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Posted on Jun 12, 2014

Hello Hero Best Mission for Leveling Your Hero

Hello Hero Best Leveling Mission

On the Keronic Strikes Back expansion you need different amount of exp to level up heroes. The lower tier the easier it will for that hero to level. The guide below cover where you should you train your hero.

What you need to pay attention on choosing leading hero? 

Most important thing on hero leveling is the provoker (hero who can force other enemies to attack him). This will make you able to train 3 heroes at the same time. Because all enemy attack will go toward to the provoker. The other hero should be dealer/hybrids (AOE dealer preferred).

I can’t… My provoker keep dying, what I should do?

It’s probably cause by 2 things,
First, your dealer is too weak (not doing fast enough to beat the enemies)
Second, your provoker is too weak..  have at least 3 star provoker (officer king). I use wicked jagar because it’s very good (can heal itself).

If that’s what happen to you then simply add a healer on your party. However, it means you can only train 2 heroes at a time.

Umm I don’t have provoker, what I should do??

if you don’t have provoker then you need to have the speed. What I mean by speed is not dexterity but killing speed. This can be achieved by having 2 AOE dealers on the front line

Ok, I understand. But How do I know if the missions is good for leveling up a hero?

You need to look for few things:
[0] No AOE dealer on enemy party
[0] No skill  disabler (stun, freeze, silence)
[0] Green Level (because they have 3 waves of enemies), they tend to give more exp than other color mission on the same level.

Or simply read my recommendation below.

For newbie players (who haven’t passed Keronic Base Boss and their strongest hero is 3 star tier heroes)

Train on Keronic Base (Normal) mission 1.

Why is it good?
[0]  the ghost is really weak and don’t have any disabler skill.
[0] Ghost has very high drop rate which give you a material for upgrading your heroes on the early part of this game

Heroes Tier Battle needed to level 30
1 star 24
2 stars 29
3 stars 40
4-6 stars 47

If you have stronger hero (4 star heroes as lead players), then try to level up at Keronic Base (Normal) mission 9.

Who you don’t recommend Ghastly Pumpkin Village/Far Far East level?

[0] Ghastly Pumpkin have bats as regular enemies (can deal AOE attack) which probably OHKO for your trained heroes
[0] Far Far East have many heroes that can stun the provoker… which is bad if the effect of provoke lost when the provoker is being stunned.

For players who have defeated All Normal Mode

Red Mushroom Forest (Onyx) Mission 3

Thanks to Nanashi Fei for this suggestion

Why is it good?

[0] No stopper skills 🙂
[0] Mushroom attack is not strong

Heroes Tier Battle needed to level 30
1 star 6
2 stars 7
3 stars 10
4-6 stars 11

Desert SandStorm (Onyx) Mission 4

Thanks to Archie for this suggestion

Why is it good?

{0] Majority of enemies are sancho (healing skill)
[0] Last wave has Enraged Kabol but their skill is only pure damage…

Heroes Tier Battle needed to level 30
1 star 5
2 stars 6
3 stars 8
4-6 stars 10

Wondrous Thornland (Onyx) Mission 4

Thanks to Chiharu 88 for this suggestion

Why is it good?

[0] Enemies only have buff skill  (no stopper skill), but

YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED PROVOKER FOR THIS LEVEL !!! Because the enemy use focus buff.

Heroes Tier Battle needed to level 30
1 star 3
2 stars 4
3 stars 6
4-6 stars 7

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