Posted on Jun 26, 2014

Hello Hero Mission Guide

Hello Hero Mission Guide

There are 3 kind of missions on Hello Hero

Red: Boss (1 battle) => Highest Hero drop rate
Purple: Semi-Boss (2 battle) => don’t know what’s so special about this level
Green: Normal (3 battle) => gives most exp and golds.

Since there are too many missions and it’s kinda impossible to make the guide for each one 🙂 (I don’t have that much time). This guide will give you a clear idea what you need to clear certain mission. Let’s begin the FAQ

Sir, I am stuck on mission xxx ? How could I pass that mission?

First of all, I want to ask you. Why do you stuck ? Is it because …

===Your party get stunned, frozen, etc

This type of mission usually has 2 or 3 disablers on their party. To pass this one you absolutely need 2 or 3 status healers. You can get this healers easily by leveling your initial hero (Harold, etc), like what I have explained on “Newbie tips”

===The enemy party get an awesome buff (such as Asmodeus on Keronic Last Boss)

To pass this kind of level, you need a hero that can remove enemies buff. I prefer all target debuffs (such as Lady Arom and Rocket Lady June), however if you only have a hero that can only remove single target buff then use it. It’s still useful on the early phase of the game (Last boss On Keronic Base Normal).

===The enemy deals a lot of damage and can target all heroes

You need a hero that can reduce the attack power (such as Talisa, Teddybear Grey, etc). All target attack usually have lower damage but frequent usage of the skills that make it dangerous, this is why you may need a hero that can heal all your party to nullify the effect

===Umm, thanks, but I have done all of that but my heroes still lose?

Then it means your hero is too weak (low tier), it doesn’t mean if you have all heroes described above you will win all battle with only 2 star heroes. Here’s the guideline

Keronic Boss Normal: Majority of you heroes at least need to be 3★ heroes (upgraded few points to +3).
Far far East Normal: All heroes at least must be 3★ with +5 upgrade (4★ with “+1” to “+2”)
Onyx Mode (Up to Far Far East): All heroes at least must be 4★ with +5 upgrade (5★ with “+1” to “+2”)
Onyx Mode (Hero City):  All heroes at least must be 5★ with “+2” to “+5” upgrade

Starting tomorrow, I will start creating a hero list for each area (with status and skills), I hope you all can participate to complete those lists (please leave a comment on those pages later).

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5 Responses to “Hello Hero Mission Guide”

  1. GureiSan says:

    Im stuck at ghastly pumpkin village – 3
    My heroes are
    Great Plain Beast King
    Samurai Kojiro
    Fighter Ruri
    General Harold
    Mafia Gapne
    Flashy Mai
    And that free soccer player i forgot his name 😀
    Please help 🙁

  2. Desmond says:

    Hi there thanks for the guide website you have provided so far, I hope you can provide us some guide about the bounty hunter details as well, which was providing us some useful 3* and 4* heroes that newbie need it necessary, I’m sorry for the selfish request, but I hope you can help on this, anyway as I seeking details for bounty hunters, Green Stage should provide some 3* bounty, and 4* bounty seems only available on purple stages

  3. Raymond says:

    I’m more than happy to help you out when you have start up!

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