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Hello Hero: Don’t Ever Remove These Important Heroes!!!

Hello Hero Don't remove this important Heroes

Heroes those listed below maybe not that useful on the arena battle, etc. But you will really need them to pass certain condition such as dungeon, mission, treasure hunt event, etc. I always equip heroes below with HP / Evasion type of equipment to boost their survivability (you only need their skill).

Many players are getting difficulties later in the game simply because they fuse these useful heroes without realizing their worths later in the game. You can fuse these heroes later when you have obtained the replacement for the weaker version. Example: You can fuse your officer king after you have obtained Wicked Jagar, etc.

ENHANCE THESE HEROES if you manage to get the duplicate :).

I assume you have read my other hello hero guides before reading this, so please do so if you haven’t.

Single Healer, Status Healer, Multiple Healer

hello hero featured maid marry

I suggest you have 3 heroes of this type on your hero rooster (use them when you need a lot status healers). Hero with these abilities

3 ★: Amelia, Scarecrow Raul
4 ★: Chichi
5 ★: Fernando (really superb healer!!!), Maid marry
6 ★: Miya

Why you need them???

They can heal and cure status, you really need  more than one on the dungeon where there are many disablers on the enemy side. It’s useless to have 5 strong heroes if all of them are stunned.


Hello Hero Provoker Featured

You only need one provoker per battle, as long as you pair it with “attack reducer”, your provoker will last for the entire battle.

3 ★: Officer King (very easy to get, simply master heroes described on “Recruit” => “Race”)
4 ★: Wicked Jagar (really good, because it can heal itself)
5 ★: Assassin King
6 ★: Miho

Why you need them???

This is a must if you want to conquer the dungeon, they may be useless on the arena fight (HP reduced to half). But on the dungeon they’re become the most useful category (make all bad status go towards them, so you only need to bring 1 or 2 status healers).

Attack Reducer

Hello Hero Attack Reducer

You only need one for this kind  of heroes, but you may want to bring 2 of them into the battle (many attack reducer can act as other rule too, such as Teddybear Grey which can also heal bad status). Make sure you cast the attack reducer at the very beginning of the battle because the AI seems to stupid to cast it on the beginning.

3 ★: Lady June
4 ★: Teddybear Grey, Talisa
5 ★: Nikita, Rocket Lady June (really good since it can also remove enemies’ buff)
6 ★: Avril

Why you need them ?

Provoker is only half piece of the puzzle, without attack reducer it will die very quickly. Combine this type of heroes  with your provoker and your provoker will live though out the battle.

Buff Removal

Hello Hero Buff Removal Lady June

You only need to have one for this category (starting for the 4★ and above, because they target all enemies; unlike 3 ★ which only target single enemy).

3 ★: Scarecrow Raul, Lady June, Poppin’ Henry
4 ★: Apophis, Lady Arom, Tuthankamun, Anubis the Recruiter, Breakin’ Meteor
5 ★: Rocket Lady June
6 ★:Anubis the Jackal

Why you need them ?

Many enemies will boost their status greatly on later stage of this game (counter attack rate, etc). If you don’t dispel the status you will be in deep trouble as the battle continues (especially on the dungeon battle, where the battle last really long).

Focus Booster


You only need to have one for this category.

3 ★: Mint Macaroon (Easy to obtain from “Recruit” => “Race”), M244 Turret
4 ★: Fighter Yul
5 ★: General Harold
6 ★: General Eric

Why you need them?

On the beginning of this game, you will need it for Boldpus Boss Raid. Later on the game you will need them on dungeon where, there are many formidable tankers and healers on enemy party (unfocused attack will mean nothing to them since they can heal it quickly).

Immune to Spell

Hello Hero Fluxion Schaken Featured Remove

You only need to have one for this category.

3 ★: Destroyer Schaken, Enraged Mummy
4 ★: Fluxion Schaken, King Tut
5 ★: Llyod
6 ★: Teddybear Pinky

Why you need them ?

You really need immune spell against Pintaurus, his “shining palm” (don’t know the official name), it will kill any hero with a single hit and can only be blocked by immune spell. As for the dungeon, you will need it when facing against the enemy who can lower your party attack. If your party’s attack gets lowered then the battle will drag into very long time (even if you can beat them).

P.S. : Make sure you cast the spell on the beginning of the battle manually.

Immune to damage

Hello Hero Immune damage david

You only need one for this category, having 2 or more are kinda useless on the boss raid since the boss can dispel the buff easily.

3 ★: ???
4 ★: Robin
5 ★: Asmodeus, Midfielder David
6 ★: Belphegor, Master Lee, Striker Diego

Why you need them ?

