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Hello Hero Complete Guide, Tips, and Tricks

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How to play


Boss Raid Guide

Dungeon Guide

Dungeon Reward

Mission Guide (General Tips)

I will start creating a hero list for each area (with status and skills), I hope you all can participate to complete those lists (please leave a comment on those pages later). Section below will be deleted when I start the new project.

Level Guide


Complete Heroes List (Status Comparison Chart)

 Complete Heroes Spell


Heroes List  

The Armon Guards

Hello Hero The Armon Guards Icon

  1. Harold (2)
  2. General Harold (5)
  3. Eric (4)
  4. General Eric (6)
  5. Ophelia (1)
  6. Amelia (3)
  7. Rebecca (6)
  8. Aaron Bridgnorth (1)
  9. Robin Nottingham (3)
  10. William Burglen (4)
  11. Apollon (6)
  12. Sophia (2)
  13. Isis (3)
  14. Sorceress Sophia (4)
  15. Sorceress Isis (5)
  16. Sorceress Sally (6)
  1. Marine Jimmy (5)
  2. Marine Brian (6)
  3. Sir Ribbit (2)
  4. Sir Croaker (3)
  5. Lady June (3)
  6. Lary Arom (4)
  7. King Toad (4)
  8. Prince Frog (5)
  9. Rocket Lady June (5)
  10. Rocket King Toad (6)
  11. Bignose Jr. (6)
  12. Talisa (4)
  13. Nikita (5)
  14. Avril (6)
  15. Calvin (4)
  16. Lloyd (5)
  1. Dylan (6)
  2. Swordmaiden Mina (4)
  3. Swordmaiden Lilly (5)
  4. Swordmaiden Yui (6)
  5. Teddybear Grey (4)
  6. Teddybear Sky (5)
  7. Teddybear Pinky (6)
  8. Chichi (4)
  9. Nabi (5)
  10. Miya (6)
  11. Veteran Barnes (4)
  12. Veteran Ryan (5)
  13. Veteran Bo (6)
  14. Muay Thai Klahan (4)
  15. Muay Thai Niran (5)
  16. Muay Thai Khun (6)

Red Mushroom Forest

Hello Hero Red Mushroom Forest Icon

Desert of Sandstorm

Hello Hero Desert of Sandstorms Icon

  1. Marshal Gok (5)
  2. General Lak (5)
  3. Major Gok (6)
  4. Captain Lak  (6)
  5. Yoos (2)
  6. Fafnir (3)
  7. Nidhogg (4)
  8. Tiamat (4)
  9. Radon (5)
  10. Agnid (6)

Sweet Cookie Farm

Hello Hero Sweet Cookies Farm

Deep Sea Ravine

Hello Hero Deep Sea Ravine Icon

  1. Reef Piranha (1)
  2. Deep Sea Piranha (1)
  3. Blood Red Piranha (2)
  4. Fiery Piranha (3)
  5. Ghost Piranha (4)
  6. Mr. Snaps (1)
  7. Mr. Pinch (2)
  1. Mr. Crab (3)
  2. Capo Shark (1)
  3. Consigliere Shark (2)
  4. Underboss Shark (2)
  5. Boss Shark (3)
  6. Godfather Shark (3)
  7. Blue Yomi (1)
  1. Red Yomi (1)
  2. Yellow Yomi (3)
  3. Jju (3)
  4. Riu (4)
  5. Kraken (3)
  6. Pink Kraken (4)
  7. Ghost Kraken (5)

Wondrous Thornland

Hello Hero Wondrous Thornland Icon

  1. Yuma (1)
  2. Buckeye (2)
  3. Gilbert (3)
  4. Rag Doll Ted (1)
  5. Rag Doll Toby (2)
  6. Batty Ted (3)
  7. Tortie Teddy (3)
  8. Catty Ted (4)
  9. Teddy Toby (4)
  10. Deux of Hearts (1)
  1. Five of Hearts (2)
  2. Deux of Diamonds (1)
  3. Five of Diamonds (2)
  4. Deux of Spades (1)
  5. Six of Spades (2)
  6. Deux of Clubs (1)
  7. Four of Clubs (2)
  8. Sergeant Jack (2)
  9. Medic Queen (2)
  10. Officer King (3)
  1. Captain Ace (3)
  2. Assassin Jack (5)
  3. Assassin Queen (5)
  4. Assassin King (5)
  5. Assassin Ace (5)
  6. Evil Joker (3)
  7. Crazy Joker (4)
  8. Queen Rouge (3)
  9. Queen Noir (4)

Abandoned Advance Base

Hello Hero Abandoned Advance Base Icon
  1. Green Larva (1)
  2. Red Larva (2)
  3. Mystic Larva (3)
  4. M2 Turret (1)
  5. M3 Turret (1)
  6. KH-179 Turret (2)
  1. M244 Turret (3)
  2. Evademic Rayner (2)
  3. Evademic Gunner (2)
  4. Duric Rayner (3)
  5. Duric Gunner (3)
  6. Tudede (2)
  1. Vaness (3)
  2. Apophis (4)
  3. Space Flying Tudede (5)
  4. Space Flying Apophis (6)
  5. Scorpion (4)
  6. Spear (5)

