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Hello Hero Dungeon Guide: Floor 71-80

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On these floors, I suggest you to use at least 5* heroes (with “+5” upgrade) or higher. You can use 3* heroes for healing and support but make sure they equip good equipments and have been upgraded to +5.

Starting these, I suggest you to control the battle manually until you manage to kill 2 of enemies. The battle is really hard…

Status Healer: Hero that can dispel enemy’s bad spell (affect our party)
Buff Removal: Hero that can dispel enemy’s buff (affect  enemy party)
W = have wings icon, can’t be inflicted with “action-related abnormalities (Stunned, Silenced, Blinded, Frozen, unable to fight, confused, etc).

Dungeon 71

Hello Hero Dungeon Floor 71 Lower Their attack

All enemies can do all target attacks, so remove your provoker  from your party because its effectiveness are reduced drastically (still useful to absorb single target attack). You also may need status healer, to dispel “damage after 2 turns” spells, it’s not that important though.

What you really need on this floor

  • Lower Attack Debuff: you really need this hero to survive this floor. (Example: Lady Arom, Teddybear Grey, etc). You want to debuff them like what I show you on the screenshot above. Control your heroes manually at the beginning of the battle, to make sure they cast their debuff.
  • Buff Removal: This is also another must, because shade bomber can boost all enemy heroes attack power by 50%. Stacked multiple times and you will be done. (example: Lady Arom, Rocket Lady June, etc)
  • All target Healer: this is not a must, but you may need it because enemies attack all your heroes at once. (Example: Ifrit, Fernando, Assassin Queen,etc)
  • If you don’t have lower attack debuff then you can use evade boosting heroes (such as Peach from forest fog, however it may not works that well because evasion triggered  based on a percentage).

My hero line up

[0] Nikita Lvl 30 +5 ( Lower attack debuff and attacker)
[0] Rocket Lady June (Lower attack debuff and attacker)
[0] Fernando Lvl 30 + 5 (All Target Healer)
[0] The other two heroes are not significant, you only need 2 damage dealer (I use Radon and Maid Marry)

Dungeon 72

Menace Polter Kin x4 (W) Lvl 72
Ominous Polter-Kin (W) Lvl 72

What you really need on this floor

  • Provoker: This will take all damages and other debuff (instant death and silence), because all enemies have silence skill, the provoker is a must on this battle.
  • 2 or 3 status healer: this is to remove lower attack debuff from ominous polter kin (unless you want the battle last for a long time…..). You also need it to cure your provoker from silence so it can cast provoke again.
  • Debuff (Lower attack): You can’t separate provoker from “lower attack” hero :).

I believe you have some heroes that can act for 2 roles shown above (such as Amelia), make sure you bring them into this battle.

My hero line up

[0] Wicked Jagar Lvl 32 +5 (Provoker)
[0] Miya Lvl 30 +4 (healer and status healer)
[0] Maid Mary Lvl 33 +5 (damage dealer and status healer)
[0] Teddybear Grey Lvl 30 + 5 (Lower attack debuff and status healer)
[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 (Damage dealer)

I will work on other floors guide ASAP :). Hope this guide helps you.

You can help others by leaving your hero set up on the comment below. Please write in format like below

Heroes line up:…….

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19 Responses to “Hello Hero Dungeon Guide: Floor 71-80”

  1. shane says:

    Dg 74 please give suggestions for clearing this stage 🙂

  2. docbondoc says:

    Im at dg85. For dg75, I just used my Succubus Diandra. Enemy on this stage doesn’t have self buff. So, I highly suggest you to use a hero who has a chance to knock-out skill. If you dont have that kind of hero, then I assure you, you’ll be having a hard time to finish that stage.

  3. TimberSawyer says:

    78 please T_T

    • docbondoc says:

      I highly suggest you to use a hero with a skill of chance to knock-out the enemy. Why? Because they don’t have spell remover. With this, you can finish this stage in 1 try only.

      • TimberSawyer says:

        thanks a lot dude 😀 i use my succubus diandra, with knock out single target 12%. 😀 now i have another big deal at 79 T_T can you give me another suggestion T_T

  4. Will says:

    Hello, need help on dungeon 75? So hard tried for days now. thankss

    • Alf says:

      You have to do it with a hero that can knock-out in a few turns, the scarecrow is the worst but he is weak to status changes, I was lucky and got him on the first attack, and even with that it took me 45 minutes…… the rest of the team should be 2 status healers, an attack debuffer and a provocker to get the silence attacks on him.

