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Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Hello Hero How to Beat Cucubita Gateway Guardian

After defeating Keronic Bases 10 (Asmodeus), you will unlock hell level on every area on Armon Planet. You also unlock Cucubita Planet, but to go there you need to defeat Gate Guardian first.

The Cucubita Gateway Guardians are strong !!! How do you know if you’re strong enough to beat the guardian? Simple, if you can beat Keronic Base Hell Level with only one or two hero dying then you have pretty good chance.

Let’s take a look at who guard the gateway.

Lvl 38 Apophis

Hello Hero Apophis Icon for Cucubita Gateway

[0] Evademic Ability: Removes buff from all enemies.
This mean status boosting spell are useless. Don’t bother to bring pure support hero into the battle (like Gonzales’ Chikchigi Boom, etc)
[0] Burning Soul: Deals 80% attack damage to all enemies
not too dangerous for 4-5 star heroes.

 Lvl. 38 Gilbert

Hello Hero Gilbert Icon for Cucubita Gateway

[0] Back Kick: Deals attack damage to an enemy. No Problem at all, little damage
[0] Check Mate: Decreases all enemies armor by 25% for 2 turns. Just make sure you kill him quickly, if he manage to cast it about 2-3 times….

Lvl 38 Pink Kraken

Hello Hero Pink Kraken Icon

[0] Chill Explosion: Deals 90 % attack damage and cause freeze to a single enemy (Deals 5% damage for 2 turns).
[0] Spray: Deals 60% attack damage to all enemies. This won’t dangerous if you don’t take too many Gilbert’s checkmate, so the solution is to kill Gilbert ASAP.

Lvl 38 Queen Sead

Hello Hero Queen Seed Icon Gateway

A healer, nothing can be said. I am just glad that they change queen’s ability to revive party member with on remove enemy spell :).

[0] Boing-Boing: Restores an ally health by 20% for 2 turns
[0] Queen Seed Scent: Removes enemy spells from an ally

Lvl 38 Asmodeus

Hello Hero Asmodeus Icon Gateway

Bring a hero that can remove an enemy buff (scarecrow raul). No need to afraid of Burning prison, since I find that he doesn’t cast it at the start of the battle, so kill that damn gilbert to avoid extra damage from Burning Prison. You can inflict bad status against this asmo, so stun/freeze him as soon as the effect of “Armor of Evil” gone.

[0] Armor of Evil: Immunes hero from damage for 2 turns
[0] Clutch of Death: Deals 200% attack damage and stuns an enemy for 2 turns
[0] Burning prison Deals 100% attack damage and blind all enemies for 2 turns!!!

My party when fought the guardian:
[0] Radon lvl 33 (+5)
[0] Scarecrow Raul lvl 30 (+5)
[0] General Lak Lvl 30 (+5)
[0] Spearman Lak Lvl 30 (+5)
[0] King toad Lvl 33 (+5)

You don’t need party like those if you think my party is overkill (too strong because I get 2 of 5* star heroes). I defeat them easily so I believe, if you have 3 of 4*heroes (+5 of course) you will also able to defeat them easily as long as you have good composition (ex: 2 tankers, 2 dealers, 1 healer).

I believe the reward for clearing this level is same for all players, which is random 5 star equipment (I got Captain’s Knuckle).

You can’t re-enter this level after beating it once :).

Good luck and hope you can beat this level and if you do, then welcome to Cucubita.

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9 Responses to “Hello Hero How to Beat Cucubita Gateway Guardian”

  1. dehka says:

    dude u need end all hell mode to unlock the gate

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, you only need to beat the guardian to unlock it, but if you can’t beat hell keronic, then you probably won’t be able to defeat the guardian.

      • dehka says:

        where is that guardian

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Simply choose go to cucubita and you will be told to defeat it first.

        • dehka says:

          dude trust me i dont have that cucubita in my map i watched video on yt it says that cucibta is up planet for me i cant find maybe i should do all hell a in aba base hell mode now

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, I can challenge the guardian gateway even before clearing all hell level (but I am dead 🙂 ). If you can’t find cucubita on the bottom left then I have no idea.

        • Archie says:

          I believe the HH team updated the game. You will have to clear all hell mode stages before you are able to enter cucubita now! 🙂

  2. agedashi says:

    Is there a guide for boss raids?

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