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Posted on Apr 19, 2014

Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 61 – 70 Guide

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On these floors, I suggest you to use at least 5* heroes (with “+5” upgrade) or higher. You can use 3* heroes for healing and support but make sure they equip good equipments and have been upgraded to +5.

Starting these, I suggest you to control the battle manually until you manage to kill 2 of enemies. The battle is really hard…

Status Healer: Hero that can dispel enemy’s bad spell (affect our party)
Buff Removal: Hero that can dispel enemy’s buff (affect  enemy party)
W = have wings icon, can’t be inflicted with “action-related abnormalities (Stunned, Silenced, Blinded, Frozen, unable to fight, confused, etc).

Dungeon 61

Enraged Arbol lvl 54
Enraged Maudry (x2) (W) lvl 54
Succubus Diandra (W) lvl 54

Strategy 1

3 enemy heroes can silence, you really need 3 status healers (sounds crazy, yes it’s…). Enraged Arbol has a lot of HP which synergize to Succubus Diandra can raise counter attack rate of the enemy party…. so you need a buff removal too…

The formation for this crazy battle:
3 status healers (hope they can also heal you), 1 buff removal (or prepared to get countered..), and one attacker. This will take a very long time.

Strategy 2

You need a hero that can provoke enemies, this way you only need 1 status removal hero (since all silence spell will go toward to this  hero). But you really need to have a decent healer for this battle (I use Fernando +5). Make sure you keep your provoker alive (this is one of the reason why you need to control your party manually). A hero that can reduce enemy’s attack power is really useful in this battle because it will make your provoker survive longer.

Enraged Arbol doesn’t have (W) symbol, you can make them useless by having 2 stunner (which will make diandra counterattack buff useless)

My Party for this floor:
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 (no upgrade), it always flirts with death because it has no upgrade, thanks I can still make it
[0] Radon Lvl 33 (+5 Upgrade)
[0] Rocket Lady June (to remove buff and lower enemy damage)
[0] Amelia Lvl 33 (+5 Upgrade)
[0] Teddybear Grey lvl 30 (+5 upgrade)

Dungeon 62

General Lak x2 (W) Lvl 60
Assassin Ace x2 (W) Lvl 60
Queen Noir (W) Lvl 60

Assassin Ace can stun your hero and Queen Noir also can silence. You need to have about 3 status healers and buff removal since General Lak Critical is insane…


can’t think the other way other than having provoker … exactly same as dungeon 61.. Long live provoker…. I am thinking to write ” Don’t EVER SELL THESE HEROES” because of the difficulty of the dungeon… My party is still the same like floor 61.

Dungeon 63

Jju (W) Lvl 53
Riu (W) Lvl 53
Prince frog (W) Lvl 53
Sir Croaker (W) Lvl 53
Lady Arom (W) Lvl 53

Lady Arom Dispel and lower attack damage

Riu and JJu counter attacker

Prince frog can decrease armor (thanks only 20%)

Sir croaker silence

Provoker won’t work be that useful on this battle, the enemy tactic is based on Jju and Riu Counterattack, your attack won’t do any worth damage because of Lady Arom spell (This is why you need status healers)

This battle will take a very long time (it takes me about 20 minutes to win this one ….). And I actually dead on this battle… and use retry option (this is floor 63 so I need to use 63000 and 3 energy), only use retry if you have killed Jju and Riu. If you can’t kill them then I believe you will still lose again after retry (I don’t know how may times you can retry, I just know about the retry option on this floor).

My Party
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 Upgrade
[0] Fernando Lvl 30 + 5 Upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30 no upgrade
[0] Amelia Lvl 33 +5
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 no upgrade; I use it because I don’t have other status removal other than teddybear grey (I need the one who can heal, because I believe you need at least 2 healers for this level), Provoker is for tanking enemy’s silence spell, so it won’t hit Amelia. If you have a hero like chichi then you can replace this with another attacker (Chichi fill Fernando’s spot).

Dungeon 64

Captain Lak (W) Lvl. 60
Major Gok (W) Lvl. 60
Radon (W) Lvl. 60
Tiamat (W) Lvl. 60
General Lak (W) Lvl. 60

On this level you really need provoker, there is no one who can cause bad status, but their attack power is quite high. Provoker + hero who can reduce enemy damage si a must on this level.

My Party
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 Upgrade
[0] Fernando Lvl 30 + 5 Upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30 no upgrade
[0] General Lak Lvl 30 +5
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 +5

Dungeon 65

Fluxion Schaken x2 Lvl 59
Succubus Rosie (W) Lvl 59
Succubus Diandra (W) Lvl 59
Succubus Gianna (W) Lvl 59

Fluxion schaken can be stunned! so take this advantage!! If you don’t have buff removal then make sure you bring 2 stunners and stun them at the beginning of the battle.  There are 2 enemy who can cause silence, so you need to have 2 status healres if you don’t have provoker ( I have no idea how you make to this level if you don’t have a provoker; unless you have full party of 6 star heroes with +5 upgrade). Their HP is not that high though :).

My Party
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 Upgrade
[0] Fernando Lvl 30 + 5 Upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30 no upgrade
[0] General Lak Lvl 30 +5
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 +5

Dungeon 66

M244 Turret x2 (W) Lvl 67
Spear (W) Lvl 67
Scorpion (W) Lvl 67
Apophis (W) Lvl 67

Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 66

M244 can boost focus which probably make your healer targeted, provoke can be dispelled by Apophis easily. Provoker still useful on this level but not a must, but THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is a hero with lower attack debuff. I believe you need 2 status healers because if your provoke dispelled and the healer stunned… it will be the end for you.

