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Posted on May 26, 2014

Hello Hero How to Build Good Arena Heroes

Arena Party Building tips

Hello Hero Arena Party Tips

The arena is your source point for gathering honor points. You also get carats when the arena season is over (and a rank for bragging purpose 🙂 ).


ALL YOUR HEROES’S HP ARE HALVED. This will make your hero dealer and healer really vulnerable. This guide written with an assumption that the battle happen between the same tier hero (4 stars against 4 stars).

For Arena battle I really suggest you to only use +5 upgrade hero since the HP reduction won’t affect you that much (because your hero HP have been increased by 50% on +5 upgrade). Like I already said on the upgrading guide, better use lower tier hero with +5 upgrades, than using higher tier hero with no upgrade.

Let’s cover each role on the arena battle


Healer/Supporter HP is really low, they probably died within one hit from an enemy attack. Support abilities like attack/dex, etc up are not that useful since your heroes are probably gonna die before they utilize the full effect. IMO, bringing a healer into the battle is not recommended if your party consist 3 dealers, because those dealers probably dead before utilizing those effects/healing.

However, it’s not the same with a supporter which can remove buff or reduce enemy attack. Remove buff will really help you when you find an enemy who can cast immunity to damage (such as Asmodeus, etc). Reduce attack will really useful especially if you have good tanker on your frontline, it will really boost the survivability of your party.

Note: You may wonder which is better, attack reducer or armor booster. I prefer attack reducer, since it boosts your survivability more, dealer and healer have really low armor so boosting their armor won’t help much compared to reduce enemies’ attack. However, armor booster can increase your healer’s healing spell (higher armor meant higher healing power).

Tips: Always equip your Supporter/Healer with + Health equipment, their damage is already low from the beginning, so it’s useless to equip them with + Critical equipment (there is no such thing as critical healing 🙂 ). One more thing, dexterity doesn’t lower the cooldown time of skill.

Notable Healer/Supporter Heroes
[0] Lady Arom and Rocket Lady June: Reduce attack and Remove enemies buff, this will boost your party survivability and make sure a hero like Asmodeus dead :).
[0] Fernando: Super Healing Spell, can target all allies and have effect for 2 turns
[0] Rebecca: Proably best healers for this game…. her revive spell really can change the tide of battle.


Dealer probably can kill enemy’s dealer/healer with one hit, but since most of the players keep their dealers stay on the back line (you should too), you need to face the tanker first which can be taken out with one hit too, if you have high critical rate. A hero that can boost your hero’s focus really help on this battle, this will make all of your dealer target dealers/ healers on their back line. However, there is another method, search for a hero that can attack all enemies, equip them with + Critical equipment, you probably gonna kill one or two heroes when the critical effect takes place.

Tips on equipment

Always equip + Critical equipment on your hero with a good damage spell.

What spell that is considered good?
[0] All targets attack
[0] Single target attack that deal more than 100% of your damage

2 turns damage spell are considered bad, because that target probably dead before the effect takes place.

For a hero with low damage spell (deals below 100% of their damage), don’t be disappointed because they tend to have good additional effect (such as stun, freeze, etc).

Example of these heroes is Talisa or Nikita. They have low damage spell, but the spell can stun your enemy, not mentioning their second spell is attack reducer which is really useful. For this kind of heroes you want to equip them with + Health Equipment, because you want to take advantage of their spell as long as possible (like a supporter role).


This is my favorite type, their HP is high enough to survive on arena battle, their attack is also quite good (enough power to deal significant damage even though not high as a dealer). Most important thing about dealer is they usually equipped with a nice set of spell.

I always use + Critical on my hybrids to compensate their “low” damage. Don’t worry though, because they can kill enemy dealer within one hit too, I use “low” term when comparing their battle power against tanker compared to dealer. However with nice effect like stun, freeze, etc, the enemy tanker is as good as dead.

Hybrids can also be placed on the frontline to replace tanker role, for this kind of hybrids use + evasion equipment to increase their survivability.