Keronic Base

Hello Hero Keronic Base Icon

  1. Ghost (1)
  2. Vulcan (1)
  3. Krater (1)
  4. Obsidian Krater (2)
  5. Hellfire Krater (3)
  1. Demonfire Krater (4)
  2. Schaken (2)
  3. Faust (2)
  4. Listic (2)
  5. Destroyer Schaken (3)
  1. Destroyer Faust (3)
  2. Destroyer Listic (3)
  3. Fluxion Schaken (4)
  4. Asmodeus (5)
  5. Belphegor (6)


Ghastly Pumpkin Village

Hello Hero Ghastly Pumpkin Village Icon

  1. Shadow Bomber Bat
  2. Twilight Bomber Bat (2)
  3. Shade Bomber Bat (3)
  4. Grumpy Jagar (1)
  5. Evil Jagar (2)
  6. Wicked Jagar (4)
  1. Possesed Nicky (2)
  2. Possessed jacky (3)
  3. Menace Polter-kin (2)
  4. Ominous Polter-kin (3)
  5. Scarecrow Raul (3)
  6. Scarecrow Oren (4)
  1. Scarecrow Thomas (6)
  2. Succubus Gianna (3)
  3. Succubus Diandra (5)
  4. Succubus Rosie (6)

The guide is still new, if you want to help me (have any suggestions, etc). Please leave comment or simply send me email at

My email address: g4gplayers(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2014

Hello Hero is copyright of Fincon

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328 Responses to “Hello Hero Complete Guide, Tips, and Tricks”

  1. renz says:

    I have a problem with aaron bridgnorth, i accidently sell it and now i dont know how to obtain it again, they say you can get aaron after finishing the dungeon 1, and then u will get a reward of this hero, but the problem is i cant go back to that dungeon, is there another way u can give coz i also want to obtain amelia after mastering the 3 normal heroes.

  2. Kirdow says:

    Hi Admin, please put some guide for Guild war . Thanks

  3. sheehan0915 says:

    do you have the short speeches of aaron harold and opheila during missions?? just wanted to reread it again but since the game does not offer the option i was hoping some of you might know of it.

  4. nurmmm says:



  5. nurmmm says:

    Hey i really need advise for dungeon 74 please. Have been stuck there for ages now. HELPPPP PLEASEEEEEEEEE

  6. xXlCrosslXx says:

    Hi man, im here again to ask a question. Im having a hard time on dg 73. There are 2 pumpkins on the front (which can both stun) 2 scarecrows on the back (can remove MY buffs) and a single pumpkin-head-boy whatever (can be invulnerable 2 turns) can u help me build a lineup? Pls dont tell me to read the dungeon guide, i already did. Ty

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I haven’t got time to play this game anymore. SOrry can’t help

    • Reaxe says:

      On that one I think I did not have any great dmg dealers at the time so I gave up on damaging straight on, and went for dual dispel with heals and a hero with a K.O. ability since they can’t dispel it.

  7. eriwib says:

    Hello noobbgodlike, wondering, could u share mission item drop list. Since the onyx update, i have no idea which mission drop *5 equips.. (its used to keronic-9 and hell mission did).


    • noobbgodlike says:

      Bad news, It’s really rare to get 5 star items from mission… (after the update I only manage to get one 5 stars equipment, and that’s also considered low quality; only increase + 100 not +105). You need to do those treasure hunt for 5 star equipments.

  8. Andrezz says:


    I have been wondering, can we actually change server (fr A to B) but using the same hero we have in server A?? if yes, how do we do that?? im using ipad to play. Also, are we able to transfer hero to friend?. Thank you for your help & answers.

  9. Loki Taeyeon says:

    Hi noobbgodlike,
    I need some help regarding Far Far East 6th stage.
    I finish the 2 sets of heroes to defeat easily.
    But when I go to the last stage I lose because of the stun + ice combo.
    How would I deal with this problem?

    My current hero line-up:
    Apophis lvl 30 +5
    Dark Faust lvl 30 +5
    Eric Lvl 30
    Amelia Lvl 30 +5 (just enhanced recently)
    Scarecrow Raul Lvl 30

    My other heroes that I think relevant to mention:
    Fafnir lvl 30 (enhanced recently also)
    Isis lvl 30
    Possessed Jacky lvl 30 (i can enhance this one, but should I?)
    Duric Rayner
    Destroyer Schaken
    Destroyer Listic
    Destroyer Faust
    Hellfire Krater
    Poppin’ Henry

  10. lexaeanreid says:

    how can i capture chichi?

  11. iDark says:

    what is a good item for fantastic show 6* ?

  12. iDark says:

    how do i beat dungeon 36 ? i already beat it with my other account but i forgot how. hahaha

  13. veni says:

    hi, i got multiple 4* heroes many times, should i enhanced it or fuse it?

