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Posted on Jan 28, 2014

Hello Hero Newbie and Leveling Up Tips

Newbie Tips

Hello Hero Newbie Tips

  • Hello Hero Claim expiry rewardCheck your inbox for rewards and make sure you use the one that’s going to expire. They’re just gonna disappear (not used automatically).
  • Hello Hero Obtain AmeliaMaster Harold, Ophelia and Aaron (3 default starter heroes) ASAP, this way you will get Amelia (decent 3 star healers).  Heroes on this game are random, so make sure you keep her until you find better healer in your party.
  • Place your tanker/hybrids (shield /cycle symbol) on the front line, because dealers and healers have low HP.
  • Hello Hero Lost arenaAlways fight in the arena, you still get 2 honors even if you lose (4 honors if you win).
  • At level 8 you will unlock time attack. It grants your party a bonus on every battle (except arena and time attack), always use it before entering boss raid or dungeon (if you get trouble). The bonus will expire after 1 hour.
  • Hello Hero Daily Login EventAlways login every day, to get the reward.
  • Spend all your stamina/energy before you‘re going to sleep or anything that won’t allow you to play the game for a period of time.
  • Master every NEW hero before you use them as an upgrade material. You get 5 carats and +5 maximum honor points for every hero you mastered (only once).
  • Don’t sell Amelia until you have higher grade healer than her (Chi chi, etc). Heroes are random in this game, and it’s quite hard to find a healer when you have sell one.
  • PATIENT IS EVERYTHING ON THIS GAME!!! slowly farm for heroes (don’t go crazy with carats unless you’re very rich), royal packs rarely gives hero with 5 star ratings and above, so you need to fuse a lot of  +5 heroes to reach your way to the top.

Leveling up Tips

Hello Hero Leveling up tips

  • Always enter any mission with a full party, because the exp is not divided.

To know which mission that best for leveling your hero visit section below

Best Mission to Level up your heroes

Recruiting and Training Heroes Guide

Upgrading and Fusion Guide

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49 Responses to “Hello Hero Newbie and Leveling Up Tips”

  1. alehruya says:

    how to get Amelia ? can teach me pls.. thx

  2. noob4ever says:

    is there any good spot for lvling in onyx mode?

    i heard someone saying about it…

  3. Freetea says:

    Hi, im a new comer in hello hero, i wan to ask how to get another ophelia coz i accidentally used it for an upgrade material. Also, why its very hard to get a hero from the mission even in the red lvl (e.g ive spent around 20-30 stamina for lv.6 in forgotten toy town,but still cant get the purple doll) .

  4. SleepwalkerX says:

    Does keronic base 1 still stand for good leveling place with the new updates??

  5. Frost says:

    Keronic Base 9 33 times
    pumpkin village 5 6 times
    thats for max level hero to 30

  6. Abanamat says:

    Hi. I’ve just started in event. How do you think, can i still get 5*? I can now fight just Desert of Sandstorm hell level. I can buy just 1 XP boost. Should i do that?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I am not sure (depends on your talisa’ level at this moment), if it’s still at level 1 then I doubt it, unless you have diamonds to buy stamina.

      • Abanamat says:

        She’s 22. Ive started to train her this morning. Should i buy XP boost? It costs 50 dimonds 🙁

        • Abanamat says:

          I just dont know how much time and stamina it takes, how much xp is needed to get 33 lvl and how much xp i’ll get for every fight. It’s my first time…

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am not sure myself, but it takes me about 30-60 battles on Ghastly Pumpkin Village 5 to reach level 33 (from level 30).

        • noobbgodlike says:

          level 22…… I don’t want to let you down but please read my experience first, I just manage get level 33 Talisa this morning and I have leveled religiously from the beginning of the event (9 May). So it takes me about 2-3 days to reach level 33. At level 1-25 I train on Keronic 9, and then ghastly pumpkin village-5 until reach 33. So, I can’t answer your question directly.. if you only can afford buy XP boost then I think (remember this word: I think) you won’t succeed (unless you have money to buy stamina.

      • Abanamat says:

        I’ve already got 31 lvl. Keep training on 7-9 🙂

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Keep going, you may succeed, there is about 20 more hours… Don’t forget to make Superstar Talisa +5 (and for safe purpose: remove her from your party when done; I just afraid it won’t change into superstar nikita if you do not remove it from your party).

      • Abanamat says:

        TY. She’s already +5. And she’ll get 32 soon. But it’s hell-like work.

