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Posted on May 7, 2014

Hello Hero Complete Hero Spell and Skill

Hello Hero Spell List

Tips on using the table

Type the effect you want on the search box top of the table. Example, if you want to know which heroes that able to stun enemy, type stun on the search box and they will appear :).

Prefix that can help you searching type of spells you want

Target: Single Enemy, Single Ally, All Enemies, All Allies, and Self

Type: Buff, Damage, Debuff, and Healing

[0] Blind: Your hero can’t do normal attack (this will make hero with high dexterity useless in the battle)
[0] Confuse: It’s basically a stun with additional effect  (attack friendly member). Best bad status!!
[0] Freeze: Hero that frozen can’t be healed and buffed
[0] Silence: Can’t cast spell
[0] Stun: can’t do anything
[0] Remove Enemy Spell
[0] Attack
[0] Evasion
[0] Dexterity
[0] Armor
[0] Immune

4 Star Heroes Spell List (on Progress)

5 Star Heroes Spell List

6 Star Heroes Spell List


At this moment I won’t create 3 star heroes Spell List because I feel they’re not important, but if many people seem need it then I will make one. Please let me know by leaving comments on this page.

I won’t make 1-2 star hero spells because I am pretty sure they’re not needed :).

Hope this guide helps you choosing your favorite heroes.

Comment, share this site if you find it useful :). Thank you for using this guide while playing.

Hello Hero Heroes Status Page

Hello Hero Guide Main Page

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16 Responses to “Hello Hero Complete Hero Spell and Skill”

  1. Goldiedaak says:

    New Hero since complete update:

    Nurse Ursel 4* Stuns for 2 turns and second attack is she removes enemy buff and attacks for 160% damage. she works well along side Fighter Yul/Teddybear Sky.

  2. Desmond says:

    bro your bad status didn’t update clearly, especially armor deduct also lower the healing effect and Frozen hero cannot be targeted and I hope you can help investigate whether increasing armor will negate the minus healing effect or more armor point increase healing effect? and also the guide didn’t show immune damage effect

  3. ezekiel says:

    you forgot the vaniss thing

  4. Kirdow says:

    Hi ive been looking for the description of KO or knockout chance by some heroes. Any information about that? please help. Thanks! More power to you guys…

  5. Platinumme says:

    I’ve been playing for almost two weeks straight now and I have stumbled upon your guides in search of tips and tricks to beat this game. Your guides have been very helpful. Thank you.

    Platinumme Cucubita server

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