). Go to the upper room


Go north to point (1) and then move the skull to the right. QUICKLY go northwest and take 990 coins from the treasure chest. Use grip to get across to the west, exit from this room and then re-enter the room to make the platforms appear. Now you only do the same thing to obtain all of the treasure chests in  this area. Take orihalcon and mist potion (move the skull to the left to obtain treasure on the right part of this room).

Take Alastor hood from the treasure chest and then use grip so you can go to the pillar at the middle of this area (2). Go north to the next area and then take 4 treasure chests there (Worn bow, Cleric ring, bloody claw, and Dark matter). Now go to the layout area and then head to B10.


There is 1010 coins in the middle of this area. Go northwest and then use “search” to reveal a portal. Enter the portal and you’ll see summon tablet (charon). Go back to previous room and head northeast to do the same thing.



Hmm , he is very hard. You can defeat him a little easier by using summon rush tactic though. Few of his deadly attack:

[0] Djinn storm: make all of your djinni into rest mode (only active party that affected by this move)

[0] Crucible: Use your djinni to summon,. Yes, he can also summon before you do it (he summons by using your standby djinn and he usually summons the strongest one available).

[0] Charon: like your charon summon. It can deals very high damage and can cause an instant death.

[0] Fulminating edge: Deals very high damage to one character

Your best bet is to cast protective djinn on each turn (bark, shell, and chasm) and then remember HE ALWAYS CAST DJINN STORM AFTER HE HAS SUMMONED CHARON (EX: If on the third turn he summon charcon so he will use djinn storm at the fourth turn).

So it’s recommended for you to use ivy/Doldrum to prevent djinn storm on the next turn (even he can still cast it but it will lower the chances). This tactic is taking very long time. You can defeat him easier by using summon rush tactic.

My strategy:

First party must be able to summon 3 catastrophe , 1 eclipse, and 1 daedalus. So, your djinn formation for the first party is

18 jupiter djinni, 13 mars, 2 mercury djinni, and 3 venus djinni (1st party)

all djinni standby; arrange them so you can summon high damaging summon (2nd party)

I recommend you to summon catastrophe by using a Jupiter characters (sveta and Karis) because it will cause higher damage. If Dullahan use djinn storm or crucible, I suggest you to reset your game because all of these summon sequences are needed to deal a high damage to him and can’t be replaced by other summons (especially Catastrophe which can deal up to 4000 damage on the 2nd time he is being summoned because Kars’s Jupiter power has been raised after the first summon sequence). After you have summoned all of them, you’re free to wait until your 1st party die or switch one character on each turn.

Dullahan recover 200 HP on each turn so the longer the battle the harder the battle will become. SEE the video to learn an example about summon rush tactic.

main menu

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19 Responses to “Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Crossbone island (Charon and Iris)”

  1. ShockWaveSweeper says:

    this is another good strategy for Dullahan (which also works in GS:TLA but doesn’t quite work the same)

    First Party: Mars and Venus Adepts with 16 Mars 15-18 Venus and 2 Mercury Djinn on standby (TLA would not need the mercury and the minimum on the Venus goes down to Twelve)

    Second Party: Jupiter and Mercury Adepts with 18 Jupiter and 12-16 Mercury Djinn on Standby

    (any other djinn should be set to increase stats)

    Turn 1: All Four Characters summon Daedlus, Small Missiles hits Doing Somewhere between 2000 and 2800 depending on what he’s weak to ATM

    Turn 2: in TLA one would have just waited for the big missiles but DD has the Crystallux Summon which can lower Resistance. Have someone cast that, with other Characters doing little else (except possibly summoning with whatever Djinn are leftover)

    then wait for the first party to die (which should happen on turn 3 and will be treated as though it did)

    Turn 4: all four Characters Summon Eclipse

    Turn 5 (Optional): if Dullahan is still Alive Have your faster 2 Characters Summon Eclipse and possibly have a third Character Summon Boreas

  2. Marco says:

    Hi, is it possible that you have only played the game finish before you get to the island?

  3. Kyo says:

    Okay I did as I was told and talked to the guy in yamata. When I went back to my ship and went to the spot on the map where the whirlpool should be I found nothing, do you have to have all the summons to do this one unlike with other ultimate summons?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, I don’t know if you must have all the sumons before you can get the last summon but I do have all the summons, so I suggest yo uto obtain all of the summon tablets before you go there. Thanks for using my guide

    • ase says:

      you dont need all of the summons.

  4. - says:

    There’s a continent in the bottom left corner of the map, is it accessable?
    It should be because otherwise they shouldn’t put it on the map.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, IIRC it’s a continent from early golden sun games. whether it’s accessible or not, I believe that it doesn’t have anything special on the island (CMIIW)

  5. Isaac says:

    what is the best class for amiti?? is it luminier or aqua master

  6. Ben says:

    Btw i noticed that you have a 18,18.1,18.2 then skipping 19 then 20.

    I wonder if your working on it or is it a typo.

  7. Ben says:

    Yes, I’m done with this boss… now the game is officially boring.

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