      • Abanamat says:

        Ok. Now she’s 33! ) Thanks alot for helping! ) For me the best place to trane was 7-9. It took me nearly 120 carats to get 33. 50 carats for 100% XP boost )

    • Abanamat says:

      TY for answering ) I’ve got 95 crystals for now. So i can buy some stamina (OR XP boost) but thats all (

  7. jhames says:

    i just want to ask. about the super star talisa event you said that enhance hero is better to be leveled at hell modes right which hell mode do you prefer? (:

  8. Kevin says:

    Heey, you know about the nikita event right? Well my talisa is lvl 30 now and im spamming hell on wondrous thornland and she keep getting just 2-3 exp! and i can’t beat the next hells (they freeze the tanks and gg dealers) Will I be able to reach her lvl 33 before may 13th? she’s +5 already but i never thought she was going to get from 60 exp to 1-3…(and yeah i can spend my stamina all day XD)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yup, I know about it :). It’s normal don’t worry :). From my experience from level 30 to 31 it’ts hard, but from 31 to 32 it doesn’t hard anymore, become hard again from 32 to 33 (maybe I am wrong when calculating). I believe you still have a time if you spend all your stamina (except when you’re sleep). But if you seem can’t get it then spend diamonds, guaranteed 5 star very good.

      • Kevin says:

        Yeah today i wasted 300 carats for 10+1 and i expected to get 1 5 star (silly me XD) 7 carats left D: I hope i can get her to lvl 33 in time :>

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe you can, we still have about 2 days and it’s a lot of time :). Nothing wrong expecting 5 star from royal packs 🙂 (I got Maid Mary from my last royal Package).

      • Kevin says:

        sorry about the spam…but need to ask this (idk how to edit) I tried and beated the rest of the hells (GOD the last one was talisha vs asmodeus, talisha buffed with 100% Dexterity, she won but it was so close xD) defeated the cucubita guardians and now im on cucubita…the first lvl of cucubita give more exp than the hells for lvl 30+ talisha?

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I am not sure about the exp on Cucubita-1, but they are not different too much. Train on the level that you can clear easily. My favorite level is wondrous thornland hell and Ghastly 5. Ghastly 1 has an enemy that can attack all heroes, which may kill your Talisa (need to go back to the menu and revive her….).

  9. Breaker says:

    How can i get a hero to lv 33 faster?
    i have 2 enhanced hero lv 30 , but its too hard to get xp with them at keronic base , where can i get lv faster ?

  10. Undetermined says:

    On race rewards, once you level them up to 30, can you get rid of them while you wait to get the final one? Or do they all have to be in your party to claim reward?

  11. Zeb says:

    how about the number of battle in cucubita ?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Do you mean number needed to go to level 30? I really against you to train on cucubita (most stages have a hero that can hit all party members. they will kill your low level heroes easily). Train on keronic base on Saturday ( so you get drop hero drop rate bonus), this way you will get a lot of ghost for an upgrade material).

      • Zeb says:

        my friend says that you only need offking on stage 8-5 . just confirming it.
        but the safest is keronic 1. haha

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Yeah, you can do that, but on keronic you can train 3/4 heroes at a time (only need one attacker). On cucubita 8-5, you can use officer king, but you need at least one attacker and one healer. so only 2 heroes can be trained :), you won’t need to go back to the menu because of your hero die (simply press repeat and go back to your current activity 🙂 ). Thanks for the tips though 🙂

  12. sergio martinez says:

    My method for leveling faster: Always use Keronic 9, but, due the danger on the first 4 or 5 turns I use mareed(healer/revive) for any casulity. In front line I always use sorceress sophia and pink kraken both 4* for fast killings (just one hit kill with his all enemy damage) then when my 2 low level heroes reach level 13 I replace Mareed for another low level hero then I Fight leveling those 3 low level, is very dificult they die even if one die I revive free and use another 13 and up level meanwhile he revives. So im always leveling 4 or 5 heroes at same time

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, I know keronic 9 is faster :). But I still prefer keronic 1 since I can train 3 heroes immediately and much safer :). Will add this suggestion on the post above though :). Thanks for the advice.

    • KenjiRoger says:

      yeah keronic 9 only has buff atk and the highest lvl in-game than boss..

  13. Ace says:

    I want to ask about the new system in MINING CARATS? How does it really work… It said that more REFERRALS means more CARATS, but cant really fully understand it.

    Thank you for your response 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sorry, I don’t know. Since I never refer people. You can refer people by letting new player insert your name (on the same server) at the beginning of the game.

      My guess is you get +1 carat every time you mine if you manage to refer 10 people (they say that maximum + 30 carat and 300 people) and they’re still active. It’s very very hard.

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