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Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Tonfon to Yamata Ruins

Head west from Yamata and you should be able to see a port near the island. Enter and you will arrive at


Go north to city area; you can buy new artifacts from weapons shop (Swift sword; my favorite weapon in golden sun 1 :D). Enter the building behind the weapon shop, go northeast and go to the upper platform (stove), follow the path so you can obtain mint from the treasure chest.

Go to point (1) on my map, jump south and follow the path to the south until you reach point (2). Use”slap”to wake the man from his sleep. He will move his ferry, now go back to point (1) and use the ferry so you can reach the djinn (Tinder).

Go north to the next area. Enter the big building over there; go southeast to the outside again. Follow the path and use “growth” at the little plant, go back to the inside and then head southwest to the outside.

Go west and enter another building, go upstairs to the outside. Use “grip” to go to the other side. Follow the path to the east until you can grab dragon bow from the treasure chest that you saw earlier. Go back to the main castle and go upstairs. Enter left room to trigger an event with Emperor.

He’ll give you an access to obtain 3 treasure chests so enter the door and grab them all (Psy crystal, Umbra gauntlet, and Lord Sun’s ring). Go back to the harbor and then go west to the world map.

Go southwest until you see a dead end (forest near the mountain). Walk around in the forest until you find the mercury djinn (foam). Defeat him and he’ll join your party. Go back to your ship now.

Go to iceberg outpost (location shown in the screenshot)

Use search at the glittering area to reveal new platform. Head northeast, climb the tree, then use “growth” at the little plant. Climb it up and then continue following the path. Use “grip” to go to the other side and grab mythril silver from the treasure chest.

Now go to the lower platform (shown in the screenshot). PS: move west (you can move behind the platform like in the screenshot; I marked it because I didn’t see it first time and think you’re the same :D)

You arrive at the roof of the house, walk to any direction (I go southwest) so you’ll fall from the roof. You should be able to see mercury djinn (rime) over there. Talk to him and he’ll join your party.

Go back to the roof but follow the red line in the screenshot carefully now. Jump to the chimney (sorry, I don’t know if this is called chimney or what :D, just see the screenshot for detail. Tell me if you know the correct name :D).

Open the treasure chest and you will obtain Minerva helmet. Push logs that block your path and enter the door to trigger an event with an old friend. Go outside from this area and return to Tonfon.

Karis will marked your map but ignore this for now.


Go to the palace and talk with the emperor. After an event go to Lady Hinechou’s room (left part of this castle). You will obtain Lady Moon ring and then go to study room to meet  and talk with the emperor (study room is the room where you met with the emperor for the first time). You’ll learn that you need to go back to Yamata so go back to your ship and go to


Go to the place where you obtained masamune, go north to the next area and

Yamata Ruins

Head northeast to point (1) check the gold stone tablet over there. Continue south to point (2).

You are at teleport puzzle room (follow the screenshot to get a hint to finish it). Touch the gold stone tablet 2 in point (3). It will lower height of the sand in this area.

You can obtain treasure chest by changing the pillar composition become like in the screenshot

Go back to point (4) and head southwest by using teleport system (you can’t go before because it blocked by sand).

Follow the path to point (5) (pass through point (7); the map layout will be different from your map screen because you haven’t lowered the sand). You can obtain a cookie in this area from the treasure chest after height of sand is lowered.

Another teleport puzzle, finish it by following the screenshot above and then touch another gold tablet.

You can obtain venus djinn (Hemlock) in this room (follow the screenshot to make him join your party).

Go to point (6) by using grip and then touch stone tablet over there. Go to point (7) andthen enter the new door which appeared. Keep following the path and you ‘ll see an event and obtain yellow orb.

Go back to point (7) and touch the stone tablet. Go downstairs and then keep following the path until you see glittering spot. Use “search” to reveal treasure chest, open it to obtain Gaia Blade.

main menu


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14 Responses to “Golden Sun Dark Dawn Walkthrough: Tonfon to Yamata Ruins”

  1. Bommer90 says:

    I don’t think anyone noticed but when they introduce themselves Himi isn’t mentioned as if she doesn’t exist

  2. GavDrax says:

    How do u guys actually get to point (2) on the map?? I followed the instructions clearly as follows: Head northeast to point (1) check the gold stone tablet over there. Continue south to point (2), but nothing happened when I read the tablet in point (1)..helllllppp..

  3. I Like Watermelons says:

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this, but any point after you get the ship you can go to Champa and start forging really good weapons and armour.

  4. Haoushokuo says:

    You can get a Lucky Pepper on the box that you will see while getting the mythril silver.

  5. Haoushokuo says:

    You can get the echo gem from the drawer by slapping the gong on the west door outside the castle. If you slap it, all the people on the 2nd floor of the other building will go down.

  6. Haoushokuo says:

    On the house behind the house of the weapon shop, you can find a plump dumpling on the oven. You can go there by walking in the side of the house.

  7. Jaeckob says:

    Hey you got to tell me..
    How am/was I supposed to know how to find the ryu ku guy all by myself ?
    i wouldve searched the whole **** world map except the island where he actually is, he was last seen just before eclips tower right.?

    for the rest ur walktrough contains all valuable/important information, props.

  8. slleeepp says:

    At Iceberg Outpost, that box on the top left in the screenshot contains “lucky pepper”

  9. Isaac says:

    in tonfon east is the location of the weapon shop not north

  10. Van Lynn says:

    Oh, what the eff?! Could you be a lot more descriptive than “Go downstairs and keep following the path and you’ll see an event and obtain the Yellow Orb.” because I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I have been to every room more than once after touching the color tablet at point six . . . and I have seen an event at all. Well, none that gave me a Yellow Orb, anyway; just the sand lowering when I touched the color tablet at point six. I’ll keep running around aimlessly until you can be more specific as to where I need to go, so answer soon! 😀

    • Van Lynn says:

      I just figured it out! 😀 I needed to go through the bottom door in the yellow tablet room, walk on the TRANSPORT THING, then walk up to the head of the gingerbread man. Wow, I am such a jenis. XD

  11. Matty says:

    You missed getting the Echo Gem. If you search the drawers upstairs of the building next to the main Tonfon tower, you can find it. I’m not sure what it does, but it looks important enough!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yups, you can get it. If I am not mistaken, the function of echo gem is to locate ryu kou which is not important because we already know his location. You can buy it later from artifacts in in item shop. thanks for reminding me 😀

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