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Posted on May 7, 2014

Hello Hero Complete Skill List 6 Star Heroes

Hello Hero 6 Star Heroes Spell

6 Star Dealer Spell

HeroesSkill NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
ApollonRainning ArrowsAll EnemiesDamage55%Stun (10% chance)
ApollonPower of The sunSingle AllyHealing50%Dex Up (60%)
Sorceress SallyClap of ThunderAll EnemiesDamage70%Stun (5%)
Sorceress SallySqueakAll EnemiesDamage70%Freeze (10%)
Marine Brian45 ACPSingle EnemyDamage200%-
Marine BrianSmoke BombAll EnemiesDamage55%Blinds (2 turns)
Rocket King ToadDischarge RocketSingle EnemyDamage185%-
Rocket King ToadCall me KingAll EnemiesDebuff45%Armor Down
AvrilGot a Problem?Single EnemyDamage185%Stun (20% chance)
AvrilWinkAll EnemiesDebuff45%Attack Down
DylanSword of BloodSingle EnemyDamage195%Restores (33% Health)
DylanFamily HonorAll EnemiesDamage60%-
Swordmaiden YuiName of JusticeSingle EnemyDamage195%-
Swordmaiden YuiMoon Makeup!All AlliesBuff45%Attack Up
Samurai MusashiSpeed SlashSingle EnemyDamage135%2 turns
Samurai MusashiFine cutSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Ninja KeiasuChaos StrokeSingle EnemyDamage220%Confuse
Ninja KeiasuNinja VanishSelfBuff15%Stealth and Critical
Fighter RinaFast fast fastAlliesBuff90%Dex Up (Back Row only)
Fighter RinaSense threatSingle EnemyDamage240%Marked
Veteran BoM60 rifleSingle EnemyDamage190%Armor Down (30%)
Veteran BoFire in the HoleAll EnemiesDamage60%Armor Down (25%)
Muay Thai KhunGut KickSingle EnemyDamage180%Stun
Muay Thai KhunMuay ThaiSingle EnemyDamage140%2 turns
Coco from Golden ForestHit'em allAll EnemiesDamage55%-
Coco from Golden ForestGot youSingle EnemyDamage185%Dex Down (35%)
AgnidIncinerateSingle EnemyDamage200%Stun (33% chance)
AgnidLava BreathAll EnemiesDamage60%-
BelphegorArmor of EvilSelfBuff-Immune from damage (2 turns)
BelphegorBurning PrisonAll EnemiesDamage65%Blinds (2 turns)
Succubus RosieDevil's temptationSingle EnemyDamage200%Knockout (25% chance to knockout after 2 turns)
Succubus RosieFascinateAll AlliesBuff80%Counterattack Rate
Duke VentureGloomy MondayAll EnemiesDamage40%2 turns
Duke VentureBloody FieldAll EnemiesDamage60%Restores (15% Health)

6 Star  Healer Spell

HeroesSkill NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
RebeccaOrigin of LightAll AlliesHealing173
RebeccaBlessing of EdelAll AlliesHealing30%Revive
Maid EmmaFully ReadyAll EnemiesDebuff60%Dexterity Down
Maid EmmaQuick CleaningSingle AllyHealing25%
MiyaLucky PrayerSingle AllyHealing349
MiyaCat SoleSingle AllyHealing-Remove enemy spells
Scarecrow ThomasRecoverAll AlliesHealing-Remove enemy spells
Scarecrow ThomasStrange LightSingle AllyHealing2872 turns
Thutmose IIIHyksosAll EnemiesDebuff60%Dexterity Down
Thutmose IIIPower RayAll EnemiesDebuff40%Attack Down
Anubis the JackalAfterlifeAll EnemiesDebuff40%Attack Down
Anubis the JackalLuminousAll EnemiesDebuff-Remove Buff

6 Star  Hybrids Spell

HeroesSkill NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
Bignose Jr.Overheated SnortSingle EnemyDamage380%Restores (15%)
Bignose Jr.TornadoAll AlliesBuff80%Evasion Up
Teddybear PinkyAingSelfBuffImmune from Spell (3 turns)
Teddybear PinkyWahoo!Single EnemyDamage190%Dex Down (15%)
MihoYou're mineSelfBuff-Provoke (3 turns)
MihoMarble of FoxSingle EnemyDamage200%Restores (35%)
Master LeeRise of the DragonSingle EnemyDamage200%Stun
Master LeeRespect EldersSelfBuff-Immune from Damage (3 turns)
Space Flying ApophisEvademic abilitiesAll EnemiesDebuffRemove Buff
Space Flying ApophisElectron BubbleAll EnemiesDamage80%Silence (7% chance)
FrankenScrew TennisSingle EnemyDamage200%Silence
FrankenWeird HowlAll AlliesBuff45%Critical Rate Up

6 Star Tanker Spell

HeroesSkill NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
General EricStorm BladeSingle EnemyDamage200%Stun
General EricDefense modeAll AlliesBuff90%Focus Up
Major GokHectopascal spearSingle EnemyDamage190%Attack Down (10%)
Major GokCry of rageAll AlliesBuff35%Attack Up
Captain LakHectopascal spearSingle EnemyDamage190%Armor Down (15%)
Captain LakBattle CryAll AlliesBuff75%Armor Up

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