  14. Nata says:

    hi , do you have any boss raid guide ? :)

  15. Sprongky says:

    For the author,

    Dude you should make a portion explaining the different skill mechanics and the best skill combinations. For example combining any 2 turn buff (increase armor, damage immunity, provoke, etc.) is bad when partnered with a hero having a skill of freeze especially when all enemies have been frozen as this will speed up the turns and remove you buffs while not speeding up the skills cooldown.

  16. lesnaej - keronic says:

    Guys need help i don’t know what to fuse

    4* – Eric, Swordmaiden Mina, Lady Arom (debuff), Veteran Barness, LingLing, Teddybear Grey

    3*-all+5 ; Gilber, OffKing,

    3*-attacker ; Kraken, Isis, Batty Ted

    help me guys, thank you

  17. skypaladin05 says:

    I have too many heroes and need to fuse some. In terms of usefulness, what do you feel about the following:

    1. Lv30 Teddybear Grey 4* (weaker atk debuff but also debuff removal) vs Lv30 Talisa 5*

    2. Lv30 Chichi 4* vs Lv33 Amelia 3*

    3. Lv33 Gonzalez 4* (is the dex buff useful at all?) vs Lv30 Mareed 4* vs Lv 30 Child Monk Jin 4* (his healing percentage is weaker in area due to HP halving but the atk buff and stun are nice)

    4. Lv30 Stein 5* (is the dex debuff any use? it doesn’t seem to make a difference in arena) vs Lv30 Lycanthrope 5* (crit buff is nice, I think) vs Lv30 Red Cloak Tom 5* (evasion buff is nice too?)

    Thanks for the advice!

  18. SSXV says:

    Just beat hero city of onyx w/
    +5 assassin king (5*)
    +5 nabi (5*)
    OTHER 3
    +2 Anubus the Protector(4*)
    +5 Maid Anna (4*)
    +0 ghost seed (5*)
    All lvl 30 used this team for all lvls of hero city also dungeon lvls 61&62

  19. iDark says:

    ahmm. what should i do with my 1*(+1) hero, because i cant use them to upgrade any of my 4* heroes and above, shouldi sell them ?

  20. Loki Taeyeon says:

    Hi noobbgodlike,

    Great job at making this guide. This helps me a lot when I need some answers.
    But I think you don’t have a guide for crafting items, like what’s good crafting 1* items into accessories to save item slots or just sell them?
    I just started playing Hello Hero and I’m using your guide as my walkthrough. Thank you so much. :)

  21. purekid says:

    Hei anyone can you tell me are they spot are stage that we can had a chance to find the wanted hero stage? Thx

    • purekid says:

      Sorry no wanted hero but bounty hero wantedd.. hahahah

      Anyone can help me? Are the bounty hero is random event or its had already specific spot?

      And i already summon royal package for twice.. and i just only got 2 4star.. are they hard to summon more than 1 4 stars on royal package


    • iDark says:

      it will randomly appear in any stage but i think it has a greater chance to appear on green stages(in my own experience though) cuz i always level ups new heroes on green stages and so far i already got 5 bounty hunts.

  22. dzzyupthgirl says:

    thanks for all your help so far!
    I was wondering what equipment you’d recommend for teddybear grey since she’s not really a healer so she probably doesn’t need ++health, right? Maybe evade and dexterity?

    Also, are those equipment capes that just give defense worthless? Should I use them, hold on to them for crafting, or sell them?

    What do you think?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Read how to build arena line up guide.

      • dzzyupthgirl says:

        I already read that section and it doesn’t help me, why would I equip her with critical gear? I’m asking your specific opinion on teddybear grey’s two slots.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Huh?? Could you tell me which part that suggest to equip healer with critical equipment?? I have re-read the section and can’t find it. Thank you.

        • Reaxe says:

          Since Teddybear Grey is a support and got no damage skills you can either make her tankier in case she needs to soak some damage or increase her already low damage.
          Going for crit just to increase her regular damage won’t be a big gain, and dextery may give you an extra hit from time to time but nothing too drastic.
          I’d probably just go for the +hp or evade.

  23. Sheehan says:

    I was wondering if I would still be able to claim previous boss raid reward if a new boss raid has already started

  24. nurmmm says:

    Are there any other alternatives to complete far far east onyx mission 10? Bcos i dont have any hero that can remove enemy buff :(

  25. pinjiaaa says:

    I’ve read most of your guides! It’s really detailed and I have taken many useful advices. But I have a pressing question regarding Far Far East (which you haven’t completed a guide for)

    And it’s the most simple question: My hero lineup can’t clear even stage 2 of far far east!

    My current roster of heroes is Superstar Robin+2(4*) and Evil Jagar(2*) at the front (for shield and provokes), and Muay Thai Klahan+3(4*), Amelia+2(3*) and Rag Doll Toby(2*) at the back. All of the are level 30. I’m currently training Destroyer Schaken(3*) to replace Rag Doll Toby. Do you think this replacement is good? Are there any better alternatives I can look into?

    Without clearing far far east and hero city I can’t go into onyx stage, which means leveling my Superstar Robin from 30-33 will be a real pain (especially when event ends tomorrow T_T). Am I doomed with my chances of getting Midfielder David?

