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Posted on Jan 23, 2014

Hello Hero Enraged Arbol

Enraged Arbol

Hello Hero Enraged Arbol

In game description:
The Enraged Arbols are collective embodiments of tree souls devastated by deforestation everywhere. Their cumulative anger make them formidable opponents.

Lvl 30 Status

Dmg Def Health Dex
111 137 573 10

Each upgrade boost 10% hero’s base status (+50% at “+5”)


Pic Skill name Effect (lvl 30)
 Hello Hero Bam Bam Deals 140% damage to an enemy
 Hello Hero Ignite Enraged Arbol Ignite Increases hero armor by 30% for 2 turns

Role: Tanker

Leader Effect : Increases parties defense by 5%

Star Level : 2

Continent: Desert of Sandstorms

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  1. fishyyy says:

    Do anyone knows where to recruit this hero? Only through Honor Point? Because this Enraged Arbol doesn’t appear in any dungeons!

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