Posted on Nov 19, 2013

Harvest Monster Breeding Formula

Thanksgiving Monsters

1st appearance: 18 November 2013 – 9 December 2013

Normal Version (Thanks to Julio for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Normal

Tiny Monsters Harvest Growth Normal

Mythic Version (Thanks to Julio for these info and pictures)

Tiny Monsters Harvest Egg Mythic

Tiny Monsters Harvest Mythic Growth

Harvest Status













Earn Rate

3 7 9 11 12 13 14 16 17 22/23

Food (x4)

120 255 375 495 615 735 855 975 1095 MAX

Total Food needed

0 480 1500 3000 4980 7440 10380 13800 17700 22080

Habitat: Earth and Plant

How to obtain: Buy for 225/1125 diamonds

Sell Price: 400 Coins

Exp: 3220 EXP

Hatching Time/Breeding time: 15 hours

1st hibernation (lvl 4): 5 hours

2nd hibernation (lvl 7): 20 hours

Note:  Do not use Elder earth + Elder plant because you have high chance to get legendary (34 hours)

Breeding Formula:
[0] Mountain + Plant
[0] Plant + Earth
[0] Earth + Plant
[0] Gratitude + Earth
[0] Snowbluff + Plant
[0] Tree + Luck
[0] Luck+ Elder Plant
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment section

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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309 Responses to “Harvest Monster Breeding Formula”

  1. Ash says:

    Are TinyCo bringing this out again this year?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      let’s wait for this week, they may release it with gift monsters.

      • Magma says:

        I forget how I got this but I think I got this by breeding teen flower and teen earth 1st try if u want u can try it but it was like a year ago and I have absolutely no idea how I got it but I think that’s how I got it 😉

  2. 1259c says:

    Ummm… can i get the mystic one by breed 2 normal harvests? i tried 20 times and only normal-results… :(

  3. basaro says:

    level 10 mythic income = 23

  4. Hsgstudioz says:

    Hey noob I still have the quest hatch the limited harvest monster. Are u sure it’s no longer available?

  5. I just got 15 hours with Ice & Flurry. Could I really have gotten Harvest from this?
    (If so, cool because I wanted a 2nd Harvest, but was actually trying for Snowstorm.)
    Guess I’ll see tonight.

  6. TiQ79 says:

    The only monster I did’t get within a week. Three weeks dedicated breeding for the Harvest only gave me more trees, mountains, earths and even some gratitudes.
    Totally disappointed!

  7. Carina says:

    Is it still possible to get this monster by breeding?

  8. Hotfries27 says:

    I got it with Mythic teen Gratitude and Mythic teen Tree.

  9. Irina says:

    Blushbug + Mythic Mountain gave me 15h first try

  10. Kat says:

    Earth + Autumn, 4th try. Son also used this combo and got it 1st try.

  11. Ali says:

    What combos did you use to get harvest plz

  12. awzium says:

    this might be glitch, or a known problem, but after being lucky and breeding two mythics, I decided to breed the mythics together to get the regular one.

    guess what, they are only breeding more mythics. there is no confirmation of a mythic egg, but every egg is the mythic version. I’ve bred three eggs this way and they all are mythic with no confirmation message.

    is this true for other monsters or am I just “lucky”?

      • awzium says:

        i’m not convinced, I just blew some diamonds and got another three in a row. no confirmation message of a mythic, but I always got a mythic.

        that’s 6/6 – 100% success rate.

        does anyone else want to try it? breed two mythics of the same kind and see what pops out.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          1st are you suign ssame species, if same species then yes it will always generate mythic, however if you’re using different species and still getting mythic (6 straight), I can’t say anythign but it doesn’t work on my device. Congrats for your mythic.

    • Watz says:

      Two mythics of the same species (!) always give you another mythic, without the ‘granted a mythic egg’ confirmation. I keep two mythic fire monsters for this teason – whenever a quest asks for a mythic monster I have a five second solution…

  13. Enigma43 (formerly Enigma34) says:

    Blossom and Steadfast, both Level 10 Mythic.

  14. myliddleones(tiny id) says:

    Had just about given up on this one and this morning my son suggested Steadfast and Gratitude (both level 10). 15 hours on first try!! Finally..I’m so happy. This monster was so difficult for me, Good luck to everyone who is trying for it.