    I’ve just started the game yesterday so…. yeah :(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      evil jagar is 2 stars heroes…. and others are 2 star heroes too. Train your party until you have party of 3 stars heroes. What’s your robin level at this moment? if it’s 30 then I believe you can’t get it unless you buy IAP (and looking by your upgrade which only + 2.. I believe you really lack hero material).

  26. nurmmm says:

    In need of assistance from anybody!!!!

    Im stucked at far far east onyx 9……
    Anybody care to give me an advise on how to complete this stge?

  27. Fefun says:

    Hey 😀 i have some 5* and 4* heroes but i don’t know which ones should i upgrade, if i give you a list, could you help me ? :s
    – Peach from Forest of Fog 5* +3
    – Marshal Gok 5* +1
    – Marine Jimmy 5*
    – Lloyd 5*
    – Sorceress Isis 5*
    – Ifrit 5*
    – Barry From DarkForest 4*
    – Superstar Talisa 4*
    – Lady Arom 4*
    – Anubis the Protector 4*

    These are the most interesting ^.^
    Thx for helping me 😀

  28. Nice Guy says:

    I have a question, to get the rewards from the race section in the recruit menu, do i need to have all the heroes when i’m ready to complete it, or can i just master the heroes, sell them(or whatever, fuse..) and then complete the race?
    Do i need to have the heroes to get the reward??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can sell or do anything once you have mastered the heroes, no need to worry :).

      • Nice guy says:

        I can sell them before i get all the heroes i need mastered for a specific reward right? Will it still count to complete? Another question, if i may, i am low level, and i have a lot of heroes with 1* or 2* that i want to get rid of after mastering. Should i sell them? Or is it worth it to fuse them?
        Thank’s a lot for the help, and great guide, really

  29. papavid says:

    Hi! just wanna ask if you can give me tips to defeat far far east 10 onyx mode.. thank you soo much in advanced.. :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need a hero that can remove enemies buff and reduce enemy attack ( 2 hero slot, if you have lady arom / rocket lady june use them because the hero have both skill). One healer that can remove bad status (Amelia). you can use 2 dealer/hybrids for the rest.

  30. Lucas says:

    I just started the game a month ago,
    Do you think as me that (4star hero+5) is better than (5star hero+0)for boss raid and arena due the difficulty of upgrade of 5 star? my 5star hero is worst and weak than 4star hero+5 ><.

  31. xXlCrosslXx says:

    Hi! I’m just here again to ask if it’s worth it to purchase gold using carats (i only have 4k gold now lol) for me to use them in upgrading the event hero that will be given. Ty in advance

  32. EcaRG says:

    this is the best guide ever .. 😀

  33. ImLibra says:

    Thank you in advance for everything :)…

  34. taiko says:

    Ui godlike can we see your heroes:-)

  35. xavynew says:

    Please, you can tell me which is the best item to Fluxion Schaken? I don’t know if i equip him with crit or evasion.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I use him to tank damage from pintaurus, so I equip him with evasion (his HP is already High). Refer to how to build arena heroes for more tips what items to equip.

      • xavynew says:

        I try to create equip in arena, but i haven’t much heroes 4* (2 hybrids and 3 dealers):
        Princess nami: lvl 30 +0
        The ninja kotaro: lvl 30 +0
        Schaken of fluxion: lvl 30 +0
        Muay thai klahan: lvl 30 +0
        Amazing diana: lvl 30 +3

        I have too other heroes 3*:
        Amelia: lvl 33 +5
        Gilbert:lvl30 +5(don’t know if enhaced him)
        Offking: lvl 30 +5
        Vaness: lvl 30 +5
        Isis: lvl 30 +0
        Ted hitter: lvl 30 +0
        Turtle toby: lvl 30 +0
        Mint macaron: lvl 30 +0

        And more, but those are better.
        Sorry for my english.

        If you help me to create team, I will give thanks :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ?? there is no relation between 4 star heroes with my guide for the arena. Please read it, and ask which part that you don’t understand.

      • polsan says:

        is there any guidline yet of stage 71-80 of dungeon ?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Working on it. Will post it starting tomorrow (unless there is another “special” event that need me to spend my energy elsewhere).

  36. nurmmm says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!

    Im stuck on mission 3 at ghastly pumpkin village (onyx mode).


  37. ShE Linberk says:

    Btw, in Upgrading 6star and 5 star should i use 1star or 2star heroes?

  38. ShE Linberk says:

    i just want to ask what is the best item for belphegor and Succubus diandra?

    and should i put belphegor and diandra in frontline?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Belphegor best equipped with counterattack since he’s immune to damage (if you manage to cast it). For succubus diandra, I suggest you to boost her HP, because she’s support type (even she is dealer). Read “how to build arena heroes” guide on the post above, to learn general idea what to equip on specific hero.

  39. Edged32 Cucubita says:

    Just wonderin’ if you could give us a certain percentage on how to trigger the “Bounty Hunt Mode” or where does it frequently triggered.


  40. iSoul says:

    I accidently sold my Aaron when I was a noob, and now I can’t get him back :( is there anyway I can get him back? Thanks.

