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Posted on May 7, 2014

Hello Hero Complete Heroes List and Status

Hello Hero Status Comparison

You can compare status of each heroes on pages below, but let me explain a few things about status.

Dmg: it defines your heroes attack power. Search this status when searching for dealers role on your party.

Defense: Higher defense means you take less damage for enemy. This attribute also affects healer’s healing amount.

Dexterity: Hero with highest dexterity will attack first on the battle (and more frequently later). IT DOESN’T AFFECT THE COOLDOWN OF YOUR SKILL. I think this is the least important status.

4 Star Heroes Status Comparison (on Progress)

5 Star Heroes Status Comparison

6 Star Heroes Status Comparison


At this moment I won’t create 3 star heroes status comparison chart because I feel they’re not important, but if many people seem need it then I will make one. Please let me know by leaving comments on this page.

I won’t make 1-2 star heroes status comparison because I am pretty sure they’re not needed :).

Hope this guide helps you choosing your favorite heroes.

Comment, share this site if you find it useful :). Thank you for using this guide while playing

Hello Hero Heroes Spell Page

Hello Hero Guide Main Page

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  1. callum says:

    hi ive completed onyx mode, im a level 8. but i have no idea how to get the secret levels.

  2. yacin says:

    hi can u put some lower level heroes? ehehhe!! im new to this game. thats y.. thank u..

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