  15. kassi says:

    I got my second one today im super happy i now have 2 of each thanksgiving monsters i used mountain and earth but it took me like 20+ tries i was able to try over and over because i figured out if i exit out of the game quick enough after putting monsters in the den it wont stick and i can go back and try again. When i finally got the time i wanted in the den i fed a few monsters and kept the game open for a while to make sure it saved. Ive had my den go empty when i had one in there i wanted and that was not cool. But sinse tinyco doesnt want to fix the problem i decided to use it to my advantage today and get in as many breeding tries as i could. The problem has been getting worse over the last couple months and it cant be my internet connection because i have full wifi bars and all my other on line games work perfect.

  16. Tyler says:

    I got 2 with frost+tundra

  17. I.D. iceFreezoe says:

    After many failed attempts at this monster I finally managed to get it with Level 10 Earth + Level 10 Autumn. 😀 Success first try. For those of you who haven’t gotten it this may be a good combo to try.

  18. Gma Of 10 says:

    Finally! Love and mythic plant got 15 hours! Woo hoo!

  19. Erradan says:

    Got my harvest with level 10 mythic mountain (left) and level 10 earth. The main stat of the two is earth same as harvest so try breeding monsters with the main stat of earth. Goodluck everyone and happy breeding!

  20. Arguenot says:

    Finally!! Once again teen versions working for me:
    Level 5 Gratitude Turkey on the left and Level 5 Teen Mythic Earth on the Right
    Now it took about 5 tries but I only ever got Earths at 11ish minutes

    Then I got 2 of these pumpkin guys in a row
    On an Android. GOOD LUCK!!!

    • camaro1973 says:

      I’ll give it a try since none of the other combinations are working for me

    • Sara says:

      Thanks for showing this combo I just tried it and I’ve got a 15hr breeding time on my third try! Only difference is that my gratitude and earth were both level 10 adults and mythic versions as well :-)

    • Jason Stouffer says:

      Worked for me first try. Good combo. Thanks!

    • Cassie bull says:

      Just tried this combo and got a 15 hour breed on first try !! Thank god I have been trying for this since it first came out so now I’ve got the autumn to get !! Thanks so much !!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you, I tried this combo about 5 times and finally have 15 hour breeding. Yeah. Mine were both level 10.

    • Android Big Diamonds says:

      Thank you. But it may also depend what habitat Turkey is in. I would have assumed in Plant habitat, but after 6 times still no harvest. Moved the turkey to Earth habitat and got harvest on second try. Thanks again.

  21. lara says:

    Love x blossom :-)

  22. Gma Of 10 says:

    So many combinations, so many trees! I have bred an entire forest of trees, yet not a single harvest monster. :( But I will persevere! LOL Hope others are having better luck than me!!

  23. Globo says:

    One of my quest is to have a complete sacred space. Where do I get this sacred space?

  24. Beezee666 says:

    I got a mythic with level 10 plant and level 10 gratitude.
    Tried every other combination and only got plants, mountains and trees.

  25. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Finally got my 2nd with Harvest + Mythic Gratitude.

  26. kuggas says:

    memorial on the left level 10 ,autum on right level 10 gt harvest monster

  27. jwingo13 says:

    After getting a ton of trees and mountains I got 15 hours with autumn and mythic earth. Yay

  28. SkyTheWolf says:

    Baby looks like sporespark
    And mythic is a zebra with mospito

  29. Amendoa4ever says:

    I got my second harvest using Lvl10 mountain + Lvl10 plant. Finally can try for the cool looking mythic!

    • glitchfinder says:

      Be careful. When I evolved my harvest into a teen, the game began to crash so much I can’t even sell it to fix the crashing! If anyone else has the same problem, please tell me by replying.

  30. Eerie says:

    Got my 2nd Harvest with the same combo of Lvl. 10 Mythic Plant & Lvl. 10 Cinder. Tried a lot of different combos in-between.

  31. Sunny 1212 says:

    I keep trying to go for Harvest and Autmn but, I keep getting a tree or mountain. Also, I am using the formulas that everyone is suggesting. Any ideas?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Keep trying, I haven’t got harvest too. For autumn it should be easy if you have monsters those written on Autumn page.

    • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

      Keep Trying Sunny 1212. I got 9 Gratitude, only 2 I was trying for Gratitude all 7 was in try for Harvest. I only got 2 Harvest in easy 30, 40 try, use lots of diamonds. Harvest is more hard to get than Average. If you are on Android like me and same diamonds price (Harvest cost 1125 (regular price but now 788 30% off) I got 1 with this combo: Mountain mythic + Steadfast mythic both Level 10. If you have not theses monsters in mythic version sometimes same result other time different results. I got 1 with this combo also: Elder Earth + Gratitude both Level 10 and not mythic… better chance you have these 2 monsters. The new Autumn is a joke to have, I take Mythic Plant + Mythic Joy (purple) I got it around fourth and 9 try all fail are plant (18 min) If you don’t have any form of Joy monster take Blushbug if not Elder Plant with Plant, mythic or not doesn’t care. It’s a Noob trick. 100% garanteed result. Try until you get 13 hours maybe you will got 13 plant before, never try anything else until you got 13 hours, good luck hope to have help you :)

      • Sunny1212 says:

        Thank you for that info I will keep trying. Also, I’m half way through lvl 63, and I still don’t know how to get an elder anything. Will someone explain it to me?????? Please.

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          I again Sunny1212. For Elder there is an Elder quest you need to be at the end of this quest when they ask you to hatch an Elder Monster so at this time it’s possible to have Elder, before it’s impossible or harder to have Elder. Personally I got it 2 times in a row this week using my Water Friendship with friends Elder Earth with social breeding Den. You can see the second egg in my hatchery now ( JeffCity ) I’m Level 98 in top of Social list, (I already sold the first one) If you go see my game you will see offent gratitude or Harvest in my Hatchery because I try having the quest: 1 mythic Harvest and 1 mythic Gratitude. I try 3 times each none mythic, very hard. You are lucky I write all my breeding in my Ipod 4 and play on Android Device. I got one Elder with regular breeding Den using: Cinder + Bug Mythic both Level 10. I also got 2 Elder using Sporespark Mythic + Voltleaf mythic both Level 10. Good Luck :) and good night :)

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          I make mistake when I write to you last time it’s Water Friendship + Earth Unity. Sorry, very tired theses days, I work 16 hours a day everyday and English is my second language.

    • glitchfinder says:

      Plant and Earth got me 2 Harvest, but since I evolved one into a teen, its been so crashy I can’t sell it to fix the crashing. If you also want to go for Autumn, I would recommend a Tree/Mountain and Plant/Earth. That way, you can minimize the results by a little to increase your chances of getting a Limited monster. I wouldn’t recommend trying for a harvest though.

  32. felixmeow says:

    Got my second harvest using harvest lvl10 & gratitude lvl7. So far I hav 2 of both thanksgiving monsters, so my mythics r a guarantee, w some patience and a lot of coins, that is.

  33. Anthony says:

    15 hour wait time with lvl 10 luck on the left and Mythic lvl 5 Gratitude on the right. Must be this one! (Harvest)

  34. Lori says:

    Mythic plant & Gratitude. :)

  35. brendan says:

    so, i just put gratitude and steadfast in the breeding den and got 17 hour breeding time…kinda confused.

    • Samuel says:

      I have just got my mythic harvest with gratitude and steadfast and is 15 hrs, both at level 10. 1st try. Hv tried many combination and finally decided to switch with gratitude and steadfast. Hope this combination will help others if you haven’t got yours. :) Do not give up.

      • TiQ79 says:

        Trying for over 8 days now, only getting Mountain, Tree or Earth.
        Steadfast is the only one I did’t try yet.

        With even the breeding bonus applied, the harvest really gives me a hard time.

      • myliddleones(tiny id) says:

        Lucky you! I’ve tried this combo twice (not in a row) and got air both times. I may not get this one. :-(

        • glitchfinder says:

          2 tips: Harvest makes your game ULTRA crashy, and main element plus hybrid will give you best chances.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          This is the first time I heard the problem. Pls don’t spread this info, because it’s not global problem. Try to contact tinyco.

        • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High) says:

          Glitchfinder the real problem is not exactly Harvest, I already explain in the past is when we are in a period of time with limited quests and monster the game is a lot slower and more bug because people play more their games to have limited monster and Tiny Co server are not able to handle all this, it’s to much for their server. Social feature is by far the main reason it’s a lot slower and more bug. Lots of people don’t update their game to not have social feature to run a lot better their game. I’m very tire need to sleep a little now but I just explain you a litle of all that :) Noob is right, we have to write here stuff more accurate has possible for all people.

  36. ID: AmyMeowCat says:

    I have a question. May be a stupid one or already have been asked. If so, I’m sorry. Here goes. If you already have 1 Harvest, what would be the best to breed with it to try to get a second? I have gotten the same monster I have used in the formula with attempts at other monsters, but I’m not sure how it happened exactly. Thanks in advance.

  37. MimiMonster says:

    Tried every suggestion and finally got one this morning with gratitude and elder earth first try. I may not complete quests but at least I finally got one!

  38. capra124 says:

    I used Gratitude & Love to get Harvest.

  39. Shalenia n says:

    Level 10 gratitude and level 5 harvest got another harvest first try

  40. Rampage45 says:

    Level 10 Gratitude left side and Level 10 Steadfast got me Harvest. First try on Android

  41. Debula says:

    Luck lvl 7 and gratitude lvl 8 :)

  42. iceFreezoe says:

    I really want to breed this monster but I have to wait until my Pollen is done breeding. :( Oh well, there’s still time.

  43. whammytammy says:

    Finally got one blushbug and love first try with this combo after multiple tries with other combos

  44. Jasey says:

    Earth and Plant after lots of Trees and Harvests.

  45. Scooter331 says:

    Just got 15hrs Elder Earth and Steadfast , good luck all first new one for me for along time , Hay Noob how are you mate sorry for the absence .

  46. Ber says:

    After trying dozens of combos and trying since both monsters came out I FINALLY GOT THIS I used mythic plant on left and mythic mountain on right! About frigging time!

  47. deb says:

    Second try using mythic plant + cinder. Tried dozens of times with other combos without any luck

  48. Shalenia n says:

    Finally got mine on iPad with level 10 gratitude and level 10 elder plant

  49. Guera says:

    I got it On the 2nd try with earth left an steadfast on right first try gave me tree hope it helps someone else =)

  50. whats says:

    luck and plant

  51. Anissa says:

    Got it with level 10 snowbluff and a level 5 voltleaf on kindle. 2nd attempt did not get same results.

  52. Tobye says:

    Two Havests, Yea. 1st with steadfast and elder earth, 1st try. No success with same combo or a few tries. Switched to luck and elder plant, success 1st try. Feels good after not getting any Halloween monsters.

  53. Eerie says:

    Finally got a Harvest with a Lvl. 10 Mythic Plant & Lvl. 10 Cinder.

  54. Amber says:

    I did level 10 plant and level 10 earth and got harvest monster on the second try.

  55. nothing says:

    After trying all the combos above. All of them failed. Finally I tried my elder earh 10 and blue joy 10. Gave me 15 hr in my first try. Android.

  56. michelle says:

    Gratitude and Earth first try

  57. miladmn says:

    tree + bug in first try give me harvest &in 2nd time give me gratitude

  58. Silverwind says:

    I’ve just got another 15 hours with Gratitude and Graveleaf

  59. This about my game Once I got all the information Tam-anh needed to transfer my game from old phone. Which by the way was hard game only stand on for thre seconds. We got a snap shut an was able to get info . It took them alittle while to get it transferred but they did it with all my levels, monsters,money, gems and I am so very excited. I love this game . My rating is A + an more

  60. Whatsthehaps says:

    Both Level 10 Mountain + Steadfast that were in the same Earth habitat together worked for me. Thanks for tha formula!

    • EmmaSurf says:

      L10 mtn L10 Steadfast in same Earth got me mythic Gratitude.