My party:
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 Upgrade
[0] Miya Lvl 30 No Upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30 no upgrade
[0] Teddybear Grey Lvl 30 + 5 Upgrade
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 +5 (should had exchanged him with another dealer… I think I don’t need him on this battle)

On these floors (61-70), I can only say “LONG LIVE PROVOKER” It will make your dungeon journey far easier.

Dungeon 67

Marshall Gok x2 (W) Lvl 70
Nikita (W) Lvl 70
Talisa (W) Lvl 70
Tiamat (W) Lvl 70

Hello Hero Dungeon Level 67

Let’s lower each other’s attacks , OK 🙂

I use the same set up as dungeon level 66, Lower attack buff will be very useful on this stage since the enemies can lower your attack damage (Talisa and Nikita). As long as you have provoker and “lower attack debuff” hero you will be fine, but please be patient since the battle will take really long time. Status healers also useful since it can dispel lower attack debuff (you can cause a little bit more damage). It takes me about 30 minutes to end this floor (do this while reading or doing something else).

My party:
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 Upgrade
[0] Miya Lvl 30 No Upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30 no upgrade
[0] Teddybear Grey Lvl 30 + 5 Upgrade
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 +5

Dungeon 68

Nikita (W) Lvl 53
Talisa (W) Lvl 53
Fernando Lvl 53
Gonzales Lvl 53

Hello Hero Dungeon 68

Probably the most tricky dungeon…. On this area you really need 3 essential thing:
[0] Focus boost ability ( I use Figther Yul on this floor, another easy focus booster is mint macaroon, you can get him via recruit race reward)
[0] Provoker
[0] Hero that can stop enemy skill (stun, confuse or silence); I refer them as a stopper.

Enemy’s strategy on this battle

Fernando and Gonzales will heal all enemies, while Talisa and Nikita will lower your attack power until you can’t do any damage to them…. Both Nikita and Talisa have wind symbol, but Fernando and Gonzales don’t have it. You should already know what you need to do now :).


If you haven’t figured it out.. you need to prevent Gonzales and Fernando from healing their friend. This is where focus boosting hero comes into play, with high focus your party automatically will target Gonzales (1st) and Fernando (2nd). Bad status spell never affect the same enemy so bring 2 stoppers. This will prevent them from healing. Gonzales and Fernando only have little amount of HP (about 1000), so killing them shouldn’t take too long).

However, Talisa and Nikita can stun your heroes, this is where provoker come into play :). All of their stun will go toward to provoker.

Basically you need (Hero that I used):
[0] One provoker (Wicked Jagar lvl 30 +5 upgrade)
[0] Two Stoppers (Radon Lvl 33 + 5 and Sad Tommy Lvl 30 +5); You can also use Silence (sir croaker silence only 42 seconds; thanks to arcpun for mentioning about this)
[0] One healer (Miya lvl 30; Amelia can replace her)
[0] One focus booster (Figther Yul Lvl 30 +5 upgrade)

Dungeon 69

Mint Macaroon (W) Lvl 70
Infantry Stew Lvl 70
Green Tea Cupcake (W) Lvl 70
Clove (W) Lvl 70
Red Cloak Tom (W) Lvl 70

Mint Macaroon can stun and boost focus of enemy party. This will make your healer attacked by enemies, to prevent this simply have provoker or a hero that can remove buff or who can reduce enemies attack (talisa, etc). Hero that can remove buff really essential as there is a clove that can boost enemy’s attack. However this level is not that hard. A focus Booster hero is really help on this battle since infantry stew can heal himself for 509 HP, so unless you focus your attack into him, the battle will take alot of time.

You only need provoker, healer, buff removal or attack reducer. My party:
[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 30 +5 upgrade
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 upgrade
[0] Rocket Lady June Lvl 30
[0] Miya Lvl 30
[0] Figther Yul Lvl 30 +5 Upgrade

Dungeon 70

Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 70 Instant death

Destroyer Listic x4 Lvl 66
Belphegor (W) Lvl 66

On this battle you need at least 2 or 3 status healer, Belphegor can cause instant death status  to all your heroes (in 10 turns; indicated by black shadow under heroes), so you need to remove those status ASAP. Other enemies (Destroyer Listic) are not that dangerous and they can be inflicted by bad status (stun, etc), however if you find yourself dying then you need de buff-er on your party (lower attack). Provoker is recommended on this level (but not an absolute must).

The Belphegor doesn’t have armor of evil spell, so you don’t need to bring buff removal hero.

My Hero:
[0] Teddybear Grey Lvl 30 +5 (Role: Status Healer and De buff-er)
[0] Maid Marry Lvl 33 +5(Role: Status Healer and damage dealer)
[0] Miya Lvl 30 +5 (Status Healer and healer)
[0] Wild Jagar Lvl 32 +5 (Provoker)
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 (Damage dealer)

You can help others by leaving your hero set up on the comment below. Please write in format like below

Heroes line up:…….

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  1. Banhista says:

    Dungeon 72

    Assasin king +4
    Frog king +5
    Kumi 33 +0
    Thomas +4
    Ipurit +0

    Easy with that setup

  2. Sprongky says:

    For dungeon 68 a very effective strategy. Yes focus is a must (preferably Mint Macaroon), one freeze skill, one provoke, one status healer, and one silence skill.

    Skill Order:
    Cast provoke -> focus buff -> freeze skill -> stun skill ->wait for a whole turn to end -> silence skill

    The focus buff needs no further explanation. You need presence of mind with the provoke and status heal. The freeze shuts down one healer (Gonzales) while stun deals with the other (Fernando). Alternating between stun and silence every one turn is a must as this will completely shut down their healing capabilities while the other one is frozen.

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