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Posted on Mar 15, 2014

Hello Hero Item Guide Complete Weapon List


Since the expansion update, it’s really hard to obtain 5 stars items from mission level. I only manage to get one 1 item after 1 month of playing and that’s a low quality 5 stars items (only + 100 not +105). It seems that the only way to get 5 stars items is through treasure hunt mode (honor shop is really horrible).


You can get equipments (Weapon and Armor) from
[0] Drop from mission (5 star weapon is very rare and probably only available on Hell Stage)
[0] Buy them using honor points (3-6 star weapon; you will get many 3 and 4 star equipments)
[0] Dungeon Rewards

Status on equipment explained:

[0] Dmg: increase your damage
[0] Health: Increase your Health (HP)
[0] Counter: Boost hero’s chance to counter attack
[0] Dexterity: Affect your normal attack frequency, and hit ratio
[0] Evade: chance to reduce enemy attack; miss (only 50% damage)
[0] Focus: Chance to attack weak target (lowest HP)

Tips on Placing Equipment
(starting from the most recommended status)

[0] For damage dealer give equipment that boost : Critical, Focus, Dexterity
[0] For tanker: Evade, Counterattack, Health
[0] Healers: Hit Point or Health

Remember that your health is halved during the arena battle, this is why I choose to equip healer with Health boost (they don’t have enough HP to use all that evasion benefit, unlike Tanker).

Hello Hero 1 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Barbaric Ax Barbaric Ax Dmg +20 Wondrous Thornland
 Hello Hero Hunting Crossbow Hunting Crossbow Dmg +10 Sweet Cookie Farm
Hunting Spear ?? Deep Sea Ravine
 Hello Hero Ninja Shuriken Ninja Shuriken Dmg +25 Abandoned advanced base;
Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Rockhammer Rock Hammer Dmg +2 Red Mushroom Forest
 Hello Hero Spear of Oohlala Spear of Oohlalaa ??  Desert of Sandstorm
 Hello Hero Wizard's Scepter Wizard’s Scepter Dmg +15 Deep Sea Ravine

Hello Hero 2 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Blue Double Ax Blue Double Ax Dmg +25; Critical: 5% Dungeon drop
 Hello Hero Boing boing gun Boing-boing Gun Dmg +30; Focus: 13% Wondrous Thornland
 Hello Hero Boing-boing Rifle Boing-boing Rifle ?? Deep Sea Ravine
 Hello Hero Resistance Gun Resistance’s Gun Dmg +35; Focus: 15% ??
 Hello Hero Resistance's mace Resistance’s Mace Dmg +35; Critical: 6% Dungeon drop
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Ball Ultra Power Ball Dmg +40; Health +45 Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Bow Ultra Power Bow Dmg +40; Evade: 6% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Gun Ultra Power Gun Dmg +40; Focus: 15% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Hammer Ultra Power Hammer Dmg +40; Critical: 6% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Knuckle Ultra Power Knuckle Dmg +40; Counterattack: 6% Keronic Base
 Hello Hero Ultra Power Sword Ultra Power Sword Dmg +40; Dex +1 Keronic Base

Hello Hero 3 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
Hello Hero Outlaw's Bow Icon Outlaw’s Bow Dmg +60; Evade : 6% Keronic Base 9
Outlaw’s Great Sword Dmg +60; Dexterity: 2 Keronic Base 9
Outlaw’s Mace Dmg +60; Critical: 8% Keronic Base 9
Hello Hero Pyororong Beam Gun Pyororong Beam Gun Dmg +55; Focus :18% Keronic Base
Hello Hero Pyororong Bow Pyororong Bow Dmg +55; Evade 7% ??
Hello Hero Pyororong Cane Pyororong Cane Dmg +55; Health+ 60 Keronic Base
Hello Hero Pyororong Hammer Pyororong Hammer Dmg +55; Critical: 7% Keronic Base
Hello Hero Pyororong Shuriken Pyororong Shuriken Dmg +55; Counter: 7% Keronic Base
Hello Hero T-X Electric Hammer T-X Electric Hammer Dmg +65; Critical: 8% Deep Sea Ravine Hell
Hello Hero T-X Energy Bow T-X Energy Bow Dmg +65; Evade 8% Hell-Red Mushroom Forest
Hello Hero T-X Energy Source T-X Energy Source Dmg +65; Health +80 Deep Sea Ravine Hell
Hello Hero T-X knuckle T-X Knuckle Dmg +65; Counter: 8% Wondrous Thornland-Hell
Hello Hero T-X Machine Gun T-x Machine Gun Dmg +65; Focus 20% Desert Sandstorm-Hell
Hello Hero T-X Saber Icon T-X Saber Dmg +65; Dex + 2 Deep Sea Ravine Hell