    • Jeff (Android Low Price=Apple High Price) says:

      Very thanks for your combo I got my second not mythic Harvest with mythic cave green orb full and use Mountain +Steadfast both mythic so it’s look like very hard to have mythic Harvest will work on that tommorrow. Good luck I just need Mythic Harvest and mythic Gratitude :)

    • scott says:

      Thank you thank you whatshehaps for you combo level 10 Mountain and level 10 Steadfast both in the same eath habitat. I finally got a harvest with your combo on first try using that combo my37 titinkering to get it. Tried again and got a light and on my third time with that combo got another 15 hr breeding time that be my 2nd harvest. Had my orbit full hoping for mythic to work but I going get snother rev. After they both hatch I try to get s mythical one.

  61. Gilbert says:

    I tried a few combos post above without success. Then I tried r.gratitude+m.plant and got it 1st try. 2nd try give me tree though. Well at least I got one

  62. BoilingOil says:

    After hatching my first Harvest (breeding M. Elder Earth and Blushbug), I turned my attention to an attempt to get more Mythic Hallows, which did not work well. (5 attempts, no mythics at all…)
    Then, in order to fulfill the new quest, I succesfully bred my M. Gratitude with Gratitude to hatch another M. Gratitude.
    After that, I put my M. Elder Earth and Blushbug to work again, and immediately got another 15hr breed: my second Harvest egg. Soon, having two Harvests, I will breed them together trying to get a M. Harvest :)

    Anyway, the M. Elder Earth + Blushbug combo seems to do well for me.

  63. gigifst (Tiny ID) says:

    Mythic earth+ mythic plant both lvl 10…2nd try…now iv to work on the mythic

  64. SharkTaiIs says:

    Forest + Earth both lv. 10 <3

  65. NVitality says:

    Got Harvest with Plant + Mountain while trying to get Gratitude. I have 2 harvest now using this pair.

  66. Killingismybiz says:

    If I breed 2 harvests together can I get a mythic, or will it just keep making more regulars?

  67. kassi says:

    I krep getting gratitude :-(

  68. melbel says:

    Got it on first try with mythic earth and glee. :)

  69. Queen says:

    Cinder & Plant finally after try after try, I swiched it arround and on the first try I got it..

  70. scott says:

    Noob you said device don’t matter. I think that not trie. I using android snd sccomplish the quest for increse chances at the harvest snd I hsve done 16tries three combo and all I gpt is trees, mountain, 1 air snd 1 shadow and no hsrvest and know someone that playing it on phone has already got a 15 hr breeding time and didn’t finish the quest for increase chance. Whst going with this gsme.she has got monsters on 1st try snd I have never done that yet the fastest is on 2nd try……I’m sooooo frustrated

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Okay, I am here to state the fact (have asked tinyco about it). You’re free to believe what you want :D. The most important thing is we can’t do anything about it. Remember that breeding is all about chance, even if some device do have a different chance, then what we can do? Just keep trying and hope we get lucky.

  71. monsmomma says:

    Steadfast Lvl 10 and Gratitude Lvl 5 , got two 15 hr breed times in a row. Tried it with both monsters at lvl 10 and only got trees :/

  72. DJ says:

    I used elder earth and elder plant both level 10 and got 15 hours on ghe first try. Good luck to all who sre trying.

  73. my3sonsnj (nook hd) says:

    I got 2, the first with elder plant & blossum. The 2nd with steadfast & mythic elder earth.

  74. Lt says:

    Luck and Love got me an Enigma, then a Plant, then a mythic Harvest!

  75. Silverwind says:

    I’ve just got 15 hours with Gratitude and Sunspike so fingers crossed

  76. Alicia Tallent says:

    Finally got mine on the first try with plant and cinder both level 10. Hope this helps!

  77. Ania says:

    Steadfest and Votleaf…good luck all!

  78. Zeddycare92 says:

    Got mine with mythic tundra and frost both level 10. Wasn’t tryng for it but ohh well 😉

  79. Looray says:

    M gratitude and M earth (3rd try and 6th try), M mountain and M steadfast (first try on 2 diff games).

  80. angel860 says:

    Got it with plant+mountin

  81. Lynx73 says:

    Just got 2 with gratitude & mountain. Good luck.

  82. MarinaKotik says:

    got 15 hours breeding time with mythic Luck lvl10 and blue Joy lvl5
    hope this helps

  83. Fran says:

    Just got mine with earth and steadfast! Good luck breeders! !!

