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Posted on Mar 15, 2014

Hello Hero Equipment Guide Armor List


You can get equipments (Weapon and Armor) from
[0] Drop from mission (5 star weapon is very rare and probably only available on Hell Stage)
[0] Buy them using honor points (3-6 star weapon; you will get many 3 and 4 star equipments)
[0] Dungeon Rewards

Status on equipment explained

[0] Dmg: increase your damage
[0] Health: Increase your Health (HP)
[0] Counter: Boost hero’s chance to counter attack
[0] Dexterity: Affect your normal attack frequency, and hit ratio
[0] Evade: chance to reduce enemy attack; miss (only 50% damage)
[0] Focus: Chance to attack weak target (lowest HP)

Tips on Placing Equipment
(starting from the most recommended status)

[0] For damage dealer give equipment that boost : Critical, Focus, Dexterity
[0] For tanker: Evade, Counterattack, Health
[0] Healers: Hit Point or Health

Remember that your health is halved during the arena battle, this is why I choose to equip healer with Health boost (they don’t have enough HP to use all that evasion benefit, unlike Tanker).

Hello Hero 1 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Craftsman Boots Craftman’s Boots Def +15 Deep Sea Ravine
 Hello Hero Fashion Perfection Fashion’s Perfection Def +25 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Light Gloves Light Gloves  ?? Wondrous Thornland
 Hello Hero Rough Leather Armor Icon Rough Leather Armor  ?? Desert of Sandstorm
 Hello Hero Tough Leather Belt Tough Leather Belt  ?? Sweet Cookie Farm
 Hello Hero Training Shield Training Shield  ?? Red Mushroom Forest

Hello Hero 2 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Bell bell Gloves Bell-bell Gloves Def +25; Dex +1 ??
 Hello Hero Galaxy Guard Belt Galaxy Guard’s Belt Def +40; Critical: 6% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Galaxy Guard's Boot Galaxy Guard’s Boots Def +40; Evade: 6% Keronic Base
Hello Hero Galaxy Guard's Gloves Galaxy Guard’s Gloves Def +40; Dex +1 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Galaxy Guard's Helmet Galaxy Guard’s Helmet Def +40; Focus: 15% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Galaxy Guard's Shield Galaxy Guard’s Shield Def +40; Counterattack: 6% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Galaxy Guard Suit Galaxy Guard’s Suit Def +40; Health +45 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Shadow Cloak Shadow Cloak Def +45 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Squash ya shield Squash ya Shield Def +35; Counterattack: 6% Abandoned advanced base
 Hello Hero Squishy Helmet Squishy Helmet Def +30; Focus: 15% ??
Squishy Magic Gloves Def +35; Dex +1 ??
Warrior’s Belt ?? Deep Sea Ravine
 Hello Hero Warrior's Metal Armor Warrior’s Metal Armor Def +30; Health +35 ??
Warrior’s Shield Def +30; Counterattack: 6% Wondrous Thornland

Hello Hero 3 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Engineering Belt Icon Engineering Belt Def +65; Critical: 8% Deep Sea Ravine hell
 Hello Hero Engineering Boots Engineering Boots Def +65; Evade 8% Wondrous Thornland-Hell
 Hello Hero Engineering Gloves Engineering Gloves Def +65; Dex +2 Deep Sea Ravine hell
 Hello Hero Engineering Helmet Engineering Helmet ?? Wondrous Thornland-Hell
 Hello Hero Engineering Suit Engineering Suit Def +65; Health +80 Red Mushroom Forest Hell
 Hello Hero Gladiator's Armor Gladiator’s Armor Def +55; Health +60 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Gladiator's Belt Gladiator’s Belt Def +55; Critical: 7% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Gladiator's boots Gladiator’s Boots Def +55; Evade 7% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Gladiator's Gloves Gladiator’s Gloves  ?? Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Gladiator's Shield Gladiator’s Shield Def +55; Counterattack: 7% Keronic Base
Kantapiya Armor Def +60; Health + 70 Keronic Base 9
Kantapiya Belt Def +60; Critical: 8% Keronic Base 9
 Hello Hero Kantapiya Boots Kantapiya Boots Def +60; Evade 8% Keronic Base 9
 Hello Hero New Bandana New Bandana Def + 50; Focus: 18% ??
 Hello Hero New Leather Belt New Leather Belt Def +50; Critical: 7% Abandoned Advanced Base
 Hello Hero New Skirt New Skirt Def +75 Deep Sea Ravine hell