  41. Spingle says:

    im now leveling my hero to master in Onyx SCF 2 from level 1 after finishing it your hero will be lv 19 and has 50% exp im using provoker healer and an AOE to level my heroe’s that place is way faster now cuz the enemy there is level 40

  42. Archie says:

    Hi! Just wanted to suggest a new farming spot i found better than ghost!

    Onxy mode stage 2-4: 20 stamina cost = lvl30 3* hero.
    Heroes needed: Tanker with provoke and Good AOE dealer.
    Downside: I haven’t been getting much 1* hero from here. Its only a good levelling spot not hero farming spot. (I seem to get more ghost from ghost map)

    I levelled plenty of 3* here~ And i am on 100% increase exp. Thus, I only need to fight 5 times to level 3 3* heroes to level 30.
    Maybe you could put this out somewhere on your guide so that all HH players can farm here as well! :)


  43. Jassem says:

    hey bro… i’m a level 11 player in keronic server, i have many 3* mastered heroes but they’re not yet upgraded to +5 for me to fuse… i dont know if i’m going to sacrifice some of those in upgrading some of my 4* or 3* or simply keep them until i upgrade them all to +5

  44. Dog says:

    Hi, guys.
    Since ss2 u can’t gain high exp at 8-5 anymore, where are u lvl?
    For me i’m lvling at onyx 2-4 with 3 recruits and 2 dealers.
    It’s took me 5 times until 2* lvl30.
    If u have better place please share.

    ps. thanks for guide and waiting for updates!

  45. newbie says:

    Hi man! Do you have any suggestions for the new farming sites after the update? thanks.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am sorry since I haven’t cleared all missions so I can’t say anything at this moment. I need to play the game at least for one week before starting to remake the guide :).

      • newbie says:

        ok. I’ll wait for your update. I appreciate your time on updating this game. by the way which is better to farm, Keronic base 1 or 4?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          farm what? gold?

          For a gold, it’s best to farm it on the highest onyx level you can beat. For leveling yes, 7-1 is the best spot to train (unless you have specific hero ability like provoker, etc).

      • NanashiFei says:

        For level up 3 hero at at time

        Onyx – 1-3 is nice =p

        They changed the mechs.

        Green = More xp/More gold
        Red = more hero drop
        Purple = might be more item drop?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Is it easy enough to beat for 3 star heroes that stand on the frontline? Maybe you find it easy because you (and I) probably already too “leveled” on this expansion pack, the new onyx level is a breeze, I only need to tap rolling my face on “next mission” icon.

        • NanashiFei says:

          Dunno, I have 2 x 4* + 5 AOE in front and 3 lvl 1 hero in the back for lvl up XD!

          But as 1-3 is the first green map in onyx I think it is the easier. There is not stunner or blinder.

          The only thing is sometime the Mushroom revive by themself.

          Yup Onyx was a breeze XD haha

          Got 4 bounties =D

        • Bill says:

          it’s quite easy at wondrous thornland onyx mission 4…
          only consist of card soldier with buff skill only

  46. watub says:

    Hey man! Looking forward to your update after the patch! So far what I found is hero leveling changed depending on the *. And is it just me or did Recruit section no longer show the hero and skills if you hav’nt recruited it before? Anyway lemme know what you think.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, I am working on the guide for the new expansions now. It’s pretty normal for you to be not able to see the hero skills, they change it on the new expansions, if only I have made the page for every hero before….. ( I thought you can simply see it in the game, so I stop creating the individual page…)

  47. eXus says:

    Hi! this guide was very helpful for me since i started playing hello hero. I’m just asking, will you still update this guide with the coming hello hero season 2 or wil you probably open a different guide for that?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I will replace the guide with the new version :) (because you can’t play the old version anymore). Still figuring out what’s need to be changed on this guide :).

  48. irsan pahlevi says:

    Can we get 2-3 star in the map?
    Then, how to get brown/blue/red cloak tom?

  49. skypaladin05 says:

    Does having over a certain amount of Dex mean that your character can basic attack twice before another one can basic attack once? I have 30 dex, but I don’t notice a difference…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe yes, 30 dex will act 2 times faster than 15 dex characters. Yeah, the effect is barely noticeable that’s why I am not fan of dex boosting equipment.

  50. skypaladin05 says:

    For Ninja Kotaro 4*, since ninja vanish says that it increases the critical rate to 15%, is it useless to equip him with crit boosting items past 15%? is it completely useless to equip him with any crit items? Or is it additive?

  51. Archie says:

    Hey there again!

    Do you have any idea of the rough % drop rates of 2* heroes on maps? Do you think the drop rates are the same for a 2* hero on a normal map vs 2* hero hell mode in the same area?
    Eg. Pancho from Desert sandstorm map 3 vs Pancho from Desert sandstorm hell mode.
    I am guessing drop rates for 2* are like.. 1% or less for normal maps. Would you suggest its higher for hell mode?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know about the excat number, but I believe it’s higher on the hell level, since I get 2 star heroes frequently (ordinary cucubita level also has high drop rate).

  52. Steven Lie says:

    Hello!! Thanks for the guide and tips, it’s very helpful since i’m still newbie (lvl 4).
    Btw, i wanna ask some random question..

