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Posted on May 7, 2014

Hello Hero Complete Spell List for 5 Star Heroes

Hello Hero 5 Star Heroes Spell

5 Star Dealer Spell

HeroesSpell NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
Sorcerer IsisClap of ThunderAll EnemiesDamage70%Stun (5% chance)
Sorcerer IsisSpellbookSelfBuff60%Attack Up
Marine Jimmy9mm bulletSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Marine JimmySmoke BulletAll EnemiesDamage50%Blinds (20% chance)
Prince FrogSecond wa FencingSingle EnemyDamage185%-
Prince FrogNa na nahAll EnemiesDebuff50%Armor Down
NikitaWake UpSingle EnemyDamage90%Stun
NikitaWinkAll EnemiesDebuff40%Attack Down
LlyodSword f BloodSingle EnemyDamage185%Restores (15%)
LlyodFamily ProtectionSelfBuff-Immune from Spell
Swordmaiden LillyName of JusticeSingle EnemyDamage180%-
Swordmaiden LillyMoonlight FallAll EnemiesDamage55%2 turns
Ninja HanjoDark StrokeSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Ninja HanjoNinja VanishSelfBuff15%Stealth and Critical Up
Fighter RuriKitty KickSingle EnemyDamage120%2 turns
Fighter RuriHopping TornadoSingle EnemyDamage190%-
NabiShut itAll EnemiesDamage75%Silence
NabiNo can't doSingle EnemyDamage185%-
Veteran RyanM60 RifleSingle EnemyDamage180%Armor Down (25%)
Veteran RyanFire in the HoleAll EnemiesDamage50%Armor Down (20%)
Muay Thai NiranGut KickSingle EnemyDamage180%Blinds
Muay Thai NiranMuay ThaiSingle EnemyDamage100%2 turns
Marshal GokStorm AXSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Marshal GokFatal RageSelfBuff70%Critical Rate Up
General LakFurious BlowSingle EnemyDamage190%-
General LakBoost MoraleAll AlliesBuff30%-
Red Cloak TomFancy Cat DanceSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Red Cloak TomAgility of a CatSelfBuff90%Evasion Up (4 turns)
Ghost KrakenChill ExplosionSingle EnemyDamage90%Freeze
Ghost KrakenSprayAll EnemiesDamage70%-
Assassin JackTriple SpearSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Assassin JackStraight SpearSingle EnemyDamage100%Silence
Assassin AceFull HouseSingle EnemyDamage190%-
Assassin AceRoyal FlushSingle EnemyDamage70%Stun
SpearShock NovaSingle EnemyDamage90%Stun
SpearSky KillerAll EnemiesDamage70%-
AsmodeusArmor of EvilSelfBuff-Immune from Damage
AsmodeusClutch of DeathSingle EnemyDamage80%Stun
Succubus DiandraDevil's TemptationSingle EnemyDamage180%Knockout (12% chance after 2 turns)
Succubus DiandraFascinateAll AlliesBuff70%Counterattack Rate Up
Count ToreadorBlood SuckingSingle EnemyDamage140%Restores (40%)
Count ToreadorDeath FieldAll EnemiesDamage55%Knockout (5% chance after 2 turns)

5 Star  Healer Spell

HeroesSpell NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
Rocket Lady JuneBewitching PoseAll EnemiesDebuff-Remove Buff
Rocket Lady JuneCroak WaveAll EnemiesDebuff45%Attack Down
IfritYour wishAll AlliesHealing1162 turns
IfritTurn the tideSingle EnemyDebuff-Steal Buff
KumiI see You!Single AllyHealing10%Remove Bad Status
KumiPossessed by FoxAll EnemiesDebuff40%Attack Down
Ghost SeadBoing-boingSingle AllyHealing231%2 turns
Ghost SeadMagical Queen Seed ScentSingle AllyHealing80%Revive
FernandoSerenadeSingle AllyHealing211-
FernandoOld Love StoryAll AlliesHealing872 turns
Assassin QueenCard's BlessingSingle AllyHealing-Remove Bad Status
Assassin QueenLeaf of RevivalAll AlliesHealing1112 turns
Angel AmeliaThe light of the Holy SpiritSingle AllyHealing265-
Angel AmeliaAngel's BlessingSingle AllyHealing-Remove Bad Status
Ramses IICurse of PharaohAll EnemiesDebuff50%Armor Down
Ramses IIGlorius LuxorAll EnemiesDebuff-Remove Buff
Anubis the EmbalmerRegenerateAll AlliesHealing140-
Anubis the EmbalmerLuminousAll EnemiesDebuff-Remove Buff

5 Star  Hybrids Spell

Hero NameSpell NameTargetTypeAmountEffect
MarySo DustySingle EnemyDamage180%Blind
MaryQuick CleaningSingle AllyHealing25%Remove Bad Status
Peach from Forest of FogShoot!All EnemiesDamage65%-
Peach from Forest of FogPower of Wind Spirit!All AlliesHealing10%Evasion rate up (50%)
RadonDragon's MarkSingle EnemyDamage180%Stun
RadonLava BreathAll EnemiesDamage65%-
Space Flying TudedeCooling  NozzleSingle EnemyDamage100%Freeze
Space Flying TudedeChaos BallSingle EnemyDamage180%Confuse
Sad TommyCongcong JumpSingle EnemyDamage180%Confuse
Sad TommyCongcong PokeSingle EnemyDamage180%Dex Down (20%)
SteinScrew TennisSingle EnemyDamage180%2 turns
SteinScary FaceAll EnemiesDebuff60%Dex Down

5 Star Tanker Spell

General HaroldChill WaveSingle TargetDamage160%Freeze
General HaroldDefense ModeAll AlliesBuff80%Focus Up
Samurai KojiroSurrender NowAll EnemiesDebuff50%Armor Down
Samurai KojiroFine CutSingle TargetDamage185%
Teddybear SkyBad KidSingle TargetDamage90%Marked
Teddybear SkyMe cuteAll EnemiesDebuff40%Attack Down
Assassin KingAll inSelfBuff-Provoke
Assassin KingWild CardSelfBuff50%Armor Up

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