Hello Hero 4 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Bloody Cloak Icon Bloody Cloak Def +95 Dungeon Reward
 Hello Hero Dylan's Belt Dylan’s Belt Def +85; Critical: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Dylan's Boots Dylan’s Boots Def +85; Evade: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Natalie's Boots Icon Hero Natalie’s Boots Def +80; Evade: 10% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Galaxy knight Belt Icon Galaxy Knights Belt Def +90; Critical: 10% Deep Sea Ravine Hell
 Hello Hero Galaxy Knight Boots Galaxy Knights Boots Def +90; Evade: 10% Keronic Base Hell
 Hello Hero Galaxy Knight Shield Galaxy Knights Shield Def +90; Counter: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Hero Natalie's Shield Hero Natalie’s Shield Def +80; Counter: 10% Sweet Cookie Farm-Hell
 Hello Hero Hero Natalie's Gloves Hero Natalie’s Gloves Def +80; Dex +3 Sweet Cookie Farm-Hell
 Hello Hero Natalie's Helmet Hero Natalie’s Helmet Def +80; Focus: 25% Sweet Cookie Farm-Hell;
Wondrous Thornland – Hell
 Hello Hero Dylan's Helmet Dylan’s Helmet Def +85; Focus: 28% Deep Sea Ravine-Hell

Hello Hero 5 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
Archangel Belt Def +120; Focus: 40 % Ghastly Pumpkin Village (5)
 Hello Hero Cloud Belt Icon Cloud Belt Def +105; Critical: 15 % Abandoned Advance Base;
Wondrous Thornland Hell;
 Hello Hero Cloud Boots Cloud Boots Def +105; Evade: 15 % Abandoned Advance Base Hell
Cloud Gloves Def +105; Dex: +4 Abandoned Advance Base Hell
Cloud Helmet Def +105; Focus: 35% ??
 Hello Hero Holy God's Armor Holy God’s Armor Def +100; Health + 130 Keronic Base Hell
 Hello Hero Holy God's Belt Holy God’s Belt Def +100; Critical: 12 % Wondrous Thornland Hell;Keronic Base Hell
 Hello Hero Holy God's Boots 5 s Holy God’s Boots Def +100; Evade: 12 % Dungeon Reward
 Hello Hero Holy God's Helmet Holy God’s Helmet Def +100; Focus: 33 % Dungeon Reward
 Hello Hero Holy God's shield Holy God’s shield Def +100; Counter +12% Deep Sea Ravine Hell

Hello Hero 6 star symbol

Haven’t found one….

If you find weapon that not listed on the table above, please tell me by leaving comment (with weapon status and info where to get them). You can send me the icon (only need screenshot, I will crop them by myself) though my email at

My email address: g4gplayers(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into.

Please tell me in the comment if you have sent the picture.

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17 Responses to “Hello Hero Equipment Guide Armor List”

  1. justint27 says:

    Archangel’s Helmet:

    Defense: 120
    Focus: 40%

    Got lucky with honor points lol

  2. symour says:

    where can I get dylan armor 4*?

  3. Fruffs says:

    Archangel’s Helmet
    Def: 120
    Focus: 40%

    Got one on ghastly village stage 5

  4. SvdS says:

    Kantapiya Armor
    60 Armor
    70 HP

    Keronic 9…

  5. DCKY says:

    Gladiator Armor *6
    Def +55
    HP +60

    Got 1 at Keronic Base – 2.

  6. Esreverse says:

    5* Cloud Helmet Def: 105 Focus: 35%
    3* Kantapiya Belt Def: 60 Critical: 8%

  7. M4heS says:

    Engineering Suit/Shield in red mushroom hell 🙂

  8. james says:

    Archangel Gloves 6*
    Def: 120
    Dex: 5
    Got one in keronic hell mode

  9. Ace says:

    I wonder what should be the difference of DEXTERITY to take you a x2 chance NORMAL ATTACK?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Never do that calculation, but I still prefer critical over dexterity. One critical from good dealer can guaranteed a kill on the arena 🙂 (our HP seems halved on the arena battle).

      • Ace says:

        I see, then dexterity is not advisable in ARENA?

        What do you think adding dexterity is good for? Support Heroes in Mission/Dungeon? Ty 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, IMO it’s not good, unless you have certain condition/heroes (more into this later on arena section; should be available on this week since I have completed the level guide and working on Cucubita level guide at this moment).

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