    1. It’s better to upgrade heroes from level 1 or upgrade when the heroes reach level 30? Or both of that will make same last result??

    2. It’s true that all of 1 star heroes can we get through map like red mushroom forest, desert of sandstorm, etc??

    Thank You Very much.. 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1. please read the post above, I have written about it on the upgrading, leveling section above.
      2. yes it’s. For specific hero you can see the level guide on the post above.

      You’re welcome.

  53. Archie says:

    Hi! I have a random question for ya, if i have less than 11 hero slots available and I purchase a royal pack (10+1 epic) will i lose out on some heroes if the 11? Or will heroes appear in the reward segment?

    Also, just wanted to say your guide is awesome! Thanks so much! :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If I am not mistaken you can’t buy the royal pack if you don’t have enough space (but to be safe just use a hero for fusion material until you have enough space or simply save the carats for later use :) ). You’re welcome :).

  54. goturback says:

    can I obtain asmodeus or belpegor in keronic? by looting them. thanks

  55. Zakuro says:

    hei man,

    I fought 300 times in the arena but did not win the rewards, you know why?/

  56. Esreverse says:

    Hey man. Since it’s fight week, I was thinking about buying some more energy with carats. What do you think? Also, after spending all my honor points on heroes and gold on upgrading, I’m thinking about buying gold with carats too. XD

  57. Zakuro says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I should worry about the slots of the characters, they are getting more expensive and I do not know if I can keep buying….they stabilize the price at some point? / Thanks bro

  58. virusz17 says:

    sir, when will you have a dungeon guide for 71+, i’m stuck on DG75, i badly needed to go through that, the quest reward of 400HP will be very useful as of the moment, because of the 50% off on HP usage, please help, it will be much appreciated, those bomber bats are immune and do a lot of -attack grrrrrrrr

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, I really want to continue the dungeon guide but there si arena event happening right now XD (spending all my energy on arena). I will update it as soon as I have spare energy.

  59. xXlCrosslXx says:

    Just a question, is it ok for me to upgrade continously for 3 and 4* heroes without worrying of going bankrupt? As of now, i only have 130k gold.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No need to worry for bankrupt :), bankrupt is part of this game :), however I suggest you only upgrade when you need to empty your hero rooster (limited space), this way you can conserve your upgrade material when there is an event (such as bonus upgrade points; discount honor points; so you can spam your honor and upgrading like crazy). Do upgrade at this time because there is a bonus upgrade point happening at this moment :).

  60. Abanamat says:

    Hi again ) Could you give any advice about the best location to farm heroes? ))

  61. xXlCrosslXx says:

    I just have a quick suggestion, why not put the hero’s drop location or how to get it in their individual pages? So it is more easy to search.

  62. Golduck says:

    Hi! im having difficult time in keronic base lvl 10, may i ask for the best team to use?

  63. nurmmm says:

    Hey just want an advise regarding teddybear sky. I wanna know if he’s worth the keep or shud i do something else with it.. reply me please :)

  64. June says:

    Hi, I used to use a list of all heroes in hello hero, it lists all heroes in one page, easy to search or sort heroes by stats, stars or skills.

    After a month now I came back to play hello hero but I can’t find that list anymore, I don’t remember the link, do you know something like that?

    Thank you very much.

  65. federico says:

    Alguien sabe como ganar en el asalto al jefe?tengo los heroes nivel 30 y casi no le hago daño

  66. Foka says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve a question: to get the reward of the recruitment list i need to have the mastered heroes in the deck or i’ve just to master them and i can fuse them?


  67. Tr5 says:

    Awesome guide bro. Been playing the game for a few months now and a guide or general info page helps the enjoyment of the game by quite a lot. I’ve also noticed that this game has a huge Thailand fan base. Anyway hoping to find a good forum for tips soon. Keep up the good work!

  68. Andrea says:

    Awesome guide. Do you have any recommendations about which heroes to use?

  69. kramzcee says:

    hi..I’m.currently stuck in dungeon 54 with all frogs with silence,minus attack and remove buffs…can someone help? thanks a lot..

  70. Esreverse says:

    Hey man. What’s up? Just finished Cucubita Gateway and I also got a Captain’s Knuckle. :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh, really? Hmmm maybe it’s random 5 star weapon and we got it by chance :).

      • Esreverse says:

        Yeah. Maybe. :) I’m on Cucubita 3. Can’t beat it yet. -.-

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Heh, really?? IIRC level 3 should pose no problem…

        • Esreverse says:

          What’s IIRC? :)) I’m having trouble with their aoe and the two tanks. I guess I need 4* dealers to do the job. :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          IIRC= If I remember correctly. Hmm, it seems your party is not strong enough :), I really recommend you to have 4 star +5 on this ghastly village :). SOrry for late reply, being busy fro creating new hello hero section guide, it should be up this week :).

