Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Konpa Cave to Passaj Mountain Pass |
Posted on Dec 6, 2010

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Konpa Cave to Passaj Mountain Pass

Konpa cave

You can grab the psynergy stone to restore your PP, head north to the next area. Remember to use “grip” when there is a gap and “grip medium” nearby. Go to point (1) and then use “grip” to go to the other side. Move the stone so you can use it as a stepping stone to the west and then go north and obtain an Elven Rapier.

Continue north and keep following the path until you see an event (2).

Boss: Stealthy scout

They are really weak to many element, so  I suggest you to standby your djinn before the battle and then summon it when you’re fight it. Be careful with their psynergy bomb because it will drain your MP quickly. Don’t forget to use “flower” to heal if you are running out of MP.

Go south to the point (3). You need to align the pillars like in the screenshot so you can walk above them to the other side. Once you’re outside there will be an event, go northeast and use growth on the little plant. Climb it and head west to enter the cave again to obtain Cookie. Get out from this place now to the world map.

Go west until you see a cave on the edge of the mountain. You arrive at Konpa shrine, there is an empty chest on the left. Use “douse” to extinguish the fire and then you can use it as a stepping stone to get across to the other side. Follow the path and then use “grip” and check the stone tablet to obtain MEGAERA. Get out from this place and head east until you reach Harapa.


Buy new equipments first and go to church (holy symbol). Go upstairs and check the pot to obtain oil drop. Go outside from nearby door and extinguish the fire that blocks your path to the north (use douse).  Follow the path and talk to the mars djinn (cinder) to make him join your party.

Enter the house south of the church; you will see 2 fortune tellers. Talk to left fortune teller and you will see an event. Get out from Harapa by go east to the exit.

Go northeast to passaj mountain

Passaj Moountain Climb

Ignore the cave on the east. Go west and follow the path until you see a yellow stone. Push the stone and jump to the other side. Go to the lower ground and “move” the yellow stone to the right. Continue east and then slide down to obtain Leather boots. Use “growth” on the nearby plant and then climb it up. Use “whirlwind” at the flower and then use it as a stepping stone.

You will see a green cubes inside the cave, they are called zol. You can make them float by casting whirlwind at it. Continue north and “move” the yellow stone to block the wind that blocks your path (point (1)).

Continue north to the next area. Use whirlwind on point (2) to raise the zol so you can jump to the other side (Ignore venus djinni that you saw for now). Follow the path to the south until you reach point (3).

Push the zol to the east {point (4)} so you can raise it as a stepping stone to get the treasure chest (Blow mace). Go north to the next area.

You back in the area with venus djinn, you can get the venus djinni (Bark) by carefully crossing the gap when the whirlwind already pass away from the path (You must fight it first).

Continue north to the outside area. You only need to follow the path from here to arrive at Passaj (There is cliff on this area but you can’t do anything on this place for now). See an event and follow Rief to hear about alchemy forge.

main menu


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