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Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 51 – 60 Guide and Tips

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On these floors, I suggest you to use 4* heroes (with “+5” upgrade) or higher. You can use 3* heroes for healing and support but make sure they equip good equipments and have been upgraded to +5.

Status Healer: Hero that can dispel enemy’s bad spell (affect our party)
Buff Removal: Hero that can dispel enemy’s buff (affect  enemy party)
W = have wings icon, can’t be inflicted with “action-related abnormalities (Stunned, Silenced, Blinded, Frozen, unable to fight, confused, etc).

Floor 51

Sergeant Jack Lvl 48
Officer King Lvl 48
Crazy Joker x2 Lvl 48
Queen Noir (W) Lvl 48

4 Enemy heroes can cause a bad status (Silence and Blind). You need at least 2 status healer on this floor.

[0] Status Healer (I used Teddybear Pinky and Amelia).

Floor 52

Mr. Crab ?? Forget to write
Godfather Shark ?? Forget to write
Baby Kraken (x2) ?? Forget to write
Kraken (W) ?? Forget to write

3 Heroes can freeze you. Have 2 status healers and you’re done. Baby Kraken (x2) can only heal so, they’re not dangerous, but this battle may last quite long because baby kraken can heal 10% HP (about 200 HP per heal).

[0] 2 Status Healers (I use Teddybear Grey and Amelia).

Floor 53

Fluxion Schaken Lvl 29
Destroyer Schaken Lvl 29
Destroyer Faust x2 Lvl 29
Succubus Diandra (W) Lvl 29

This level resemble with the Level 50, both Schaken can use “Shape of Transcendence”, and the boss is Succubus Diandra (her counter support spell raise 40% counterattack rate), so buff removal heroes is a must on this level. You can also use stunner on this battle (no one on the enemy party can cure bad status). However, you need at least one status healer, just in case Diandra silences the buff removal hero. They have low HP though, so you may win if you deal large damage at the beginning of battle (manage to kill Schaken before they cast their invincible armor)

[0] 1 Buff removal hero (I use Rocket lady June, Lady Arom should be enough).  If you only have hero that can only remove one enemy buff then you need at least 2 of them.
[0] 1 status Healer (I use Amelia).

Floor 54

Prince Frog x2 Lvl 43
Sir Croaker x2 Lvl 43
Lady Arom (W) Lvl 43

Ups, one of the enemy is my favorite hero (Lady Arom), she can remove buff, simply use strong dealers on this level. You need to kill Prince Frog (x2) ASAP anyway (since they can reduce your armor). Have 2 status healer will help you since there are 2 enemy who can silence your dealer and Lady Arom can also reduce your heroes damage by 30%, if it’s not dispelled quickly.

[0] 2 Status Healers (I use Amelia and Teddybear Grey).

Floor 55

Assassin Jack (W) Lvl 34
Assassin King (W) Lvl 34
Assassin Queen  x2 (W) Lvl 34
Assassin Ace (W) Lvl 34

All enemy have (W) status…This mean your stunner is useless on this battle. Have at least 2 status removal heroes, because they can cause you blind or stun. This will be a logn fight because they have 2 healer, but it’s not that hard (doesn’t require specific hero as a must). If you use full party of 4 stars heroes (except for support role) then you should be fine.

[0] Status Healer (I use Teddibear Grey and Amelia)
[0] Dealers/Hybrids (4 stars with “+5” upgrade).

Floor 56

Captain Lak (W) Lvl 36
Major Gok (W) Lvl 36
Soldier Lak (W) Lvl 36
Soldier Gok (W) Lvl 36
Radon (W) Lvl 36

You really need a good healer and good tanker for this battle. Buff removal will help you on this battle (remove Major Gok and Captain Lak Counterattack boost).

[0] Buff Removal (I use Scarecrow Raul)
[0] Party Healer (like Gonzales) or 2 single Healer (like Amelia).

Floor 57

Marine Brian (W) Lvl 41
Marine Jimmy (W) Lvl 41

Only 2 enemies, but they have spell that can blind all of your heroes. To win this battle you need 2 status healers (to heal stun ASAP). You really depend on your hero’s spell on this one since you will be blinded.