        • Esreverse says:

          Yeah. Right now I’m using Sorceress Sophia +2, Spearman Lak, Ghost Sead +4, Enhanced Officer King +5, Ninja Kotaro +5. Still working on upgrading my 4stars. :) Nice. :)

  71. Franz hizon says:

    How can i pass dungeon 70? Please help

  72. Shane says:

    Dude Im stuck at Dungeon level 30, may i have some tips how to beat them -__-

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The one with 4 piranha and ghost kraken right? You need healer (You should have obtained Amelia at this point). You need to have a good dealer to kill them fast, because accumulated decrease armor from piranha can be fatal. A hero that can boost your party FOCUS is very useful on this stage. You should use 3 star heroes (fully upgraded to +5) for this level. If you still use 2 star heroes then….

      • SHane says:

        thanks man,,,im already at level 53 this time,by the way, what item will you recommend to Rocket Lady June?for all-around use(pvp,dungeon)?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          For supporter role, you want to keep them as long as possible, so put all HP boosting equipment on them :).

        • SHane says:

          yhea, RLJ will be full support,,what heroes do u recommmend for pvp/arena setup?most of my heroes are 4* only,and 3* for debuff/healer…:)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, I raelly like a hybrid hero for arena mode, since they have high HP (HP is halved during arena so dealer only have pity amount of HP… and probably get killed within one hit). I will make arena tips section later :).

  73. inocencio says:

    hi, just want to ask how to upgrade, do you need the same hero to upgrade? or what?

  74. IamNotABeast says:

    Im at dungeon 60 and cucubita planet thank you very much for making this guide 😀

  75. Ryan says:

    How to Get beyond Lvl 30? cause i have a friend who have a Toon more than level 31? please Reply

  76. inocencio says:

    why does in hell the level is more than 30? can i achieve that?

  77. Alchatraz says:

    Hi Bro
    I’m stuck in dungeon 63

    Do U have any tips for me ??

    Thanks in advance
    ( By the way, nice blog Dude 😀 )

  78. crusoe says:

    dungeon lvl 61 stucked

  79. Qua says:

    how to beat dungeon lvl 61 …. ihave 2 healer assassin queen and kumi,,general harold, isis +5..lvl 31 pink kraken +3..

  80. inocencio says:

    hi! just want to clarify/know more about the recruit thing, the continent and the race, should i complete the race thing? thanks in advance!

  81. Esreverse says:

    Hey man, I read on the Hello Hero fan page that equipping items that increases a hero’s dexterity is helps healers to remove enemy spells faster. Are dexterity items good on healers besides health and evasion?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Na ah, Dexterity does help you pass the bad status quickly (getting more turns by when you have high dexterity) but on the arena your healer probably will be killed even before it recover. I always prioritize HP for healer, evasion is for tanker because they have a lot of HP and can still survive even when evasion fail, for healer… fail evasion mean you are dead :). This is only my opinion though, just follow which ever you think is right.

      • Esreverse says:

        Maybe dexterity decreases cooldowns? I don’t know. XD Anyway, thanks man. I think for a dealer with single target skills, I’d equip focus and evasion while for a dealer with an aoe skill I’d equip crit and evasion. What do you think? :)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No dexterity doesn’t reduce cooldown, if it’s then it’s also good for dealers. I only use critical equipment on my dealers, focus is not that needed on arena battle (only useful on dungeon or some stage) which can be easily buff-ed by other heroes (mint macaroon, fighter Yul, etc). Evasion is only useful for hero that has high HP (tanker/hybrids). I only focus on single status, no half crit then half evasion :). This is my play style, maybe it suits your or no :).

        • Esreverse says:

          I see. Thanks for the tips. Maybe I’ll try a high dex team with focus to clear the backline. :) Could work on arena. :))

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yup, just do what you think :), this kind of game have no “right” set up, it all depends your style of playing.

        • Esreverse says:

          I guess I misunderstood. I get it now. When your healer gets a debuff, a higher dexterity allows it to get rid of it faster. ^^

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yup, you’re right :). It helps pass their turns faster.

  82. Gomorrhe says:

    I have a little problem…
    I was on “cucubita server” (something like that ^^’) and I chose keronic server (not on purpose) and I can’t find my old account… How can I find it back please?

  83. IamNotABeast says:

    Im Stuck at dungeon 35 . Anyone Please give me some tips

  84. Esreverse says:

    Just got 5* Ghost sead with honor points. How lucky is that? I can’t seem to upgrade it though, XP

  85. GraveBurie says:

    here what they done so far for hero drop list hope its help you to finish guide soon

    credit: Hello Hero Thailand fanpage

  86. Esreverse says:

    Hey, I was wondering if it’s advisable to fuse my 2 stars into 3 stars or should I just buy royal packages? :)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, like you said better buy royal packs. You will waste many 1 star heroes to upgrade 2 star heroes, for more tips about it. See upgrading section on the post above :).

      • jordan says:

        I had received a poor class hero to finish the tutorial. Which made me feel bad. Is this worth to continue?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          What do you mean by poor class?? I believe you will always Aaron, Ophelia, Harold, and other 3 star random heroes at the beginning of the game.

  87. Esreverse says:

    Hi, I’m new. This is a very good guide. Thank you. :)

  88. G says:

    I have Amelia, Pancho and I’m planning to have Queen Seed. Of the three, who do you prefer most as healer? Thanks!

