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Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 41 – 50 Guide

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On these floors, I suggest you to use 4* heroes (with “+3” – “+5” upgrade). You can use 3* heroes for healing and support but make sure they equip good armor and have been upgraded to +5.

Status Healer: Hero that can dispel enemy’s bad spell (affect our party)
Buff Removal: Hero that can dispel enemy’s buff (affect  enemy party)
W = have wings icon, can’t be inflicted with “action-related abnormalities (Stunned, Silenced, Blinded, Frozen, unable to fight, confused, etc).

Floor 41

Capo Shark Lvl 38
Consigliere Shark Lvl 38
Underboss Shark Lvl 38
Boss Shark Lvl 38
Godfather Shark (w) Lvl 38

All of them can freeze you  (thanks only 20% chance), they also have spell that raise their counterattack rate. 

[0] Status Healer (I use Amelia)
[0] Stunner/Freezer which will prevent their counter attack

Floor 42

King Toad x2 Lvl 42
Sir Ribbit x2 Lvl 42
Lady June Lvl 42

Not hard at all, once you kill 2 King toads the battle is yours.

[0] Status Healer/Remove enemy spells (Example: Amelia), you probably need 2 of this kind of heroes. As Sir ribbit can silence you.
[0] 2 Stunner, because if King Toads are stunned then it’s very easy since they’re the only dealer on enemy’s party.

 Floor  43

Duric Rayner x2 Lvl 35
Tudede Lvl 35
Vaness Lvl 35
Apophis Lvl 35

Duric Rayner (2) and Vaness can stun your character. You really need Status healer on this battle. Buff-er won’t help in this battle since Apophis can easily remove them.

[0] Status Healer(I use Amelia). You probably need 2.
[0] 2 Stunner, Stun Duric Rayner (2) first before they stun your party.
[0] Hero that can provoke also useful (example officer king). Make sure you bring good healer though.

Floor 44

Gilbert x2 lvl 36
Rag Doll Toby x3 lvl 36

Gilbert is heavy tanker and can decrease your party armors and Rag Doll Toby can deal all party attack. Kill Gilbert ASAP, before they lower your armor further.

[0] Good Dealers (At this level you need 4* dealer ).

Floor 45

Spearman Gok x2 lvl 37
Soldier Gok x2 lvl 37
General Lak lvl 37

This level resembles to level 37. You really need strong attacker to kill those spearman Gok quickly. General Lak can boost his critical rate, which can cause massive damage to a single target.

[0] Strong Tanker to tank General Lak attack (I use Spearman Lak)
[0] Party Healer (Example: Gonzales)

Floor 46

Spear x2 Lvl 35
Scorpion x2 Lvl 35

Okay, we fight 4 stunners here… You really need status healer on this battle (I bring 2, Amelia and Teddybear Grey). Hero that can reduce the attack power helps too since the enemy can do all party members attack.

[0] 2 Status Healer (I use Amelia and Teddybear Grey)
[0] Hero that can reduce attack (I use Teddybear Grey because it’s really good since he can also heal bad status)

Floor 47

Sergeant Jack Lvl 39
Officer King Lvl 39
Medic Queen Lvl 39
Queen Rouge Lvl 39
Queen Noir Lvl 39

Nothing dangerous on this level, both queens can silence your hero, so status healer is a big help on this battle.  Use your normal party here, no need for any strategy.

Status Healer (I use Amelia)

Floor 48

Nutmeg x2 Lvl 33
Green Cupcake Lvl 33
Green Tea Cupcake Lvl 33
Mint Macaroon Lvl 33

Nutmeg (x2) and Clove can boost their party attack, this combo completed by mint macaroon which boosts the focus of their party. This will make one your hero get focus attacked.

[0] Buff removal (all target) so their buffs go null (Example: Lady Arom; I use Rocket Lady June)
[0] Good dealer with high critical rate (Example: King Toad), this will counter their dexterity reducer as you depends more on your skill than your attack frequency.

 Floor 49

Mr. Crab Lvl 37
Godfather Shark Lvl 37
Jju Lvl 37
Riu Lvl 37

Godfather shark can freeze your hero, but it’s only 20%. You only need good Healer (Amelia +5 works). Jju and Riu will counter your attack, but they won’t be that much dangerous because they’re positioned on the back which mean you won’t attack them while there are a lot of enemies.

[0] Good Healer (Example: Amelia and Chi Chi)

Floor 50

Destroyer Schaken x2 Lvl 36
Destroyer Faust Lvl 36
Destroyer Listic Lvl 36
Succubus Gianna Lvl 36

On this floor the Destroyer Schaken is very special (2). They can cast “Shape of Transcendence” which make them immune from damage (like Asmodeus’ Armor of Evil). On this level you absolutely need a hero that can remove enemy’s buff (Scarecrow Raul, Lady Arom). If you don’t have that kind of hero, then prepare to get counter attacked since there is Succubus Gianna that will raise their counter attack rate.

You can also use a lot of stunners if you don’t have buff removal hero (you need at least 3 stunner to prevent Schaken ability), CAST IT MANUALLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE. One stunner won’t work since Destroyer Listic can cure it immediately.

[0] Buff Removal Heroes: Scarecrow Raul (not that recommended since it can only dispel one target), Lady Arom, etc. I use Rocket Lady June.

You can help others by leaving your hero set up on the comment below. Please write in format like below

Heroes line up:…….

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8 Responses to “Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 41 – 50 Guide”

  1. Stiffler says:

    im stucked at 47 im using 2 status healer also cant pass them hmm ..

  2. ConfiSTC23 says:

    FOR LEVEL 50

    I used pink kraken, talisa lvl 33 +5, officer king+5(to tank), amelia(to heal) and william Burglen.

    At the start of the battle, i used talisa to stun Destroyer Schaken. Then i used pink kraken to freeze the other Destroyer Schaken. It is expected for 1 of them to be dispelled from the support behind. This is the time i use william burglen to freeze the “recovered” Destroyer Schaken. So right now, i can focus on attacking the 3 behind.

    Normally, you will be able to afford to use another ice to freeze another one behind. Hopefully, it is the Destroyer Listic. Do try and save at least 1 stun or freeze in case Destroyer comes out. I had 4 of the heroes froze before and i could eliminate the remaining one. Things then start to get easy. The main point of this combo is to ensure that the 2 Destroyer Schakens get perma froze/stun so that they will not cast the magic/damage immune spells.

    This is the trick i had to resort to as i did not have any buff removal heroes.

    Hope this helped :).

  3. Ron says:

    It’s hard for me to crack 47. I have Calvin+5, Muai Thai Klahan+5, Assasin Queen, Mareed, and Off King +5. I also have Blue Cloak Tom, Dark Listic, Talisa, Isis 33 + 5 and Queen Sead. How can i crack this? 🙁

  4. Kevin says:

    Im stuck at dungeon 44 T.T . Hero that i use (amelia,calvin,offking,catty ted,tiamat)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Are they fully upgraded to +5?? your hero line up should have no problem against that level. Try to control your party manually, the AI is really sucks for this kind of battle.

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