Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Hello Hero Iphone Yoos


Hello Hero Yoos

In game description:
Yoos is a dragon born less than 1000 years ago. He is still too young and weak to fight his enemies, the Orks. He is protected by adult dragons, so don’t expect him to be alone.

Lvl 30 Status

Dmg Def Health Dex
147 98 484 10

Each upgrade boost 10% hero’s base status (+50% at “+5”)


Pic Skill name Effect (lvl 30)
 Hello Hero Dragons Mark Dragon’s Mark Deals 150% damage and stuns an enemy for 2 turns
 Hello Hero Lava Breath Icon Lava Breath Deals 45% attack damage to all enemies

Role: Hybrids

Leader Effect :  Increases parties attack and defense by 2.5%

Star Level : 2

Continent: Desert of Sandstorms

Hello Hero Guide Main Page

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2 Responses to “Hello Hero Iphone Yoos”

  1. Shichika says:


    First of all, I think it is cool how devoted you are to help people by answering so many question & providing so much data to help people. Huge kudos to you for that!

    2nd, I just started like two or so days ago playing this game & finishing up normal mode steadily. However I like this little guy but as it turns out, this fellow’s “drop rate” is soooooooooo super rare!!! I have spent like at least 250 stamina on this guy & he still hasn’t dropped T-T You know what the drop rate might be for him? I just want him because I like how he looks, that + I am quite stubborn lolol

    Anyways, keep up the awesome job & thanks in advance!

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