  89. aven says:

    can i recruit heroes in hell mode?

  90. KimSky says:

    how can i pass the lvl 5 of Ghastly Pumpkin Village?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you get trouble on that level then it means that your hero is not strong enough, because the level doesn’t have anything tricky (need specific hero ability). It’s different on level 6 which need at least 2 hero that can remove enemy spells.

  91. G says:


    I battled Asmodeus at Keronic base 10. With the 2x Hero drop rate event, is it possible for me to get Asmodeus if I repeat the battle again and again? It is currently my 4th day, and with all the upgrades and fusions I did, I’m left with 80,000 gold. I have no $8 yet so I was thinking of how to regain the gold or acquire 3* instead.

    Where should I repeat battles to acquire 3*? Thanks! 😀

  92. Kid says:

    I’m very stuck on dungeon 54 they keep stun-ing me try lots of other hero got swordmaiden Mina +5 lvl 31 Amelia lvl33 +5 official king +5 ghost kraken and Apophis but still can’t pass it.. Please help me

  93. deric says:

    how can I beat cucubita gate way I have all level 30 with 2 four star n all 3 star can’t beat it please help

  94. alex says:

    how to ride harold to yuma

  95. Quicksilv3r says:

    I’m stuck on Dungeon level 59. How can I beat it? Pls help. Thanks!

  96. iKurum says:

    Can Officer King drop at Wondrous Thornland – Mission 6?

  97. alex says:

    How to open ghastly pumpkin village??

  98. Renan says:

    How can I get Sophia?

  99. RainbowDash says:

    Hello, recently I started playing this game and this site and =deleted= has helped me a lot in getting started. I was wondering if you two were affiliated in any way?

  100. nickul8 says:

    whrte can i get buckeye?,pls help

  101. Christian says:

    cant defeat dungeon 50. how the hell destroyer schaken got an immune damage? i got rid the succubus and the two beside it, but the front liner destroyer shacken is crazy. the moment their barrier is gone they immediately activate it again. how was that? am i going to wait for a hero that has a remove buff? this is crazy,what if i aint got one

  102. JR Diaz says:

    If I start another game on a different server will it erase my previous game?

    • noobbgodlike says:


  103. princebolt says:

    can someone help me in keronic base level 5 icant defeat hellfire krater

  104. Crusher123 says:

    The game is starting to slow down… I need more energy and I really want asmodeus or his bro, I’ve just recently finished the first hell and up to dungeon 25, my party consists of artillery stew lvl 30+ 5, destroyer Faust lvl 22 +3, Harold lvl 30+5, mrs mushroom lvl 30 and Aaron brignorth lvl 30. Any tips or advice on who I should be aiming for next? Thx in advance

  105. DiSiN says:

    Can anyone help me beat lvl 46 dungeon? they stun me all the time and i cant do anything.

  106. AthenaWR says:

    Anyone knows anyway to obtain belphegor and rebecca? other than purchasing a ridiculous amount of royal heroes and fuse non stop till we get it….or like any specific fusion that gives a higher chance to get those 2 heroes…

  107. lunyurn says:

    I sold my starter hero Aaron.Is there a way to farm it?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, it’s completely random after that….. If you’re still just switch to another server or even delete your account to start fresh. I got him multiple times through honor points though.

  108. JJwan says:

    Is it even possible to get 3-star heroes from farming?

  109. Daniel says:

    Hey, just wondering, I get a load of the same types of 1-star hero’s, If I have two Red Arties, what should I do with the second one?

  110. Revansyah says:

    how to get Yuma

  111. Kevin says:

    how to get asmodeus? is it possible?

  112. michelangelo says:

    disculpa para obtener a destructor schaken algun consejo??

  113. Aramasu says:

    Really great guide! Do you have any suggestions on what heroes/type setup can be used to defeat Asmodeus in the last mission at Keronic Base? I have some 2* Mastered Level 30 +5 heroes but still loose

    • noobbgodlike says:

      He’s hard, You need to have a hero that can dispel his armor buff (4 star heroes have that ability, but since the game have random way to obtain heroes, it’s useless to hope to get that hero). You don’t need that hero though, just make sure all 5 heroes survive after killing the other minions first, after that it will become 5v1 battle. Any hero that can stun/freeze is definitely useful for this battle. Most important heroes, is Amelia (you can easily getting her by mastering 3 starter heroes). Don’t worry if you can’t defeat him, just train your party first (have a lot 3 star +5), because you won’t unlocked cucubita after defeating him (unlocking cucubita is hard, I think you need party consist of 5-6 star). I haven’t unlocked cucubita at this moment.

  114. Aramasu says:

    Very nice guide – just wanted to ask, what quest drops 2* Infantry Jerry at the Sweet Cookie Factory?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      2 star monsters can be obtained from any stage that have those monsters, but it’s very rare to get 2 star monsters (I suggest you don’t even try it because the chance is really small). You also have a chance to get any 2 star hero (of that stage) on the hell level. Mission 8, have infantry jerry, but the chance is pretty small.

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