Notable Hybrids Heroes
[0] Bignose Jr: The snort damage boost is insane (highest in the game), and its support spell is one of the best in the game (90% evasion..)
[0] Master Lee: Immune damage spell, your enemy dispel the spell?? not to worry since your HP is high enough to survive the battle without it, you can also stun the enemy.
[0] Radon: Can stun the enemy with high damage, and attack all enemies attack. It will kill unfinished enemies by all targers dealer spell 🙂


Quite good but I don’t like them much unless they have really nice spell. Their HP is high to take enemy damage, but the problem is when enemy hero have a high focus or can attack all your party, they simply considered nothing…. (different case with hybrid because they can still dish out damage when being “ignored” because of focus). They are not that useless though, some of them have really nice spell.

Tips: Try to avoid a tanker with “only” damage spell, the damage output is not worth the skill slot.

Notable Tanker Heroes:
[0] Hellfire Krater: Have high armor and stun spell, really good
[0] General Harold and Eric: Really high HP and their spell are really awesome, one disable and the other one is focus boosting spell.

Equip this hero with + Evasion which will make them really strong :).

My suggestion when building hero lineup

[0] 3 hybrids, 1 healer, 1 supporter
[0] Frontline (1 hybrids and 1 tanker) and Backline (1 supporter, 1 dealer,  and 1 healer)

Those are my suggestions for building good arena line up. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or simply want to discuss something about it  (leave your hero line up on the comments and the result you get from that line up, like what I do below)  :).

My hero lineup at this moment

[0] Radon Lvl 33 +5 upgrade (+ Critical Equipment) Frontline
[0] Sad Tommy Lvl 30 (+ Critical Equipment) Frontline
[0] Maid Mary Lvl 33 + 5 upgrade (+ Critical Equipment) Backline
[0] Fernando (+ Health Equipment) Backline
[0] Nikita Lvl 30 (+ Health Equipment) Backline

I usually ended as top 2-3% player on Armon Server

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82 Responses to “Hello Hero How to Build Good Arena Heroes”

  1. IGN newbie says:

    This is my list of 6* heroes.Can you help to build a good line up arena

    Captain Lak
    LingLIng 6*
    Heavenly Messenger Pigsy
    Agent magpie

    And my 5* hero

    Rocket lady June

    Help me


    Help with arena team. just want the best team.

    my 6* that I own
    Major Gok 5+
    Enlighten LingLing 5+
    Tawkwondo Victoria
    Sorc Sally
    Nurse Gale
    rebel Kali
    Muay Thai Khun
    Maid Emma.

    Sir Galahad lvl 36
    assassin jack lvl 33
    lycanthrope +5
    sorc isis.+5

    good mentions:
    drunk master weiwei
    kibi the scrapper.

  3. My5ticAn9e1 says:

    Hi, currently my Arena line-up is as follow
    1) General Harold
    2) Midfielder David
    3) Rebecca
    4) Kumi
    5) ???

    What should I put for my 5th slot? Which would be a better dealer? Fighter Ruri and General Lak?

    Currently I’m using Ruri cos its fully upgraded, but what happens once I upgrade Lak? Which should I use?
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. LowLevelGuy says:

    BTW.. the aoe team can be countered by a focus dealer team… AOE heroes has low health and is an easy kill for high Dex focus dealers (no skill required)(heroes with high Dex hits first, if equipped with focus items they would target the healer and aoe heroes first)… Even a tank’s 1target(more then 100%) spell can kill aoe heroes

  5. LowLevelGuy says:

    Well if you ask me … There is no godlike team build, all team builds has a weakness .. A debuff(stun, freeze) team can easily be countered by a team that has a remove debuff.. And the buff team(immune, etc.) Can be countered by a 1remove buff, damage dealer team… a focus damage oriented team and the debuff(freeze excluded) team can be defeated by a tank(with taunt), healer,2 damage dealer, 1 immune… And more team builds will be added as more heroes will be added… which will mean more fun and more play time xD

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