  84. TCandy says:

    I finally got a harvest using gratitude and blossom both at level 10.

  85. Rene says:

    I got it with Plant & Mountain on about the 6th try. Other results were Plant, Tree, Elder Earth, & 2 Mountains. I’m trying for a 2nd one & have a 14 hour breeding time. Probably a Gratitude.

    • scott says:

      I did mountain 10 and plant so after 6″tries 1st mountain 2nd mountain 3rd plant 4 th plant 5th try tree snd my 6 th try another 5 hr either mountain or tree on android. Iphones have better chances at breeding than androids I know somm eone that got harvest using this combo and got the harvest

  86. SMF3 says:

    15hrs breeding time!! 2nd Harvest on the way!!! Used Level 10 Gratitude left and level 10 mythic plant right. Thx to whomever I seen used that one. Worked 1st try.

  87. YellowRose says:

    Finally,FinallyFinally! Got 2 in a row gratitude & mythic Blossom on Kindle Fire woo hoo! On to mythic…

  88. Jmcg86 says:

    Finally got harvest with level 10 mythic earth and level 10 mythic plant after countless mountains, trees, plants and earths.

  89. Fogi says:

    Gratitude and Earth 2nd Try gave me 15 hours…after lots of other combinations.

  90. hillary101 says:

    Mythic MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!! Lvl 10 + mythic gradirltude LV 10. Two in a row!!! Man it never fails, good ole mountain came thru again!!!!

  91. WGDBatman says:

    Elder plant and Elder earth, both mythic gave me two harvest in a row! Hope this helps someone out there.

  92. biancar1601 says:

    Plant + Cinder = 3 x Harvest

  93. Rude_Boy says:

    I just got 15hr with elder earth level 10 and gratitude level 8. I shall see!!!!

  94. scott says:

    Noob. I have a question. Isnt completing a quest like getting 3:Gratitude before mon at 10 am pst supposed to increase your chances in getting the harvest. I completed that quest. I completed the quest for tge wingwitch of hatching two of the following grimbolt and hollow but ended up with no witch. . I wasted du amond both tines ti speed up the breed and hatch times butvi completed the quest.

  95. carl says:

    gloom and plant, both lvl 10, finally gave me 15 hours. got a lot of trees first though

  96. Elyksir says:

    Just got it with myhtic mountain and mythic blossom

    The mythic harvest looks so cool!!!!

  97. scott says:

    So frustrated. I did miuntain 10 and Gratitude 10 4’tines no harv estcand wasted 25’diamonds. 1st tri tee.2nd try light 3rd plant and my 4th try 18 hr. And I gave waiit 18 hr. I also tried Steadfast and mythic plant both 10 3 times. 1 st. Plant 2nd plant and third tine a Gratitude, noob any good suggestion on a combo

  98. tinymaniac says:

    Have 15 hour wait from a gratitude and mountain. Crossing my fingers.

  99. EmmaSurf says:

    Gratitude and earth is reported to work but I’m getting non stop trees from it even after buying the diamond boost

    • SMF3 says:

      The same happened to me. I switched to lvl 10 mythic tree and lvl 10 plant and just now I did lol 10 Gratitude with lvl 10 mythic plant both those worked for me. Hope that helps. By the way thx for gifting me daily 😉

  100. heather says:

    Level 10 mythic plant and level 10 mythic mountain – 15 hour breed time first try.

  101. shaybayy91 says:

    Lvl 10 frost + lvl 10 tundra 2nd try first was shadow hope this helps

  102. Aims says:

    Just got mine using Mythic Earth + Tree. I did get 2 trees first.

  103. Amy says:

    so I just tried Mountain + Mythic Plant and it gave me 14 hours 59 minutes and 43 seconds. I’m certain I got my 2nd one! I did get 2 plants and 1 tree first.

  104. Amy says:

    Oh I did get 2 trees first but I kept trying and my 3 rd was harvest!

  105. Amy says:

    I just got my first harvest using mythic Earth + mythic Plant! Yippee! Using iPone 4s

  106. Paws says:

    Mountain and tree got harvest 2 times in a row.

