Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Harvest Quest Guide Tiny Monsters

Thanks to Ehlana and Kinghalo1337

The rewards are quite….. 100 coins… (can buy 2 fire monsters hooray)

Tiny Monsters Harvest Quest

[1] Harvest coins from 6 habitats!
Reward: 100 XP and 100 Coins

[2] Hatch a plant hybrid and an earth hybrid
Reward: 100 XP and 100 Food
This auto-completed for me

[3] Harvest nimbus grapes or golden guavas twice
Reward: 100 XP and 200 Food

[4] Place 2 harvest decorations (from featured shop)
Reward: 100 XP and 50 Coins
I bought e cheapest twice

[5] Hatch a mythic monster
Reward: 100 XP and 150 Food

[6] Have a gratitude monster!
Reward: 100 XP and 150 Food

[7] Place gratitude picnic to kick off the Harvest festival!
Reward: 100 XP and 5/25 Diamonds

The Harvest Festival: social
Visit 10 friends to spread the word of your Harvest Festival!
Reward: 100 Social snacks and 100 XP

Bonus quest: The harvest monster
Hatch the LIMITED Harvest Monster
Reward: 100 XP and 150 Food

Tiny Monsters Breeding Guide

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5 Responses to “Harvest Quest Guide Tiny Monsters”

  1. Ariana Perez says:

    What do they mean gratitude picnic

  2. peg says:

    Any autumn Dec in decorations will work

  3. Perry says:

    I need to place 2 decorations from the feature shop, but the only things in the featured shop are the booster packs.

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