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Posted on Jun 18, 2012

Gungnir Walkthrough Scene 01 up to Scene 04

Choose difficulty level, this guide based on basic difficulty.

Scene 01-Noble assault

Lose Condition:
[0]  Ace KIA
[0]  Time Up

Victory condition:
[0] defeat all enemies

On this battle you only able to control Giulio. This battle is very easy and almost impossible for you to die, since your ally will throw a potion to you when you’re at low health. Use this battle to learn about the battle system.

My time:
[0] 7:35
[0] No retries & no unit lost
[0] Final Spoils: Fransisca

After this battle you get 2 options:

[0] Let him live
[0] Strike him down

NOTES: This will affect the event at scene 03. Not sure if it’s something major (Probably not). CMIIW

See event, you’re able to organize your inventory, etc now. Press O button to save your game. Choose advance once you’re ready.

Scene 02-espada slums

Lose Condition:
[0]  Ace KIA
[0]  Time Up

Victory condition:
[0] defeat Noah

You’re able to control 2 characters at this time, your objective is to defeat Noah. You don’t need to move any of your characters, just let Noah advance to your position and then focus your attack to him.

Notes: You can get item from the treasure chest by destroying them first (500 HP)

My time: 3.05
Final Spoils: Handmade Bow

Tips:Buy every medicines available on shop (potion and medicinal herb) and then equip them on Giulio.

Scene 03-The inscribed mark

You’ll see different event based on merchant decision on scene-01 (CMIIW)

Event and you’ll get 2 options:

[0] Stop Alissa (suggested choice)
[0] let her go

Impact on: if you choose let her, there is a little difference on the upcoming battle.

Battle 1

Lose Condition:
[0]  Ace KIA
[0]  Time Up

Victory condition:
[0] defeat all enemies

Num Job lvl
1 brute 11
1 sorceress 11
1 thrower 11
2 tamer 11

Move 2 characters to the west side (Giulio and Claude) of the bridge and 2 other characters to the river (Teresa and Noah). Enemies’ Tamer will head for 2 people on the river, kill enemies on the upper land using other parties. Try not to use bridge near the brute because you’ll be halted over there.

Battle 2

Num Job lvl
4 knight 13
3 gunner 13
2 sorceress 13
Ace Pierre 15

You can’t defeat Pierre on this battle (I have killed him twice on this battle and he auto-revived himself). Let enemy Giulio to end this battle.

Tips: even this battle can’t be won. don’t just let Giulio die so easily, try to attack or kill enemy to get experience.

See an event and you’ll get 2 options:
[0] To defeat Gargan Empire
[0]  To protect those he holds dear (My choice)

Impact on:???

 Battle 3

Reach blue spot on the map to obtain gungnir, after that you’ll summon Einherjar. After that, all enemies HP is lowered to the point where you can OHKO them, so just do that to all enemies to end this battle.

My time:
[0] 7:20 + 1 days
[0] only get 2 stars.. (no retries & no unit lost)
[0] Final Spoils: Hard Leather

Scene 04- As Long as My Blood Still Runs

[0] hire mercenary into your party because the next battle can hold up to 5 persons.

See an event and you’ll get 2 options:
[0] Promise Victory
[0] Promise to Return Home Safely (my choice)

== Ambushing the gate of Lament==

Name Equipment HP
Varia (Ass) Wild Cat (W, sleep);
Battle clothes (B);
Savage Hunter (H, Guard Rate Down);
Potion x3
651 (Null)
Disa (Ass) Wild Cat (W, sleep);
Battle clothes (B);
Savage Hunter (H, Guard Rate Down);
Potion x3
627 (Null)
Sean (Trick) Icepick (W, ailment aquism);
Battle Clothes (B);
Green Beret (He);
Potion x3
634 (Null)
Nalina (Trick) Icepick (W, ailment aquism);
Battle Clothes (B);
Kaiser Knuckle (H, Melee Cooperation);
Potion x3
643 (wind)
Radilu (Kn) Iron Sword (W);
Bronze Sword (W);
Hard Leather (B)
821 (Fire)
Nicolas (Kn) Iron Sword (W);
Bronze Sword (W);
Hard Leather (B)
815 (earth)
Meredith (Kn) Iron Sword (W);
Hard Leather (B);
Basilisk Shield (Sh)
843 (Fire)
Pierre (Ace) Flamberge + 9 (W);
Hard Leather (B);
Basilisk Shield (Sh);
Iron Mask (He)
1186 (earth)

Losing  Condition:
[0] Ace KIA
[0] Time up

Tips: Ragnus probably has the highest lvl and HP on your party, so you can use him as ACE.

I am only use Giulio and Ragnus as main force to go to Pierre’s Location. Elisa, Paulo and Mercenary stay at the bottom to capture the flag and obtain the treasure chest (kill the enemy that crazy enough to jump the cliff :D).

Watch out the Trickster (Nalina that stays on the top of the castle. She can use Catapult to deal large AOE (the damage is small though, only about 100 and it cost a lot of their tactic points). Use Beat attack to kill Pierre quickly (characters that stands on the lower clff can also participate).

Treasure (the treasure number, location, and content may be a bit random):

Location Content
A1 Potion x3
A2 Cutlass + 5

My Battle Result:
[0] 2 stars (no retries and no unit lost)
[0] 29026 gold
[0] 06:10  + 1 day
[0] Final Spoils: Flamberge + 9

Gungnir Main Guide Index (Coming Soon)

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