  107. Radish says:

    Mythic earth lvl 10 + mythic teen lushleaf lvl 5

    First time I got any Limiteds on the first breed I tried! w00t!:D

  108. basaro says:

    Got my second harvest using the same combo as my first one, although the second one was just received during increased breeding chances.
    First I used Earth + Blue Joy 6 times and got: Tree, Gratitude, Gratitude, Harvest, Tree, Tree.
    …then i took a little detour to breed a few hallows to fill in my collection…
    Then back to Earth + Blue Joy 1 more time and got Harvest first try.

  109. Jackson says:

    Got it with Gratitude (lv 10) and Luck (lv 8) 1st try. Hooray!

  110. Shill957 says:

    I have been trying with the mountain lvl 10 and plant lvl 10 and so far all I have gotten is 3 trees and 3 mountain. Any suggestions?

  111. SMF3 says:

    Level 10 mythic tree and level 5 earth after various other formulas finally got me 15hrs.

  112. Jetson26 says:

    Mythic reminds me of beatlejuice

  113. ravengirl says:

    Level 10 Earth and level 5 Steadfast

  114. Tinie (i.d. iceFreezoe) says:

    So far in my attempts at Harvest I’ve gotten a grand total of 2 trees, 2 airs, 1 gratitude, and an earth. And still no Harvest. :(

  115. lmhajh says:

    Gratitude level 10 + plant level 10 first try!

  116. Adam says:

    Mountain and tree :) now working on getting mythic

  117. Dxjrd123 says:

    It works on the first EARTH +MYTHIC Plant

  118. karolynca says:

    Mountain + plant both level 10 on the first try

  119. BunnyMonster says:

    I tried some different combinations but finally got 15 hours with Gratitude and Blossom. (Mythic btw if that matters)

  120. Darlene says:

    Love and Luck ( both mythic if that matters) first try…and the second too!!! Now for that awesome mythic!

  121. fuzziducky says:

    Mythic earth+plant lol first try i didn’t even want this one. I’ll go for the mythic tho it at least has cool colors

  122. Jessica says:

    I got a mythic with Mythic Mountain lvl 10 left & Gratitude lvl 10 right. Wish I could take a picture but my Android won’t let me :-( 3rd try

  123. APLLFAN says:

    Is anyone playing on a kindle fire and having any luck at all?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Device doesn’t affect the result. Keep trying.

    • YellowRose says:

      I am on kindle fire & haven’t had any luck at all with this one. Soooo frustrating!! Idk Seems to me like device type does matter. Had the same problem with wingwitch. How about you?

    • Darlene says:

      I play on the fire and used love and luck. First try got one…second try worked as well actually. I get frustrated at times too but I really don’t feel the device matters as I play on my iphone as well (at least when the game would load on my iphone).

    • Jmcg86 says:

      I’m playing on a kindle fire and have had no luck. Lots of mountains and trees. I was able to get gratitude very easily, but can’t seem to get harvest.

    • Radish says:

      Try mythic earth and lushleaf, got it 1st try

    • APLLFAN says:

      I think device matters too, I will sit and try all the formulas people will post over and over again and it seems I will never get the item I need unless I run into someone who says that they play on a kindle fire. I just breed love + luck and I now have a breeding time of 34hrs . I didn’t breed any of the graditude unfortunately! :(

      • Darlene says:

        You can still get both…the formula I listed worked three times. I continued to try while I waited on hatching and then growing to breed the same monsters for the mythic. I hatched a gratitude in between also. You just have to keep trying. I know I was lucky with the first two right away…that was a first for me. Sometimes formulas don’t work on both my fire and iphone but usually they do. I never pay attention to which device someone used anymore! Just don’t give up!

  124. Selenite says:

    Love + Renewal worked for me. :-)

  125. Helcatt says:

    I got this monster with mountain and steadfast. Both level 10


  126. jokemon says:

    Ooh i want this one badly it just looks so hilarious! Partially because its the Spoerspark design except its a squash!

    The mythic is totally beetlejuice lookin’!

    Wish me luck on breeding so far a lot of Mountains and Trees

  127. AH6584 says:

    Got it with Plant and Blossom. Also will mention this was after buying the Bag of Diamonds for 2x the chance. That also gave me 4 Gratitude’s.

