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Posted on Jan 22, 2014

Hello Hero Ghost Mushroom

Ghost Mushroom

Hello hero Ghost Mushroom

Ingame Description
Nobody knows what kind of lives the ancestors of the Mushrooms, the Ghost Mushrooms, had when they were alive, but they are wise.

lvl 30 Status

Dmg Def Health Dex
220 145 616 14

Each upgrade boost 10% hero’s base status (+50% at “+5”)


Pic Skill name Effect (lvl 30)
 Hello Hero Skill Bounce Bounce Bounce-Bounce Deals 165% attack damage to an enemy
Hello Hero Burst Ghost Mushroom Burst Increases all allies counterattack rate by 30% for 2 turns

Role: Hybrids

Leader Effect : Increase Parties Att Dmg/Defense by 3.5%

Star Level : 3

Continent: Red Mushroom Forest

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