Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Guide4gamers March 2011 Chit chat

Fuh, just finished my mid semester test. Too many good games that released in this month T T. This makes me happy and confused :(. First let’s take a look at my anticipated games in March:

  1. Dragon Age 2 (Dragon age Origins is the first western RPG that I like, I usually hates western RPG but Dragon Age really change my PoV)
  2. Ar tonelico 3 (it’s very rare at this time we get a JRPG, so I really want to try this game T T)
  3. Dragon quest VI (another god release, no need explanation, it seems that every RPG that has ” dragon” on its title seems pretty good :D)
  4. Dissidia Duodecim (hmm, I like first dissidia so I really want to play it 🙁 )
  5. Parasite eve 3rd birthday (another god game)
  6. Legend of Heroes: trails in the sky (I really love Falcom since they released YS seven, it’s very addictive action RPG games. SO I believe this ones will good too)
  7. Pokemon Black and White (This is very big game…… so no need an explanation)

For Those who are using my Dragon quest VI guide. I’m really sorry for not updating it :(. I really want to continue the guide, but those Pokemon game and test keeping me busy :(. So, I decide to create Pokemon guide first :D. Really sorry guys, will try to finish this game later :D. I hope you play Pokemon too :D. DQ VI is a good game but Pokemon is better than DQ VI (IMO).

You can see my Pokemon guide in this link.

Let’s compare it with my April and May 2011 anticipated release:

  1. Portal 2 (april)
  2. Dungeon siege 3 (may)
  3. F.3.A.R

I am really wondering why they release a bunch of RPGs at march but only 1 on the next 2 months. Please share about:

What games are you playing right now??

What are the games that you have been waiting until now?

What do you think about the games that I listed (review, opinion,etc)?

Any suggestion which games that listed on my march list that should be created first :D?

Another question:

Do you think this site need a forum??? I really want to talk with you all :D.

Thank you for those who have been send me support email and helping me creating the guide in this site by leaving comment :D.

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2 Responses to “Guide4gamers March 2011 Chit chat”

  1. Ben says:

    RPG games rock… So addicting.

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