  128. Mythic Earth level 10 and Gratitude Level 10 did the job.

  129. Careen says:

    mountain + bug worked first time for me on android

  130. Ken says:

    Lvl 10 mountain + lvl 10 Mystic Plant = 15 hr

  131. chijan says:

    Plant + Gratitude

  132. Bent says:

    Success, Mythic 10 Gratitude and Mythic 10 Jubilee, 2nd try. Gratitude and Erath was a failure for me four tries before that. I say this because I completed the Gratitude quest for increased chances to get this monster. Will be trying for second to get mythic. Good Luck everyone!

  133. awzium says:

    Gratitude and Steadfast (Mythic)
    Got a mythic Harvest.

  134. basaro says:

    Got my first one with Earth+Blue Joy on the 4th try. First 3 tries got me a tree, then 2 gratitudes.

    Despite having the supposed boost for completing the gratitude quest, this took me 19 attempts before I got one. I used 5 other combos before this and only got plenty of trees, earths, and 3 gratitudes.

  135. Sammybelle27 says:

    Mythic mountain and mythic plant!

  136. Zombiefreak911 says:

    Lvl 10 Mountain + Lvl 10 Mythic Earth
    Worked 1st Try :)

  137. Salem369 says:

    I tried each of the suggested formulas and somehow kept getting mountain for each one. grr. Finally got it with steadfast lvl 10 left and mystic plant level 10 right.

  138. kitty says:

    Tried for harvest with mountain 10 and mythic tree, mythic offering accepted and I got 26 hours of breeding. I can’t find any 26 hours monsters with this combo, so what am I getting?

  139. Nick says:

    Level 10 frost and level 10 tundra worked for me!

  140. Ange says:

    1st try with teen blossom + adult earth.

  141. Ana says:

    Adult steadfast + teen gratitude (2nd attempt)

  142. Kys (ID : TinyKys) says:

    Get mine with Lucky and Blossom, both mythic lvl 10. Good luck

  143. BluWar225 says:

    Mythic Gratitude + Mythic Steadfast on the first try!!! 😀

  144. Pammy says:

    I received two Harvest monsters in a row by using a level 10 Steadfast on the left and a level 10 Phantom on the right.

  145. Jenny says:

    Mythic mountain + mythic plant worked for me.

  146. SidTay says:

    Mythic Mountain lvl 10 + Plant lvl 10 = 15 hours (happy, happy, happy)

  147. BoilingOil says:

    Blushbug + Elder Earth = 15 hrs breeding time at second attempt. :)

  148. Manish (I'd : maka2 ) says:

    This is the most ugliest monster I have ever seen

  149. Deminio says:

    Got mine with love and graditude . When I use love I always get a special monster.

  150. Rebecca says:

    Level 10 Glee + Level 10 Luck on first try = Harvest Monster

  151. Irma says:

    Got one with mytic mountain and bug. Last week got gratitude with same combo. Both on first try.
    Somehow bug is a very good monster for me. If i use tree i never get what i want. Has anyone else this too?

  152. Vyck says:

    Hi Noob ! Long time no see !
    Just got mine from this : Mountain + Tree (also gave me gratitude)

  153. KingHalo1337 says:

    Elder Earth lvl 8 and Plant lvl 10 first try

  154. Ray says:

    wow i got this first time also! i use the turkey monster thing and tree monster for breeding… talk about luck!

  155. Irreverent says:

    Got mine using: Love + Plant = Harvest

  156. Watz says:

    In the Breeding Result Chart, you put harvest with the 14hrs instead of 15.

  157. julesvincent says:

    Steadfest (10) and Mountain (10) gave me 15 hours breeding time. Should be harvest!

  158. hitman says:

    Level 5 mythic mountain & level 5 mythic gratitude got me a mythic harvest.
    Tried again and elder ice. Tried again, another elder ice.

  159. suzywoo says:

    First try with mythic mountain and mythic plant! Got mythic harvest

  160. Marisa says:

    Earth and plant = 15 hours

  161. Mike says:

    Mythic Plant (10) + Gratitude (10) = Harvest

  162. kris says:

    Lvl 10 gratitude and lvl 10 steadfast. 15hr breed time. I think I got it 1st try!

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