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Posted on Apr 1, 2014

Hello Hero Honor, Gold, and Carat Tips


Hello Hero Resource Tips

  • Only use your carats to buy Royal Packs!! not those fancy 4x speed or XP boost. Premium pack is not worth IMO because you miss the chance to get one guaranteed epic from the Royal Pack. Premium pack doesn’t have better chance to obtain 5/6 star heroes (please don’t delude yourself 🙂 )

[0] Why 4x speed is not recommended?
Actually it depends on your play style. I usually play this game when doing something else (reading, playing other games, writing this blog :), etc). This means that I don’t check the game frequently and only need to tap “repeat” and back to my activity, using 4x speed will “force” me to stare at the screen as the battle process happens more quickly. This is counter productive for me, but it may works for you.

[0] Why not buy XP Boost?
Again, it depends on the person. I personally don’t care about leveling fast because the game is more about fusing and enhancing . Remember that training hero on the stage may give you another hero which can be used for upgrading.

[0] Why not gold?
Because Gold can be easily obtained IMO. On my experience of playing this game, you will run out of upgrade material first (hero card) before you run out of Gold. It’s still important resources though.

  • If you want to buy Carats , then please wait until they announce some kind of event (discount, etc). They do a discount event frequently, you just need to be patient.
  • Always participate on the Boss Raid and Arena event since they give you carats as a rewards
  • Do the quest religiously :), some of them give you nice amount of diamonds. Refer to THIS PAGE for the quest reward.
  • Clear dungeon, some of them gives you carats (Total carats that can be obtained is 255 carats)
Floor Carats
9 3
14 5
19 7
24 10
29 15
34 20
39 25
44 30
49 35
59 35
65 35
75 35


  • Always spend your energy on the arena. Don’t be afraid, you still get 2 honor points even if you lose
  • Hello Hero Keep Honor Point near the Max
    Always save your honor points near the max capacity and use them to buy only 3-5 heroes when they’re maxed. Save it until there is a discount event on the honor shop. You can spend all your honor on that period.
  • Hello Hero Keep Honor Rewards
    Keep honor point from quest rewards if they don’t have any expiry time and use it on the honor shop, when there is a discount event on the honor shop.

Gold Tips

Coming soon (I am still gathering data 🙂 )

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20 Responses to “Hello Hero Honor, Gold, and Carat Tips”

  1. Frahz says:

    Thank you for all ur article.it make the game easier to play. Keep posting bro. 😀

  2. Sprongky says:

    Dude you seriously need to create a page focused on boss raid. Try putting the different boss skills, appropriate hero skills to counter boss skills, and appropriate hero lineup against each boss. It only takes 3 days for it to cooldown compared to the arena and if you have a proper lineup for each boss, gives you a very big chance of getting lots of carats. It’s easier to rank in boss raids with a decent lineup rather than battling in the arena so I strongly suggest you make a page for boss raids.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I want to make it but I thought it’s not needed because they always post boss raid tips on their facebook account. Will consider to create that though, thanks for suggestion.

      • Sprongky says:

        The tips they post needs more explanations and additional information. You can do it with yours. Surely more will appreciate it if you do.

  3. taiko says:

    Uhm is it worth buying gold from carat cause the upgrade event is near

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I believe it’s not worth. I never run out of money when playing this game :), I believe many people try to do many mutation (on event) / crafting which make them lost gold… Make sure you spend your stamina religiously on hardest green mission that you can beat.

  4. SleepwalkerX says:

    So do you thin its ok to use honor points with the legend rising event going on??

  5. Nice Guy says:

    where can i insert the codes, or name of people to get carot from referals? is this feature still up?

  6. WiL™ says:

    Please update the gold tips. I don’t know how to use it wisely and don’t know how to get it too.

  7. naigotai says:

    They say u can get many 4* at premium is that true?

  8. KaeyhTes says:

    any gold tips, do you farm it? I have managed to run out of gold after expanding my slots, and keeping my level 1 heros to max their levels >.< so I'm kinda short on that now

  9. Ace says:

    +1 for this! Super like! Cant wait for the gold tips, Im so excited 🙂

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