Hello Hero 4 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Death Singing Gun Icon Death Singing Gun Dmg +90; Focus: 30% Wondrous Thornland-Hell
 Hello Hero Death Singing Hammer Death Singing Hammer Dmg +90; Critical: 10% Abandoned Advanced Base Hell
 Hello Hero Death Singing Knuckle Death Singing Knuckle Dmg +90; Counter: 10% Wondrous Thornland-Hell
 Hello Hero Death Singing Marble Icon Death Singing Marble Dmg +90; Health 120 Deep Sea Ravine Hell
 Hello Hero Death Singing Sword Death Singing Sword Dmg +90; Dex +3 Wondrous Thornland Hell;
Abandoned Advance Base Hell
 Hello Hero Destroyer Beam Gun Destroyer’s Beam Gun Dmg +80; Focus: 25% Abandoned Advance Base Hell
 Hello Hero Destroyer's Bow Destroyer’s Bow Dmg +80; Evade: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Destroyer hammer Destroyer’s Hammer Dmg +80; Critical: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Destroyer's Sword 4 star Destroyer’s Sword Dmg +80; Dex: +3 Cucubita stage 5
 Hello Hero Sealed Great Sword Sealed Great Sword Dmg +85; Dex: +3 Desert of Sandstorm Hell;
Keronic Base Hell;
 Hello Hero Sealed Hole Icon Sealed Hole Dmg +85; Health 110 Deep Sea Ravine Hell
 Hello Hero Sealed Mace Sealed Mace Dmg +85; Critical: 10% Wondrous Thornland Hell
 Hello Hero Sealed Magic Bow Icon Sealed Magic Bow Dmg +85; Evade 10% Deep Sea Ravine Hell:
Abandoned Advanced Base Hell
 Hello Hero Sealed Sbiper 4 star Sealed Sniper Gun Dmg +85; Focus 28% Cucubita Stage 5

Hello Hero 5 star symbol

Pic Name Effect Where to get
 Hello Hero Bloody Great Sword Bloody Great Sword Dmg + 100; Dex +4 Wondrous Thornland Hell
Bloody Hole Dmg + 100; HP + 130 Red Mushroom Forest Hell;
Abandoned Advanced Base Hell;
 Hello Hero Bloody Mace Bloody Mace Dmg + 100; Critical: 12% ??
 Hello Hero Captain's Eergy Bow Captain’s Energy Bow Dmg +105; Evade: 15% Wondrous Thornland Hell
Captain’s Hammer Dmg +105; Critical: 15% Cucubita Stage 5
 Hello Hero Captain's Knuckle Captain’s Knuckle Dmg +105; Counter: 15% Cucubita Guardian Gateway
 Hello Hero Captain's Saber Captain’s Saber Dmg +105; Dex +4 Deep Sea ravine Hell;
Keronic Base Hell

Hello Hero 6 star symbol

Haven’t found one….

If you find weapon that not listed on the table above, please tell me by leaving comment (with weapon status and info where to get them). You can send me the icon (only need screenshot, I will crop them by myself) though my email at

My email address: g4gplayers(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .

Please tell me in the comment if you have sent the picture.

Armor List

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33 Responses to “Hello Hero Item Guide Complete Weapon List”

  1. Behemoth says:

    Is this list is applicable now on onyx mode? same still the same place? or it is random? also on armors?

  2. SleepwalkerX says:

    Does this still apply for normal mode?? i am having hard time getting items in onyx.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, it’s, but like you said. 5 stars items those obtained on hell mode are very hard to obtain even on onyx mode. Even on Hero city Onyx, I only get frequent 4 star items..

  3. sahiko says:

    is this the same drop for dungeons on the new update? coz the enemiez on 8-5 changed and i cant get the hammer anymore

  4. outlaw sniper says:

    Where is Outlaw Sniper? I recently got one ^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    I got a 4 star Destroyer Shuriken at Keronic Base 9.

  6. Archie says:

    3* Pyrorong bow just got it from keronic base ghost map 1

  7. Archie says:

    Hi! Just wanted to add on to your guide.

    3* weapon TXmachine gun. I got it from desert sandstorm hell mode.

  8. Sprongky says:

    What are the recommended items for Hybrids? there are so many types of hybrids so I was wondering if you could make a list of the different kinds of hybrids and their recommended items. Please?

  9. Ninooth says:

    3* Outlaw’s Mace att dmg : 60 critical : 8%
    3* Outlaw’a Great Sword att dmg : 60 dexterity : 2


  10. KaeyhTes says:

    Babaric Axe + 20
    Hunting Cross bow + 10
    rock hammer +2
    Wizard’s Sceptre + 15

    Still low level enough to have those items >.<

  11. Dango says:

    Why there is no Belt Item in the list ?

  12. Judge says:

    Sealed Great Sword Dmg +85; Dex: +3 found at Deset of Sandstorm Hell.

  13. piwee says:

    Bloody hole abandoned advance base
    Def 100 hp 130

  14. piwee says:

    Cloud gloves grade 5 dex +4 def 105 standings advance base

  15. Erebur says:

    5 Star: Holy God’s Belt: 100 def + 12% crit
    dont remember where I found it, but probably between Keronic – 10 and Hell 1

  16. piwee says:

    Holy god shield on deep sea ravine hell grade 5 item

  17. SinPride says:

    I’ve got Captain’s Hammer 105 dmg and 15% crit on 8-1 or 8-5. I can’t remember where in these two.

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