Obviously they are very good for the arena battle (unless the team have buff removal), but they are really vulnerable on the arena (half HP; probably getting one hit KO’ed if you don’t cast the spell manually at the beginning of the battle). This type of hero also useful for Boss Raid (Big nose and Boldpus). Big nose and Boldpus have an attack that deals really high damage, your hero probably die on the first hit (if you lucky the attack miss and leave you critically injured) without this spell.


If you know other heroes those are not mentioned on this guide, then please let me know on the comment (since I don’t have all heroes list at this moment). Thank you, I hope this guide help you enjoy this game.

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33 Responses to “Hello Hero: Don’t Ever Remove These Important Heroes!!!”

  1. iJumongski says:

    Hi there.

    I disposed all heroes that aren’t 6*. Will that be a problem?

    Like for example, I have recruited Fernando (5*) but I fused him to gain a 6*, because in my mind I already have a healer (Scarecrow 6*)

  2. Kuma says:

    Space Flying Apophis buff remover 6*

  3. Kennesa says:

    use nurse ursel 4s hero with removebuff + 160%dmg single target
    and 160% dmg with stun good hero

    Nurse Florence 5s hero with removebuff + 180% dmg single target with heal skill very nice healer hero

  4. Holysht says:

    thanks,i almost disposed heroes which is on the list!

  5. justhinksiau says:

    Provoker – Pumpkinhead King 5*
    Immune to damage – Kibi the Scrapper 4*

    great guide!

  6. PlasmoX says:

    while, the immune to damage heroes are really good, i think it is good for arena over boss raids. Yea, you can be immune to those really powerful attacks, but a decent tank up front + armor buffs can be a better deal. I use captain lak and general eric up front for boldpus, and captain lak and ninja keiasu for bignose.

    I find that the heroes with the immune are not guaranteed to protect the heroes in the back, especially when you have bignose AOE’ing your back row. RNG will sometimes ignore your front line and kill a DPSer, so I like to have as much utility as possible. Captain Lak’s got his 75% armor buff which is amazing at reducing the incoming damage for everyone. Occasionally he’ll get hit with blinding splendor and or snort for about 200-300 with buffs, easily survivable, and you get an extra armor debuff

  7. Lexie32 says:

    How bout Rebecca 6* for healer?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s one of the best healers you can get, but I doubt anyone will sell her even I include her :). However I prefer scarecrow (6 star), because he can cure all bad statuses.

  8. aaa says:

    How about hero that have chance to knock out target?

  9. Cupcakes says:

    5 ★ Magician Melchior has 80% focus buff.

  10. Cupcakes says:

    5 ★ Valley Chief Pigsy has all debuff skill too. Not as good as Rocket Lady though. *Lol*

  11. Legion says:

    you forgot maid anna 4 star for status healers

  12. SleepwalkerX says:

    Would the items on these heroes differ from the arena guide that you made?

  13. Sprongky says:

    Noobbgodlike better not forget about “Fighter Rina” and Teddybear Sky”. There both very good focus boosters (equipped with all focus items) because one of there skills forces allies to attack the enemy they attacked. Very useful against boldpus (removes the turn wasted on buffing focus buffs and also deals damage).

  14. SleepwalkerX says:

    lady arom vs apophis, which is better, planning on fusing the other one. thank you

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hard to decide, both of them are really good…… My suggestion, don’t fuse them, just keep them and use them accordingly depend on situation.

    • Sprongky says:

      I’d keep Lady Arom and dispose of Apophis if I where you. But yeah keeping them both would be much safer.

  15. bentekwatro says:

    The 6* Hero that removes all enemies buffs is named Anubis the Jackal. His other skill is decrease all enemies attack by 40% for 2 turns.

    As for focus heroes. Other than Mint Macaroon, there’s another 3* Hero named M244 Turret

    Immune to spell skills:
    3* Destroyer Schaken / Enraged Mummy
    4* Fluxion Schaken / King Tut
    5* is named Lloyd not Dylan (because Dylan is a 6* hero that has AoE skill) Note: Lloyd is the best hero that has immune to spell skill because his other skill is 185% attack damage with 15% hp heal.
    6* If i’m not mistaken it is Teddy Bear Pinky which is immune to spells for 3 turns.

    Immune to damage:
    6* You forgot to add Striker Diego.

  16. Kevin says:

    What about Kumi?

  17. Lloyd says:

    You forgot Anubis the Recruiter for Buff removal (enemy side), he is a 4 star hero with a single target heal + aoe enemy buff removal. I have him if you need a screenshot.

  18. Esreverse says:

    Nice guide man! Well done. 🙂 6* Provoker: Miho 6* Focus Booster: General Eric 5* Focus Booster: General Harold. There are also heroes with debuff that “marks” the attack target so it’s kinda like focus. 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thank you :), I know about the heroes that you’re talking but they have tendency to attack front row heroes which will nullify the purpose of kill the healer/supporter first :).

  19. Rod23 says:

    nice guide tnx.. 🙂

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