[0] 2 or 3 Status Healer (I use Amelia and Teddibear Grey)
[0] Good Dealers (I use King Toad lvl 33 and +5 upgrade)

Floor 58

Fluxion Schaken x2 Lvl 35
Destroyer Listic Lvl 35
Destroyer Faust (W) Lvl 35
Succubus Rosie (W) Lvl 35

If you have made this far then you should have no problem against this one. Buff removal heroes are the key like on the floor 50 and 53.

[0] Buff Removal (I use Rocket Lady June,; Lady Arom works too), you need 2 if you only have 1 target buff removal (example: Scarecrow Raul).

Floor 59

Agnid Lvl 29
Nikita (W) Lvl 29
Talisa (W) Lvl 29

Talisa and Nikita can stun your hero and lower their damage output. Have 2 or 3 status healers and cast status removal manually (when your hero is stunned, it will also remove low attack status).

[0] Status removal hero (I use Teddibear Grey and Amelia).

Floor 60

Tudede (W) Lvl 53
Vaness (W) Lvl 53
M244 Turret x2 (W) Lvl 53
Apophis (W) Lvl 53

Tudede and Vaness can cause bad status to your hero (stun and blind), counter this using status healer (only need one since the spell only have 50% chance). M244 Turret can boost allies focus which will make them kill your weak hero (healer, etc) quickly.

[0] Buff removal (Multi target like Lady Arom).
[0] Decent healer (I use  Fernando).
[0] A hero that can lower enemy damage absolutely useful on this battle!!  (I use Teddibear Grey/Talisa).

You can help others by leaving your hero set up on the comment below. Please write in format like below

Heroes line up:…….

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11 Responses to “Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 51 – 60 Guide and Tips”

  1. Tong says:

    I am stuck at D60.
    Level 15 now.

    Front row:
    Destroyer Schaken +5 level 33
    Midfielder +5

    Back row:
    Disciple Lingling
    Amelia + 5 level 33
    Anubis the protector + 5

    I just cant get pass this.
    The attack is way to much to my team… each member got killed in 1-2 attacks.

    I tried replacing Amelia with Dark listic +5.
    But this team doesn’t seem to help. Dark Listic is always the first to go which make his Silence skill ineffective.

  2. Sprongky says:

    Tip for dungeon 52: Only “Pink Kraken” has the wing status (immune to spell effects). Bring 2 heroes with freeze skill to disable “Mr. Crab” and “Godfather Shark” and bring 1 status healer for “Pink Kraken”‘s chill attack. Once the kraken is down be sure to disable only one frontliner at once to give you time to deal damage to the other.

    Lineup used:
    Lvl30 Wicked Jagar
    Lvl30 Kraken +5
    Lvl32 Ghost Kraken
    Lvl30 Amelia +5
    Lvl30 Isis +5

  3. neosonic says:

    I am still stuck at this stage, I wonder why.
    Front :
    1. superstar robin (rely on that defense field)
    2. fighter yui + 5 (focus and attack)
    Back :
    1. anubis the embalmer (all buff removal + healer)
    2. queen seed (healer + revive)
    3. amelia (status + healer)

    My problem is, I do not have the decent attack reducer though (I only have lady june), I only have average 3 star armor reducer (the blue frog) 🙁
    If I need to use one of them, which one who I should replace?

  4. EcaRG says:

    in dungeon 62 .. what if i dont have any status healer .. ??

  5. dehka says:

    for d60 i think this better
    I used
    lv30 Fighter yui +5(Focus-Att dmg)
    lv30 off king +5(Provoke)
    lv30 ameila +5(Heal-Status healer)
    lv30 lady arom +0(dec att dmg of enemy-remove buff from all enemy)
    lv30Teddybeargrey+0(Dec att dmg of enemy-Status healer)

    • Legion says:

      for dg 60 this is my line-up
      cement rice +5
      off king +5
      maid anna +5
      toad king +5
      anubis the enbalmer +5

      was very fast and effective

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