    • homerSapiens says:

      -att e.g. Rocket Lady June
      -def e.g. Veteran Ryan
      healer/status remover(2) e.g. Scarecrow Thomas, ChiChi

      one slot for free choice
      -solid single hitter

  5. IJUDGE says:

    Guide to dungeon 73

    Front line
    Space flying tudede 30 +3 (Freeze, confuse)
    Niddhog 30 +5 (Stun, AOE Damage)

    Back line
    Lady arom 30 +5 (All enemy dispel, damage debuff)
    Mareed 30 +5 (All heal, revive)
    Amelia 30 +5 (Heal, Dispel)

    Damage debuff, heal incoming damage, freeze, stun, confuse, heal.

    This is a tricky one. It requires quick thinking on 2x speed. My setup could lock all enemies under bad status. It was also possible to use confuse > stun > freeze on the same target before it could break free.

    • IJUDGE says:

      Ps: all enemies can be affected by bad status (no Wing).

    • Sprongky says:

      Freezing first before confuse or stun really helps this lineup become cost effective.

      The games AI will obviously not allow to confuse or stun a frozen enemy. And if an enemy is already confused or stunned, the AI will find another target (i.e in the front one is frozen while the other confused, if you use stun the AI will target one of the enemies at the back because the AI considers stun and confuse as the same type of skill)

  6. IJUDGE says:

    Guide to Dungeon 72:

    Front line:
    Wicked Jagar 30 +5 (Provoker, self healer) 4*
    Fluxion Schaken 30 +5 (Spell Imune, Damage Dealer) 4*

    Back line:
    Kumi 30 +0 (Status healer & heal, Damage Debuffer) 5*
    Maid Anna 33 +5 (Status healer & heal, Damage Dealer & Blind) 4*
    Teddy Greybear 30 +3 (Status healer, Damage Debuffer) 4*

    Skill order:
    Provoke, Damage Debuff, Damage Debuff, Status healer & Heal, Jagar Self heal and keep on status healing and damage debuffing until you are safe.

    After that, start doing damage and provoking, healing, damage debuffing, healing and so on.

    Why Fluxion Schaken on the front line?
    Provoker will take the first stun, and chances that the other stuns won’t hit provoker again, so it might hit the other front liner. That’s why fluxion schaken, he won’t be stunned and won’t be debuffed. It saves one status heal for the stun and one also for the damage debuff. I have 5 star focus itens on Schaken because of pintaurus and dungeons. He is very usefull for many purposes.

    • IJUDGE says:

      Stopper skills (confuse, stun, freeze, blind, silence, etc) don’t hit the same target twice, but on this level, i’m not sure if all the Menace Polter Kin stuns will this other hero than the provoker (if it’s already being affected by one of stopper skill already) because I made this setup and it was successful at first.

      So, i’m not 100% sure if Fluxion Schaken is necessary.

      • Sprongky says:

        Stopper skills does hit a target twice. With a provoke skill. All attacks goes to this target even when stunned, a stun attack is still landed on the hero because of the provoke skill.

        But if no provoker is around. Yeah some but not all skill effects hit the same target twice.

        TIPS: *without provoke
        Stun – stunned targets can no longer be targeted for other STUN or CONFUSE skill effects but can be targeted for other effects (freeze, silence, etc.)

        Freeze – frozen targets can no longer be targeted by another freeze skill but will overlap other skills effects (stun, silence, confuse, etc.)

        Confuse – same conditions as being stunned. Even though CONFUSE silences the target they are still targetable by SILENCE skill effects.

        Silence – silence target can no longer be a target for other silence skill effects but can be overlap by other skill effects (confuse, freeze, stun, etc.)

        Blind – not that useful IMO. No need of explaining this.

  7. Kirdow says:

    looking forward for dungeon 80 guide please. Thanks Sir! More power to you!

  8. docbondoc says:

    Already at dg74 bro. Hope you can make guide on that level cause its freakin hard. Haha.

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